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October 8, 2006

Will Islam Reform In Our Lifetime?

The Big Pharoah on why Islam will not be reformed in his lifetime (nor that of the rest of us):

I believe Islam is destined to experience reformation just like all the other great faiths. No matter how long it'll take, it will happen one day or another provided that Muslims stop blaming the West, Jews, blah, blah, and start looking in the mirror. However, I truly believe that it won't happen in my life time. Why? Because of many reasons, among them is this editorial by The Daily Star, an English language newspaper that circulates with the Herland Tribune. Instead of taking about reformation, instead of saying that Islam needs reform, the editorial plays the usual chorus: nothing is wrong with us, nothing is wrong with covering a woman's face, it's all the west's fault.
I agree with TBP; although some in the Muslim world are begining to urge reform, there are many more stronger forces pushing in the exact opposite direction. As an example, liberalisation and grass roots reform movements in Sudan and the region (as with elsewhere throughout the world), spoken of by many "moderate" Muslims in the West are actually regressing - if they truly exist at all.

Posted by Abdul at October 8, 2006 10:25 PM

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