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October 30, 2006

Iraq - 'The Battle for the Middle East'

Much about the upcoming election in the U.S. is about Iraq, and the Democrats want to use it as a political pawn. For them it's all about politics and their political agenda to obtain power that they have no freaking idea as to what to do with it in order to win the war on terror and Islamic fascism that threatens the world. For them, and others like them that don't have a clue about why we need to win in Iraq, Omar has a message at Iraq the Model that they need to hear.

From Omar's perspective, its the battle for the Middle East; the outcome of war in Iraq does not affect Iraq alone.

A victory means disrupting the ring of terror and extremism the enemies are trying to establish while failure would be equal to allowing them to establish that huge ring, or should I say that gigantic octopus of terrorists and terror-supporting regimes that would extend from Afghanistan in the east to Libya in the west and from Iraq in the north to Sudan and Somalia in the south.

And instead of creating islands of democracy and liberty, connecting them and extend from there to change the world to the better, the enemies would engulf those islands and add them to their multi-jointed entity of terror.

Read the rest of what Omar has to say at Iraq the Model. Loosing is not an option.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at October 30, 2006 12:34 PM

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