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October 2006

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October 31, 2006

Hizbollah Rebuilds Military Force Under Nose Of UN

UNIFIL has done very little to stop Hezbollah from rebuilding its military force within a state - in essence a Lebanese-tolerated militia...

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Posted at 9:14 AM

October 30, 2006

Democrats Are Supernatural - They Can Vote After They're Dead

Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than 4 to 1. The reason: Most of them came from Democrat-dominated New York City, where the higher population produced more matches. And here is the data to prove it. Dr. Santy has more. But remember, it's not just in NY.... ... more

Posted at 1:37 PM

Pakistani Army Helicopter Attack Depletes Supply Of 72 Virgins

... color this madrassa as gone, and Allah is short 5,760 virgins

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Posted at 12:54 PM

Iraq - 'The Battle for the Middle East'

Loosing is not an option.

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Posted at 12:34 PM

Because They Hate

Because They Hate is Brigitte Gabriel's own "beyond harrowing" story of her childhood in Lebanon, when "jihadists sowed mayhem and destruction, keeping the Christian population in terror for years on end." Robert Spencer writes that she's not afraid to draw the necessary conclusions from her experience, as politically incorrect as they may be, and that the book is a first-hand account of how jihad terrorists destroy lives, and how they plan and hope to do to the entire world what they did to southern Lebanon. Spencer notes that Gabriel was able to escape from the physical and psychological nets the... ... more

Posted at 9:18 AM

October 28, 2006

Video: Glenn Beck On The Real Story In Iraq

This is a must see. The real story in Iraq involves a lot more than what cable wants you to see.... ... more

Posted at 12:09 AM

October 27, 2006

On Tribes in Europe and the Disappearance of Trust

I missed this piece at The Brussels Journal by Ernest Baert back on 10/12 in which he writes that 2006 will go down in European history as the year when Muslims as a group became a dominant factor in elections, and that the parties that put Muslim candidates forward are being "cannibalized" from the inside. The demographics indicated this long ago, but it still came as a surprise to many multiculturalists that Muslims tend to vote primarily along ethnic lines: Muslims vote for Muslim candidates, even if the political parties give the latter almost unelectable places on the list of... ... more

Posted at 10:58 PM

Richard Miniter Interviews Dr. Paul Belien Of The Brussels Journal On The Slow Demise Of Europe

Topics include France's 2nd intifada, civil war, the slow demise of Europe, and the absence of freedom of speech in Europe. You really need to hear all of the interview; you'll be amazed as to the extent that Belgium authorities have gone to in order to shut down anything other than PC language and news coverage. Anything critical of Islam is shut down. Did you know that 15% of the French army consists of Muslim soldiers and that this is the reason why the French authorities do not have the army restore law and order in the Muslim suburbs. Hat... ... more

Posted at 10:42 PM

Let's Not Forget Which Side Of The War On Terror The Media Is On - (Hint) It's Not Ours

I want to make sure that readers clearly understand whose side "our" media is on. Here's Joe Scarborough on CNN's lovefest with Osama bin Laden: "CNN Produces al Qaeda Recruitment Video." Don't buy-in to their spin and that of the Democratic Party. This war is for real, and these people want to kill us.... ... more

Posted at 5:58 PM

Muqtada al Sadr in the Crosshairs

BlackFive apparently agrees with many of the rest of us that think al Sadr should have been sent to jihadi heaven the first day he and his Shiite jihadi bastard followers voiced their Islamofascist voices and picked up their first AKs. As BlackFive suggests, if there ever was a candidate for the proverbial bullet between the eyes and his 72 goat reward, it's Muqtada al Sadr - "the idiot son of a family that can trace its lineage directly to Mohammed but has failed to distinguish himself at any religious scholarship." His expertise seems to be limited to "gathering groups... ... more

Posted at 5:21 PM

Obsession: Radical Islam Part 8 - We've Been Here Before...

I've shown you this before, and I'll keep reposting this video and others like it. It serves as a reminder of why you should vote Republican on November 8. It illustrates clearly why we fight and the terrible threat we have before us: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)Do not be fooled by the Democratic spinmeisters and the media. We are at war with radical Islam and the ideology of Islamofascism. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 5:05 PM

Senate and House Races to Watch

Thanks to John Hawkins at Ring Wing News who graciously listed all the candidates we need to watch carefully.... ... more

Posted at 4:36 PM

On The Present Democratic "Mindset" And The Safety Of Our Nation In An America Divided By Such Twisted Partisan Ideology!

As we approach the November elections, the ugliness of the politically charged climate of our nation has become all but too starkly self-evident. From bitter verbal fist-fights at televised debates between the candidates, and vicious personal attacks; to outrageous political Ads; to the blatant campaign of anti-war, anti-Bush, propaganda by CNN, the MSNBC, the "Pink Alphabet" networks, and the liberal biased "Elite" print media in order to sway the elections in favor of the Democrats; to infirmed celebrities thrusting themselves into the fray by appearing on political Ads, playing on the ravages of their illness in order to disingenuously elicit... ... more

Posted at 4:17 PM

October 26, 2006

'Killed By Wishful Thinking'

There are few platitudes more cringe-inducing than hearing yet another American political leader or general claim that "the only answer in Iraq is a political solution." That's just plain nonsense - it's reality-avoidance as a strategy. It may be too late for any good solution in Iraq, but political dialogue doesn't have a prayer. (Ralph Peters)Ralph Peters is a guy I don't always agree with, but in his piece at the NY Post yesterday titled, "Terror Rules Streets", he has some comments that make a lot of sense to me. For example, he says that "the get-Bush-at-any-cost Americans who encouraged... ... more

Posted at 9:20 AM

October 25, 2006


Watch every minute of this - it's that good - especially when it gets to the heroes.. Videos like this still choke me up every single time I see them. Via Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - "As an aside, I don't suppose you noticed the Democrats (i.e. Murtha, Code Pinkos, etc.) shown in that video who are fighting against the war on terror, did you?" Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 10:51 PM

The Best Online Republican Political Ads

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has posted his ten favorite Republican online political advertisements. His number one pick (and mine) is Vernon Robinson's Twilight Zone: This is most definately my pick for number 2, and as Hawkins agrees, it's the best damned anti-Democratic hit piece of the cycle. Be sure to see it to the very end: Check out the rest and pick your own favorite. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 9:00 PM

Ayatollah warns Arabs of US 'plots'

"What is considered success for the US is harming all Islamic nations," Khamenei said.These people are very sick, indeed. If I were thier psychiatrist I'd probably recommend that they be hospitialized for delusional disorders and inability to process thoughts rationally.... ... more

Posted at 6:16 PM

Isn't It Long Past Time To Take Sadr Out?

United States and Iraqi forces raided a compound of militia leaders linked to radical Shia clerica Muqtada al Sadr. You'll recall that the Mehdi Army is blamed for a good portion of the sectarian violence in and around Baghdad, but it's control also extends to the southern port of Basra. Time Magazine reports a leather bound book that details what the U.S. military is calling the Mehdi Army's book on ethnic cleansing was found in the compound: Sadr's militia, the document suggests, are systematically driving Sunni families from their homes around Washash, which some U.S. troops who patrol there have... ... more

Posted at 5:48 PM

al-Qaeda Orientation Video

HT - Jawa Report... ... more

Posted at 5:44 PM

Georgetown: Christian/Muslim Understanding...Bin Talal in, Christians out

Has Georgetown become a pawn of the Saudis and a tool for Islamic prosyletizing?

... more

Posted at 4:55 PM

Hezbo-Laa-Laa: Cute Little Terrortubby

Truth from The Broom of Truth: In an effort to finalize the portrayal of Hezbollah as a benevolent band of misunderstood peasant warriors, and to foster acceptance of other cultures, the BBC retooled its cutest Teletubby character named Laa-laa into Hezbo-Laa-Laa. Sporting a characteristic martyr bandana with the motto "From cradle to grave" written in Arabic, and a suicide belt filled nails and rat poison, this cute and cuddly Terrortubby is intended to show European and American kids that beyond its desire to exterminate the Jew, Hezbollah is, in fact, a caring playmate that will tend to your social needs... ... more

Posted at 3:13 PM

Islamic Society Of North America Survey: 'Paranoia, Conspiracy Theories, Support for Violence'

Incredible responses! And these are 'moderate' Muslims?

... more

Posted at 2:47 PM

Looking At The Hate Propaganda That Islamists Teach Children

... there can be little doubt as to how so many Islamic children grow up to be suicide bombers. It's astonishingly incredible trash.... ... more

Posted at 2:42 PM

October 24, 2006

Noble Laureate Muhammed Yunus vs. Osama Bin Laden

Here's a piece that virtually begs us to ask why we don't hear more examples like it, and why the multitude of unheard voices of truly moderate Muslims like Muhammed Yunis and Muhammad Abdul Latif Jameel remain silent in word and deed - and fail to speak and act against the Muslim fundamentalists.

... more

Posted at 8:18 AM

Spain's "Moors And Christians" Fiestas Toned Down To Avoid Offense To Muslims

The "Moors and Christians" fiestas have always been celebrations of the reconquest of Spain, but "out of fear, out of respect, out of everything"--multicultural sensitivity and the reality of Muslim rage--they are to be toned down in the future: Welcome to Spain in the era of cultural nervousness. Throughout the country towns and villages are toning down traditional fiestas of "Moors and Christians" to avoid offending Muslims.... ... more

Posted at 5:10 AM

October 23, 2006

Of God And Gold

You won't want to miss the commentary on the two groups of people - the Secular Tribe and the Religious Tribe, and about which of the two is more likely to survive, and why.

... more

Posted at 9:17 PM

Pelosi and Reid at the Helm? - 'Why this election matters'

Read it and become "enlightened."

... more

Posted at 1:11 PM

Selective Leaking and Treason

... we're reminded that the responsibility we have as Americans of all political stripes is to transcend partisan politics in this time of war against Islamic terrorists who are now waging a war of propaganda in our country.

... more

Posted at 1:02 PM

October 20, 2006

The Ant and the Grasshopper, revised edition

... on the TV, which the grasshopper bought by selling most of the ant's food, they are showing Bill Clinton standing before a wildly applauding group of Democrats announcing that a new era of "fairness" has dawned in America.

... more

Posted at 11:21 AM

October 19, 2006

Captured Taleban say they were sent to fight by Pakistani mullahs

"Handcuffed and weary, three confessed Taleban fighters told this week how they crossed into Afghanistan from Pakistan to carry out a "jihad" against troops after mullahs said it was their duty as Muslims."Isn't Pakistan suppose to be a U.S. and Afghanistan ally in the WOT? If so, apparently it's - not a very good one. Their duty as Muslims? In a related post, check out Robert Spencer's video this week at Hot Air on hot water that Canadian Muslims Farzana Hassan Shahid and Tarek Fatah have gotten into with their coreligionists for deviating even slightly from what John Esposito would... ... more

Posted at 2:09 PM

October 18, 2006

The First Step towards Solving a Problem Is Realizing It Exists

A senior figure in Hamas published an article on Tuesday condemning internal violence and questioning whether it had become a "Palestinian disease." The Sudanese Thinker says he's speechless, happy, and hopeful - and notes that the first step towards solving a problem is realizing it exists. The Big Pharoah calls a Hamas official asking whether violence has become a "Palestinian disease" - the very definition of irony.... ... more

Posted at 10:15 AM

October 16, 2006

PROTV Exclusive Video Footage Of Chinese Soldiers Killing Tibetan pilgrims

"It was so tense and confusing that I just thought of staying alive and escaping. I couldn't think of anything else or help the others."

... more

Posted at 9:47 PM

China Openly Debating "Regime Change" In Pyongyang

Great idea on the regime change idea - that would solve China's problem, the problem that the international community has with N. Korea, and it could also set the stage for a serious attitude adjustment on the part of the Iranian regime.

... more

Posted at 9:32 PM

Christian Ministers Murdered in Indonesia (War?)

Bloggers and readers need to strongly consider giving as much attention to this story as quickly as possible. To fail to act now could possibly result in a massive number of Christians being murdered. Is there anyone that doubts that the Islamists will murder as many Christians as possible?

... more

Posted at 5:05 PM

Clueless Sean Hannity Misses A Golden Opportunity To Educate Americans About Jihadist Threat

Robert Spencer says at Jihad Watch that Shoebat told him - he wouldn't believe it - Anani told him - he couldn't believe it. Politically correct pseudo-conservative Sean Hannity had former jihadist Zachariah Anani on Hannity and Colmes the other night to talk about the shameful events at Columbia University, and Hannity passed up another in a long series of opportunities to use his bully pulpit actually to educate Americans about the threat we face and what we can do about it. Read more as Robert Spencer nails Hannity for his failing to inform the public about the nature of... ... more

Posted at 4:16 PM

On Bad Faith - 'The Grievance Reflex' And Islamophobia

Of the "isms and phobias" he refers to, he speaks directly of one we've all heard all so frequently lately, and one you'll instantly recognize as one that fits well into the "basis of nothing" category - Islamophobia ...

... more

Posted at 3:55 PM

BBC Fighting To Hide Its Bias?

... few could deny the great support that the BBC has provided in the "radical Islamic terrorists' war on the rest of hummanity."

... more

Posted at 1:11 PM

Trout Fishing Afghan Style - Even Islam Has Rednecks

Hat tip - OPFOR... ... more

Posted at 12:11 PM

October 14, 2006

THE MODERATE MARTYR: A radically peaceful vision of Islam.

With all that's going on in the world today, "moderate Muslims" are much appreciated, especially those whose lives have served as role models for other moderate Muslims. Today, Drima, The Sudanese Thinker, points to an article in The New Yorker about one of his main political role models, whom he refers to as "the one and only Sudanese martyr Mahmoud Mohammed Taha": The New Yorker has one hell of an article that was posted on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. It's about a person I have great respect for and admire greatly. It's about one of my main political role... ... more

Posted at 3:14 PM

America as a Unique State, and Anti-Semitism

I stumbled upon this post at Muslihoon while looking up "ridiculous" items related to Haram*. It dates back to February of this year and includes a great quote from the American Revolution that reminds us why we (and everyone else should) love America. It's damned well worth a click to read it. *BTW, not everything that is haram is ridiculous - some make sense and help one lead a good life.... ... more

Posted at 8:40 AM

On 'Happy Diwali' and booze in taxis

An alternate title here could be "'Ridiculous-but-true' Items of the Day." Apparently, both greeting Hindus on their religious festival of Diwali and driving passengers with alchohol if you're a taxi driver in Minneapolis-St. Paul - are "haraam" in Islam. Infidel Bloggers Alliance has links to the stories along with commentary. While you're there, check out the "Infidel Babe of the Week." Related "'Ridiculous-but-true' Items of the Day": Using credit cards is haraam even if you pay up within the time limit. Also this (Perhaps an alternate title here is "How not to score points with your wife or girl friend... ... more

Posted at 8:24 AM

October 13, 2006

Association of Muslim Police : Public servants of Allah whose duty is da'wa - keeping the United Khalifate safe for shari'a

In the UK, it's more and more dhimmitude and onward the Caliphate, with a little help from Muslim police personnel:MIM: The Association of Muslim Police in the UK encourages Muslim officers to do Jihad through conversion and try to recruit non Muslims to Islam and more co religionists to the police - in order to continue their Islamist propagation on the taxpayer's dime. The AMP openly proclaims that their mission is to "circulate books and pamphlets about Islam to members of the MPS who genuinely want to improve their knowledge and awareness of Islam and Muslims". ... Since 2002 the... ... more

Posted at 2:15 PM

On The Moral And Intellectual Bankruptcy Of Today's Left

Nothing stands out more than the truth, and the truth is that the Left has "left" reason behind in their pursuit of power and influence.

... more

Posted at 9:00 AM

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer: 'West Must Win Battle Of Cultures With Militant Islam'

It seems like the West just might be finally waking up to what it's been facing but has done much to ignore. In a major foreign policy address introducing new financial controls designed to cut off the flow of funds to terrorists from Western sympathizers, Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown spoke on Tuesday about the ideological conflict between the West and militant Islam. ... We are "not just dealing with criminality. We are dealing with a terrorist ideology that supports the abolition of Israel, the creation of a caliphate," and "supports death" to those who "oppose the ideology... ... more

Posted at 8:48 AM

October 12, 2006

From Green To Yellow: Is It Time To Reconsider Iraq?

It is our interests to fight the terrorists in Iraq instead of the streets of America, where they will surely follow if we cut and run. But if the Iraqis think the U.S will remain forever, while Iraqi Muslims continue to murder each other, and Iraqis continue to let chaos reign, it's time for them to think again

... more

Posted at 4:47 PM

Egypt: Christian Girl Escapes Muslim Kidnappers

Mubarak's regime has not only ignored, but in many cases contributed to the alarming increase in anti-Coptic violence

... more

Posted at 12:56 PM

October 11, 2006

Our 'World' War Is With Radical Islam

... while there are other issues that affect us, only the world-wide war with radical Islam and the Islamist ideology can permenantly take both our freedoms and our lives..

... more

Posted at 8:03 PM

Media Sensationalism, "Elite" Media Bias, And The "Banality" Of The American Conservative Majority: How It Is Affecting The Upcoming Elections!

When a little over a year ago all the news outlets, in particular the cable news channels, began their "wall to wall" coverage of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba (which lasted months), I often raised my voice against the idiocy of devoting such an inordinate amount of coverage to what, though tragic, amounted to nothing more nor less than just one more personal, family, tragedy, blown out of all proportion by the media with its over-the-top coverage, into a media event! This, at the expense of neglecting far more sobering, and ominous issues and developments impacting all of... ... more

Posted at 4:40 PM

Iran's Watching Feckless UN Response

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Iran's nuclear program in the wake of the North Korean test said "the Iranian nation will continue its path of dignity based on resistance, wisdom and without fear." Why should Iran have any fear? Certainly nothing in response to North Korea could impose even the slightest bit of restraint from any other nation. And that's really the core of the problem. The North Korean nuclear program is worrisome only in the sense that North Korea is known to sell just about anything, but there's still this belief North Korea is restrained from using nuclear weapons... ... more

Posted at 3:45 PM

Domestic Dispute, Religous 'Feud', Or Islamic Violence?

As for the media's coloring over of the honor killing and its relationship with Islam, it's nothing less than what we've all learned to expect from the multicultural, moral relativistic, liberal progressive, mainstream media - is it not?

... more

Posted at 7:51 AM

October 10, 2006

Americans Against Hate Launches CAIR Watch

CAIR Watch is asking for volunteers across the United States to act as "CAIR Watchers" to assist in the project.

... more

Posted at 9:39 PM

Is North Korea The Wrong Focus?

... No proposal involving their government, from idiotic talk of sanctions to even dumber and more craven responses around "rewards" is worth even 10 seconds of "our" time.

... more

Posted at 8:59 AM

Charles Martel And The Battle of Tours (Poitiers): A Decisive Victory For The West

On October 10, 732 Muslim forces under Abd-al-Rahman advanced north from al-Andalus (Spain) and were defeated by Charles Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne) at the Battle of Tours. Most (not all) historians agree that the significance of the battle for Western history cannot be diminished: A victorious line of march had been prolonged above a thousand miles from the rock of Gibraltar to the banks of the Loire; the repetition of an equal space would have carried the Saracens to the confines of Poland and the Highlands of Scotland; the Rhine is not more impassable than the Nile or Euphrates,... ... more

Posted at 7:48 AM

October 9, 2006

A little Amish girl

For decades, progressives have turned our institutions into breeding grounds for generations of self-centered people who are more lovers of pleasure than lovers of God.

... more

Posted at 8:38 PM

The Psychology Of Muslims

... a short discourse (of sorts) on conflicts between beliefs and reality

... more

Posted at 7:37 PM

Waziristan Music Shops Go Jihad

AKI reports the culture within Waziristan is changing dramatically with the environment becoming clearly more militant and forsaking ancient traditions. Jihad poetry and songs have replaced other hits and poems to celebreat Waziristan's 'tribalness.' Music store owners that used to sell popular Pakistani music were threatened (what else?) to carry taranas, the song of the jihad. I found one such poem, and it's very sad. I was just a boy when the infidels came to my village in their Blackhawk helicopters. The infidels fired at the oil fields and they lit up like the eyes of Allah. Burning oil rained... ... more

Posted at 2:52 PM

Harry Reid Has A Short Memory : He Forgets The Clinton Appeasement Program For North Korea - That Didn't Work!

And then there's always Jimmy Carter, but I don't think even Harry Reid wants to go there.

... more

Posted at 1:54 PM

October 8, 2006

Breaking: North Korea conducts first-ever nuclear test

The test occurred at 9:36 p.m. EDT Sunday night (10:36 a.m. local time on Monday - although the U.S. Geological Survey said it hasn't detected any seismic activity on the Korean peninsula in the past 48 hours).ABC just announced it over the air, and the AP is reporting: SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test. The country's official Korean Central News Agency said the test was performed successfully and there was no radioactive leakage from the site.Only hours before, The Australian said that "North Korea risks total isolation," and indeed, North... ... more

Posted at 11:59 PM

Will Islam Reform In Our Lifetime?

As an example, liberalisation and grass roots reform movements in Sudan and the region (as with elsewhere throughout the world), spoken of by many "moderate" Muslims in the West are actually regressing - if they truly exist at all.

... more

Posted at 10:25 PM

France: Schoolgirl Stoned In Playground For Not Observing Ramadan

...a sign of the times from Lyon in the south of France, where a schoolgirl was stoned by Muslim students.

... more

Posted at 10:12 PM

October 6, 2006

Beren's Road From Marxist , Atheist, Antiwar Activist - To Republican

Beren considers our most vital issues to be related to our war against terrorims, from Iraq and Afghanistan, to our borders and ports here at home.

... more

Posted at 10:47 PM

America's Sin Is One Of Hesitation.

... it should be clear that unless we put the plug the holes in the dike, specifically the flow of the support terrorists and insurgents by Iran and Syria, we're doing little more than treading water.

... more

Posted at 4:10 PM

Academic Free Speech In Free Fall At Columbia University; Minutemen Greeted With Fists Instead Of Dialogue

To really appreciate the degree of free fall, the Columbia College Republicans, who sponsored the speech, called the protest a "precoordinated attack," which it most likely was indeed, but the Chicano Marxists contend it was the Minuteman who became violent (the Minutemen were trying to give a talk). So before we go any further, just watch the video of Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, an invited guest at Columbia, trying to give a speech on immigration: The New York Sun describes the attack on Gilchrest: On Wednesday evening, the gathering came to an untimely demise when, a minute into the... ... more

Posted at 2:03 PM

MSM Finally Notices Online Jihad at YouTube, Google

"You Tube" management has joined those "legions of Americans and Europeans who are wilfully blind and deaf to the reality of radical Islam," and "continue to insist that the violence of Muslim terrorists, despite being despicable, must yet be explained by reference to some "root causes" linked with the history of Western colonial imperialism."

... more

Posted at 1:20 PM

October 5, 2006

Censoring Ourselves Is No Way to Fight Terrorism

Have we ever heard an academic respond in such a manner over Piss Christ, the Virgin Mary covered in Elephant Dung (Hillary Clinton defended it) or over any of the myriad of cartoons and slurs by Muslims against Jews?

... more

Posted at 7:34 PM

Spencer on the Redeker death threats at Hotair

Redeker has written for Le Monde as well as for Le Figaro (so he cannot be cast simply as conservative); indeed he is an editorial board member of Les Temps Modernes.

... more

Posted at 6:51 PM

French Police Say Muslims Are Waging Civil War Against Them

The Islamicization of Europe didn't happen merely by accident but with the active participation of European political leaders, and its been happening for a long time.

... more

Posted at 6:05 PM

October 4, 2006

Is 'You Tube' Managed By Jihadist-Supporting Leftist Dhimmis?

It is clear that You Tube has become one of the many "useful idiots" (in Lenin's memorable phrase) who give pause to the vast majority of Muslims - in particular those in North America and Europe, whose silence in the face of evil feeds the bloodlust of Muslim terrorists.

... more

Posted at 12:01 PM

Islamic Scholar Says Koran Has Flaws - Needs To Be Reinterpreted For Today

There can be no doubt in the minds of literally everyone reading this, Ameer Ali is going to be attacked for his words, and may even receive death threats - many from so-called moderate Muslims that read and take the Koran, literally.

... more

Posted at 10:04 AM

Muslim on Muslim Violence: What Drives It? (And Where Is It Taking Us)

... the intensity and persistence of Muslim violence against Muslims requires an explanation. Muslims need to confront their record on this matter, if they are going to break out of this cycle, by acknowledging the problem, understanding what are the sources of such violence, and then engaging in that brand of politics which will guide them into a democratic future and allow them to construct an alternative vision of Islam than the one that has been so destructive and counter-productive in the making of their history.

... more

Posted at 8:55 AM

Religious Freedom In Iran: Discrimination, Forced Mass Conversions

An idea of how the "peaceful" and "tolerant" religion of Islam treats non-Muslims--in this case Zoroastrians--in Iran: The boisterous scenes of wine, unveiled women and song confounded the popular stereotype of religious worship in contemporary Iran. In an isolated and awe-inspiring mountain setting, followers of an ancient faith were communing with God in festive and time-honoured fashion. But when the government VIPs arrived, normal order - as defined by the country's stringent Islamic laws - was restored. The merriment ended, women were ordered to cover up - and grumbles of discontent (albeit muted and discreet) began. . . . By... ... more

Posted at 7:08 AM

October 3, 2006

Iran, Star Trek, And The Future

... a bit of Iran-related humor

... more

Posted at 10:23 AM

Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hizballah during war

And we are expecting the Russians to join in sanctions against Iran over Iran's nuclear ambitions?

... more

Posted at 10:15 AM

'Another Ramadan Muslim holy day, another round of Muslim-on-Muslim killings'

More Muslims have been killed by Muslims, more Muslims continue to be victimized by Muslims, and more Muslims are in danger of dying at the hands of Muslims than non-Muslims.

... more

Posted at 10:12 AM

October 2, 2006

Bob Woodward Admits Timing For Publishing His Bombshell Book Meant To Influence Elections!!!

As was to be expected, good old blasé Matt played the part of the good cheerleader to Mr. Woodward for most of the interview, even monkeying around like a baboon when he "mimed," as if for the hearing impaired, putting both hands up to his ears with a silly smirk on his face after saying ...

... more

Posted at 2:40 PM

Why Does The Left Support Islamist Fascism?

Who's side are the journalists and academic elite on, the side of freedom and democracy, and the culture and civilization of the West, or the Islamists' side - the side of Islamic terrorism and sharia law?

... more

Posted at 1:33 PM

Paraphrasing Isaiah: "No Peace for Islamists' - 'Religion of Perpetual Rage,' saith the Lord!"

"But the [Islamists] are like the troubled sea; for it can't rest, and its waters cast up mire and dirt.

... more

Posted at 1:18 PM

Original Videos Of Atta And al-Qaeda

The tape has no soundtrack and a US source said lip readers had tried without success to decipher what was being said.

... more

Posted at 1:10 PM

Bobble Head Mohammad - It's Simply Free Speech

"Move over, Jesus. Make room on the dashboard for Mohammad . . .

... more

Posted at 1:03 PM

October 1, 2006

Hero SF Soldier and Pacifist Nurse - Forever Allied By War

In the course of 56 extraordinary hours, SF Sergent Drew Dix and the modest commando force he led managed to extricate Maggie O'Brien and eight other USAID civilian workers in the midst of withering fire before going back to free the wife and children of a deputy province chief.

... more

Posted at 10:38 PM

More Good News From Iraq - 'Iraqis hate al-Qaeda, too'

A new recruiting video by the emir of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, brags of the loss of 4,000 foreign fighters in Iraq. He assures budding martyrs their ardent wish for death in righteous battle will be achieved.

... more

Posted at 10:09 PM

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