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May 2007

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May 31, 2007

So Much For 'Ending The Culture Of Corruption' - Part 2

In our previous post today on the culture of corruption in the now Democratically-controlled Congress, we posted on a CNN investigation into how Congress spends taxpayer money, and noted that it did so, "quickly, secretly and by the truckload. Here, CNN looks at more Congressional Democrats and earmarks, concluding: "The democrats promised reform. It's not happening." And "What does congressman Murtha have to say in defense of the "National Drug Intelligence Center" in Pennsylvania? Surprisingly, nothing at all." Says CNN: [A Murtha] Spokesman told us the requests had all been submitted. They are available for review with the committee. Then... ... more

Posted at 9:05 PM

'The Hills Of Rural Virginia Are Alive With The Sound Of Jihad'

So, why isn't anyone listening??? As we have previously written: Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or "community of the impoverished," was formed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in New York in 1980. Gilani, who refers to himself as "the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr," has stated his objective is to "purify" Islam through violence. Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat... ... more

Posted at 1:26 PM

So Much For 'Ending The Culture Of Corruption'

Didn't the Democrats more or less ride in to control of Congress with promises to end the "culture of corruption" and undue lobbyist influence? Unless what they really meant was ending the old one and starting a newer and bigger culture of corruption with even more lobbyist influence, clearly - they lied ... After all, the Dems love earmarks waaaay tooo much to quit. Here, CNN investigates how Congress spends taxpayer money, and has found out that the Democratically-controlled Congress does so quickly, secretly and by the truckload: Related: Murtha's an embarrassment the Democrats can't hide:Democrats controlling the House of... ... more

Posted at 11:59 AM

The Case for Bombing Iran

In his must-read article at Opinion Journal today, Norman Podhoretz presents his case for military force against Iran, and suggests that the plain and brutal truth is that if Iran is to be prevented from developing a nuclear arsenal, there is no alternative to the actual use of military force--any more than there was an alternative to force if Hitler was to be stopped in 1938. In reminding us of recent Iranian disregard for international law and its tendency to use hostages and blackmail, he notes: If, ... under present circumstances Ahmadinejad could bring about the extraordinary degree of kowtowing... ... more

Posted at 11:29 AM

En su condición de Presidente,' Bush Surrenders to Illegals: Forget Amnesty, It's Time to Raise the Mexican Flag'

Nothing is absolute. Past generations of LEGAL immigrants may have been a net benefit to government budgets--but not this wave of ILLEGAL, low-skilled immigrants. ... Read my lips: Amnesty = Citizenship. Can U.S. taxpayers absorb the costs of an influx of millions of unskilled, non-English-speaking, migrants in the next few years?David Phillips writes at his blog, 10Q Detective, to call him a bigot - but do not call him stupid: "When--and it is a matter of when--the 15 million criminals in this country get their amnesty, where are their (expected) entitlement monies going to come from to pay for their... ... more

Posted at 9:45 AM

May 30, 2007

Senator Reid's Amnesty for Terrorists Bill

Andy Selepak has a few questions for Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid on his support for the "amnesty for terrorists" provision in the immigration bill; you know which one we're talking about here - the one that President Bush says we're "unpatriotic" if we don't support and that Reid referred to when he told ABC that it would be a real tragedy if we tried to make this immigration debate about dealing with terrorism":Reid thinks it would be a tragedy if the debate over immigration addressed how potential terrorists enter the United States? Isn't the purpose of an immigration bill... ... more

Posted at 8:25 PM

The Islamist Threat Arrives in Switzerland

Chalk up another major step toward the Islamization of Europe, and the Europeans' voluntary capitulation to Islamists:In another sign of the spread of Islam within Europe, last month, Swiss Muslims announced their plan to open " Europe's biggest Islamic center" in the capital city of Bern. The center is estimated to cover 84 acres and to cost as much as $66 million to build.More here ... The Swiss will learn to dread the day they allowed this to happen. Swiss neutrality is about to disappear. In 1990, the Muslim population was 152,200, or 2.2% of the Switzerland's resident population. A... ... more

Posted at 3:47 PM

al-Sadr's Militia Claims It Kidnapped Britons - Threatens Christian Women Who Don't Wear Veil

The Telegraph reports that Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army is suspected in the kidnapping of four British security guards and a British computer expert, in Iraq. The abductions are believed to have occurred a retribution for the death of Sadr's lieutenant in a gunfight earlier this month between the Mahdis and the British: [...] A cell commander in Sadr's Mahdi army, the militia suspected of orchestrating the kidnapping, told The Daily Telegraph that the five men were taken to the centre near Mudafra Square in Sadr City, the Iraqi capital's biggest Shia district. He claimed that the order to seize the... ... more

Posted at 2:58 PM

Islamic Shennanigans of Boston

Jules Crittenden says of the Islamic Society of Boston's dropping of its lawsuit against the Boston Herald, Fox, David Project, etal., "No settlement, it's just over," and adds, "Although in Massachusetts the bar on what consititutes malice and libel in reporting on public officials has dropped to the floor and the bar for accuracy and fairness is through the roof, one may still report on questionable public land deals and links to Islamic extremism." Could it now be that even Massachusetts is catching on to the Islamists? Albeit, one would think that given the fact that an influential Islamic radical... ... more

Posted at 1:56 PM

Action Needed: Call Governor Sonny Perdue This Morning, Demand Unlicensed Drivers Bill Goes Into Law (GA SB15)

Digger at Digger's Realm has up a call to action for everyone that opposes illegal aliens driving around without licenses and when caught, being given nothing but a slap on the wrist and well wishes as they drive away. He's asking that you call Governor Sonny Perdue this morning (May 30 2007), at 404 656 1776 - AS EARLY THIS MORNING. .... DEMAND that he let it become law. We need the deterrent to stop illegal aliens from driving without a valid driver's license. SB 15 serves to equalize the penalty for driving without ever having obtained a drivers license... ... more

Posted at 10:03 AM

Blogger Poll On The Senate Immigration Bill

Not that I ever thought the poll would go any other way, however, John Hawkins has up the results of his "Special Blogger Poll On The Senate Immigration Bill," and it's very clear from the poll results that the center-right side of the blogosphere is less than ecstatic over President Bush's support of what can only be described as open borders. John's blog, Right Wing News, emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 8 questions. The results will not surprise you ... Amnesty, regardless of what you call it or how you spin it, is still... ... more

Posted at 9:27 AM

May 29, 2007

al Qaeda's Adam Yahiye Gadahn Warns of Attacks Worse Than 9/11

Adam Gaddahn (aka. Azzam the American turncoat/traitor/now-Islamothug), the first US citizen since World War II to be charged for treason, addresses America and George Bush: "Your failure to meet our demands ... means that you and your people will, Allah willing, experience things which will make you forget about the horrors of Sept. 11," said the bearded Gadahn, addressing his comments to President George W. Bush. "This is not a call for negotiations. We do not negotiate with baby killers and war criminals like you," said Gadahn. "You will go down in history not only as the president who embroiled... ... more

Posted at 11:26 PM

Netanyahu on the Iranian Threat

Posted by The Gentle Cricket Shortly after 9/11 I read a book by Benjamin Netanyahu titled "Fighting Terrorism". Despite being copyrighted 6 years prior to the attacks of 9/11, Netanyahu made several stunningly accurate predictions about terrorism coming to the shores of America. Ever sine reading this book I have come to value his opinion very highly. Netanyahu was recently interviewed in the Wall Street Journal regarding the growing threat of Iran. Personally, I do not envision Iran ever attacking the US. However, it is clear that they have worked against US interests and against our allies by supplying groups... ... more

Posted at 9:07 PM

Bush Administration Very Close To 'Jumping Tracks'

I can't name a single comment this year by any blogger, that I agree with more than this one by Charles at LGF: "The Bush administration is perilously close to jumping the tracks. I've supported the President through the long course of the war that began on September 11, but it's starting to look like he's simply getting tired; he won't defend his administration against attacks, he won't defend the country against illegal immigration, he won't do anything to stop the media leaks that cripple our national security ... and now this: U.S., Iran end 27-year diplomatic freeze."All this on... ... more

Posted at 12:27 PM

Foreign Office To Hold Crisis Talks On Iraq Kidnapping Of 'Five' Britons - Attack Highlights Dangerous Duty Of Security In Iraq

The British Foreign Office is "urgently" looking into reports that four British security guards of the security firm and one British computer expert they were guarding, are among at least seven Westerners kidnapped from the Finance Ministry building in central Baghdad by gunmen dressed in Iraqi uniforms. The Foreign Office was today "urgently" looking into reports that four British security guards and one further Briton are among at least seven Westerners kidnapped by gunmen in Iraq. All seven, including three computer programmers, were reportedly taken from the Finance Ministry building in central Baghdad. Details are sketchy on the nationality and... ... more

Posted at 11:32 AM

Good Reasons To Say No To The Amnesty Bill

..... Not exactly politically correct, but it does get the point across! Hat tip - Ragner at JR... ... more

Posted at 10:21 AM

Jack Murtha's Friends And The Infrastructure Of Corruption

Clearly, corruption in Washington is bipartisan. Just as clear is that the Democrats pre-election promises to end it have proven to be, as Robert Novak suggests - hallow, and that's almost sugar-coating it. Take for example Rep. John "our troops raped and murdered innocent civilians" Murtha, who quietly slipped two earmarks costing taxpayers $5.5 million into the Intelligence authorization bill . The beneficiary was a contractor headquartered in Murtha's hometown of Johnstown, Pa., whose executives have been generous political contributors to Murtha: This scandalous conduct would be unknown except for reforms by the new Democratic majority. But the remodeled system... ... more

Posted at 10:12 AM

May 28, 2007

They Stood Tall - The American Way

Happy Memorial Day to all, on this day that we remember all the fallen. The song in this video pays tribute to the "men who stood tall with pride", who met the call when duty beckoned and "all gave some, some gave all." This video is to remind us of the true meaning of memorial day: Here's the National Memorial Day Concert - Salute to the Services on PBS, aired live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on Sunday, May 27, 2007: I have great difficulty watching videos like these, hearing songs of remembrance for our... ... more

Posted at 10:09 AM

May 27, 2007

Incredible Dhimmitude: Members Of Congress Meet With Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood's Parliamentary Bloc In Egypt

"I have complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America, because Islam has logic and a mission." - Muhammad Mahdi Othman 'Akef, Muslim Brotherhood movement leader.There appears to be no limit to how far some members of Congress will go to harm their country, be it through naiveté or plain old treason: Egypt criticized a meeting Sunday that included four US members of Congress and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's bloc in Parliament, accusing the US of having double standards for meeting with the banned Egyptian group but refusing to meet with the militant Palestinian group Hamas. The... ... more

Posted at 10:49 PM

Vagina Warriors Avert Their Eyes

If you're not traveling this weekend and are looking to be better informed about why we never hear any outcries from the feminists over the battle for Muslim women's rights, David Thompson highlights today Christina Hoff Sommers' interesting broadside against Western feminists and their silence on Islamic misogyny: ... "The women who constitute the American feminist establishment today are destined to play little role in the battle for Muslim women's rights. Preoccupied with their own imagined oppression, they can be of little help to others... The vagina warriors and university gender theorists... cannot distinguish between free and unfree societies... Their... ... more

Posted at 10:29 PM

16 Iraqis Captured Who Are 'Directly Related' To May 12 Attack On U.S. Soldiers

CNN reports that U.S. and Iraqi troops have detained 16 people they say are "directly related to the attack" on May 12 in which three U.S. soldiers were captured (hat tip - Ace of Spades): U.S. and Iraqi troops have detained 16 people they say are "directly related to the attack" on May 12 in which three U.S. soldiers were apparently captured, a U.S. military official said. The three men disappeared after insurgents attacked a U.S. military observation post in the Mahmoudiya area, in a stretch known as the Triangle of Death. Four American soldiers and an Iraqi soldier were... ... more

Posted at 12:04 AM

May 26, 2007

WaPo Taken In By Fake Memo

How could this be? You mean THE Washington Post jumped at the chance to claim "Theater-Wide Supply Problems Mean Our Troops In Iraq Will Go Hungry"? They wouldn't do such a thing, would they? And the "official" eagle on the document they fell for is actually a Lenox China "Defender of Freedom" figurine? Nawwwww....... ... more

Posted at 7:25 PM

Memorial Day Tribute

To my son Michael, still serving in Iraq, and all others there with him: God bless all of you. Stay safe, and come home as soon as your job is done. We know that you know, freedom isn't free; and we know that the price all of you are paying is for all of us and your country, and we are grateful for your service. Your families love and miss you all. To all my fellow veterans, as our nation thanks us for our service: I know you join with me in thanking our nation for the opportunity to... ... more

Posted at 6:52 PM

Video: 'The Islamist - Why I Joined Radical Islam in Britain'

A very informative video!The Guardian: Ed Husain's story of how a young London Muslim was turned into a potential jihadist, The Islamist, is a wake-up call for Britain, says Anushka Asthana. AND perhaps, America also? CNN Christiane Amanpour & Ed Husain author of "THE ISLAMIST"Launched in the week of the verdicts in Britain's longest terror trial, The Islamist could not be more timely. Operation Crevice revealed an underworld of young Muslim men ready to kill. Ed Husain's memoir exposes some of the mind games that led them there. His journey from theater-loving schoolboy to Islamic fundamentalist begins in primary school... ... more

Posted at 3:37 PM

U.S. Based Terrorist Website Host 'Dreamworks' Knowingly Providing Services To Terrorist Organization (Updated)

Dreamhost, said by Jawa Report on May 23rd to be owned by "America hating terrorist supporting leftist" Josh Jones, is continuing to host the al-Qaeda affiliated website - Voice of Jihad, even though Dreamhost and Josh Jones (his blog is here...) now have full knowledge of this fact, having had numerous emails advising them that they are hosting a terrorist site.... ... more

Posted at 2:15 PM

The Right Way To Run A War

Did you happen to notice the ease with which the Ethiopians drove the Islamists from Somalia, and now the Lebanese army having been given carte blanche to go in and finish Fatah al-Islam? Tammy Bruce has a post up on this and offers that it should remind us that our issue (as in Iraq and afghanistan) hasn't been the strength of our enemy, but the president's reticence to allow our military to fight. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 6:12 AM

May 25, 2007

Saudis Jail Christian for Entering Mecca

Saudi officials have once demonstrated the Wahabbist influence in Islam's definition of tolerance in their country, this time by arresting a man in Mecca for being a Christian - saying that the city, which Muslims consider to be holy, is off-limits to non-Muslims. Religious Tolerance? Peace? Not in Saudi Arabia, and not in most mosques in the world. I'd be interested in hearing from some of our practicing Muslim friends on this and the reasoning behind it.... ... more

Posted at 11:01 PM

Video: Steve Emerson Confronts Veiled MPAC Spokeswoman Edina Lekovic With Lies About Her Support Of Jihad

Terrorism expert Steven Emerson was on Larry Kudlow's CNBC show Wednesday with Edina Lekovic, spokeswoman for the LA-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, to talk about the Pew Research survey of Muslims in America. In the following clip Lekovic talks about all the ways MPAC is helping to fight extremism - but Emerson points out that in July 1999, while Lekovic was managing editor of the UCLA Muslim Students' Association's newspaper, al-Talib, she published an article titled "Jihad in America," containing this passage (hat tip - Charles at Little Green Footballs): "When we hear someone refer to the great Mujahid (someone... ... more

Posted at 4:34 PM

Moderate Muslim Group Says "Reason To Worry" About Results From Pew Poll

As expected, Ibraham Hooper, spokesman for the Islamist-supporting group Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group whose "moderate" tag critics have frequently called into question by moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike, calls the results of the recent Pew poll survey of more than 1,000 American Muslims, "an unfortunate media emphasis on a tiny minority when the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community rejects terrorism and religious extremism." But Muslims that are in fact moderate, and not like Hooper moderate in claim-only, Muslims like M. Zuhdi Jasser, the chairman of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, contend that there is reason... ... more

Posted at 2:13 PM

Jaw-dropping Incompetence At Homeland Security: 'Mosques Awarded Homeland Security Grants'

While the European Union investigates mosques for ties to Islamic terrorism, and for good reason (see videos below), the U.S. government is giving mosques security grants that are designed to protect churches, synagogues and other nonprofit groups from Islamic terrorism. And according to the WND article, several Islamic institutions already have applied and are receiving government approval. What in the world is going on at Homeland Security? Since April, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been urging leaders of mosques and Islamic schools across the nation to apply for the DHS grants, even though the agency's program was set... ... more

Posted at 1:35 PM

'How-to' Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods

And the Dems beat up the administration for Abu Ghraib??? My guess is that al-Qaeda victims would be ecstatic to be handed over to U.S. custody. Via Fox News: Al Qaeda terrorists use blow torches, electric drills and meat cleavers to torture and force information out of their victims, according to a "how-to" handbook discovered by U.S. forces in an Iraqi safe house. [...] The book guides followers of Al Qaeda how to interrogate and torture captives. The drawings and cartoons depict ways to use electric drills and irons, meat cleavers and other devices to force victims to talk or... ... more

Posted at 12:40 AM

The Liberal Attack on Freedom of Speech

The American left has adopted a totalitarian mindset; they're actively working to stamp out dissent. By Robert Knight Culture and Media Institute May 24, 2007 - With permission - It's been 43 years since student protester Mario Savi ignited the "free speech movement" at Berkeley with his famous address urging students "to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus -- and you've got to make it stop!" Today, liberals are still trying to stop "the machine," but they're not aiming at the government or university officials. The "machine" they are... ... more

Posted at 12:33 AM

May 24, 2007

A Moderate's Discovery About 'Being A Moderate After 31 Years'

Finally, I've found a Palestinian that I believe to truly be a reasonable man of compromise and moderation. I just read Ray Hanania's piece (Palestine/USA) in which he writes about what he, a self-described moderate, has learned about being a moderate, after 31 years of being a moderate:... ... more

Posted at 10:11 AM

An Interesting History Of Views On Iraq In The Democrats' Own Words

Surely you've seen this before, although the Dems really wish you hadn't. Now watch watch Fox News' Jim Angle, as he tore apart Algore's new book "Assault on Reason" on last night's "Special Report." In a speech Gore gave to AIPAC in 2000, the former VP said "as long as Saddam stays in power, there can be no comprehensive peace for the people of Israel or ... the Middle East." Al apparently has forgotten his own words. Curt at Flopping Aces notes how Gore has seemed to have completely lost his mind....and memory: Hat tip - Jawa Report Cross posted... ... more

Posted at 9:43 AM

Analyst Says Iran Drawing Up Plans to Strike European Nuclear Sites. Is U.S. Included?

While the West continues to dance to Tehran's tunes of delay, deceive, and lie, Iran is making plans to strike targets in Europe: LONDON -- Iran is attempting to draw up plans to strike targets in Europe and has conducted reconnaissance of European nuclear power stations, a security analyst told a meeting at Britain's parliament Tuesday. Claude Moniquet, president of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, a private think-tank in Brussels, said his organization also had evidence Tehran has increased numbers of intelligence agents across Europe. "We have serious signals that something is under preparation in Europe," Moniquet said.... ... more

Posted at 8:53 AM

Ilegal Alien Solution 101: 'Get Them To Deport Themselves'

It's almost too simple to be true, but it's both. If ancient Egyptians could build the pyramids, if ancient Chinese constructed the Great Wall, we can deport any number of invaders and keep them out. The second truth is that we don't have to. The answer is - and these ideas aren't original - we can get illegal aliens to deport themselves. All we need understand is that man operates based on incentive, on reward and consequence, and devise policy accordingly. Here's Selwyn Duke's "foolproof five-point plan that would put an end to the invasion of America":1. Enact laws ensuring... ... more

Posted at 8:08 AM

Why Muslims And Mexicans Won't Assimilate And Why Their Immigration Is Different From Past Generations Of Immigrants

Unlike America's immigrants in the past, far too many of todays' Mexican and Muslim immigrants are not assimilating into American culture, a fact that immigration proponents like Lindsey Graham, who recently read a 96-year-old quote into the Senate record to demonstrate that fear of foreigners is not new for Americans, fail to comprehend. As Selwyn Duke points out in his piece at Renew America, today's immigrants and native-born Americans are far different than were in the past; among other reasons, the literal invasion by Mexicans and foreign-born Muslims is distinguished from previous immigrant waves by a feeling of entitlement that... ... more

Posted at 7:54 AM

May 23, 2007

A Few Questions For the Darfur Panelists

Drima at The Sudanese Thinker has a few questions for the media, the intervention supporters, and the Sudanese Ambassador to the UN. What does he mean by "Jihad is inevitable"?... ... more

Posted at 11:16 PM

Free Speech And Religious 'Sensitivity'

David Thompson points to Oliver Kamm piece that offers a sturdy and unforgiving defense of free speech, while taking a swipe at the evasion, dishonesty and spinelessness that increasingly surrounds the issue. An interesting read, indeed.... ... more

Posted at 2:53 PM

Iran Surely Grateful For The Loose Lips At Langley

Thanks to someone in the CIA or in the larger "intelligence community" who can't keep their mouths shut, we may wind up with no other option against Iranian nuclear ambitions except the military strike. While we're at it, we should also thank ABC News for publicizing the top secret order. In other coverage, Curt at Flopping Aces offers that Iran now has an even more airtight "excuse" to put down any protests as being "CIA funded". More Iranians will end up dead, and this operation hasn't even gotten off the ground. Confederate Yankee says he'll be very interested to... ... more

Posted at 1:50 PM

Pigs Fly: 'France to join US in complaint filed against el-Bardadei'

Iran apologist and Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei publicly stated over the weekend that it was too late to force Tehran to halt its uranium enrichment plans as demanded by the United Nations Security Council, and argued instead that the world should adapt to Iran's nuclear advances and use inspection measures to prevent a further expansion of the Iranian nuclear program. Following his remarks the United States, which has consistently pressed for harsh sanctions against the Islamic Republic over fears it will build a nuclear bomb, said it would lodge a complaint against ElBaradei,... ... more

Posted at 12:26 PM

Ayman al-Zawahiri Speaks About 'Martyr' Mulla Dadulah

As though the world needed further evidence that the Islamists are stuck in a mindset more appropriate of the middle ages than the modern world, in this latest video - Ayman al-Zawahiri talks about the 'Martyr' Mulla Dadulah - Taliban high ranking member/terrorist/Islamofascist recently killed in Afghanistan. He assures Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar that Dadullah's death is a "good omen of victory", and draws a comparison to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Emir of al-Qaeda in Iraq, in June 2006, which he believes marked the beginning of the "massive breakdown" of American forces in Iraq. Zawahiri says that... ... more

Posted at 11:12 AM

Muslim Public Affairs Council Issues Another Deceptive Urgent Advisory

Yesterday, LGF pointed a story in The Arab American News that warns its Islamic readers to watch out for a violent backlash (one that never comes but "Islamist" groups like MPAC and CAIR keep warning about, nonetheless), in the wake of another thwarted Islamic terror plot. DEARBORN -- The Muslim Public Affairs Council has issued an urgent advisory to all mosques and Muslim community centers across the nation to secure their facilities against possible threats of attack and vandalism. The advisory comes in direct response to revealed FBI investigations this week that show evidence for possible violence against two Florida... ... more

Posted at 11:11 AM

Twenty Five Percent Of Young American Muslims Support Suicide Attacks

[Image: Although the poll shows that American Muslims are better assimilated in the U.S. than in Londonistan, I frequently see Muslim women shopping in our West Florida community dressed in burkas, and even driving cars. This is not assimilation, and is scornfully condemned by my Muslim friends. Unfortunately, the number of women I see wearing this clown suit appears to be increasing]. The first nationwide survey of Muslim Americans reveals that more than 25% of Muslims under 30 say suicide bombings to defend Islam are justified, and only 40 percent of the overall American Muslim population would even admit that... ... more

Posted at 11:09 AM

May 22, 2007

'Mind-Altering Worldviews'

Jawa Report points to Pastor Bruce Moon's very timely and important piece addressing "the self-inflicted, anti-survivalist weakness and stupidity that liberalism has inflicted on our country." I'm calling it today's 'must read':Some viral idea has crept into our collective national consciousness, offering us a false wisdom and a feigned hope, while it meanwhile shuts down vital parts of our mental operational systems designed to initiate self-survival programs. We are fast approaching the point where either we must reject the pterodactyl-like hallucinations of irrational humanistic constructs that only produce mind-boggling complacent stupor, political correctness contrivances, and cowardice, or we will become... ... more

Posted at 12:01 PM

Requiem For Lt. Andrew Bacivich

On another Jules post, he attended 1st Lt. Andrew Bacevich's funeral yesterday with three friends, Larry Gwin, Paul Clifford and John Nelson Ferrara, all combat veterans of Vietnam, the latter a friend of the elder Bacevich, and wrote this.... ... more

Posted at 11:28 AM

Request for Reconsideration

[Judge Ernest B. Murphy waits in the courtroom during a recess in his libel suit against the Boston Herald, in this file photo taken on Friday, Feb. 11, 2005, in Boston. (AP)] Jules Crittenden posts on a freedom of the press issue, one in which the Boston Herald has asked the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to reconsider its ruling in the libel case of Judge Ernest Murphy vs. Boston Herald, Wedge, Crittenden etal. Jules was acquitted at trial. In its ruling against Dave Wedge, the Herald argues, the high court misrepresented some key facts of the case.The SJC issued a... ... more

Posted at 10:37 AM

Hugo Chavez 'Hearts' Film Star And 'Anti-American Communist' Danny Glover

... at least his anti-American, pro-communist, views! Although film and television star Danny Glover is well known for his 25-year body of work as an actor, off screen, Glover is a leftist ideologue. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, he said that the U.S. was in no position to pass moral judgment on the terrorists who had perpetrated the slaughters. "One of the main purveyors of violence in this world," said Glover, "has been this country, whether it's been against Nicaragua, Vietnam or wherever." Criticizing patriotism in general, Glover has stated, "It's basically this rabid [post-9/11] nationalism that has its own... ... more

Posted at 10:33 AM

Iranian police tortures youth in the streets

After Ahmadinejad stated in Spanish Public TV that women's rights were more respeted in Iran than men's, now the police is torturing young people in the streets, whether men or women.The photos I have posted are only some of them. But are very representative of what happened.... ... more

Posted at 4:25 AM

May 21, 2007

The Media and Iraq

The Christian Science Monitor (hat tip - Wizbang) has an interesting interview with Bill Roggio about how the media is reporting Iraq and ways that al Qaeda and others manipulate the media to get the coverage they desire. Central to the take home message is the fact that whether the media recognize it or not and whether they like it or not, the media is a part of the battlefield and what they report, how they report it, the context they use, and when they report it - all affect the war and who wins it:Chinni: I know you weren't... ... more

Posted at 11:07 PM

al-Qaeda And The Palestinians

An editorial today at The New York Sun addresses the turn in events in the fight against Palestinian Sunni extremist groups which involves soldiers loyal to the Lebanese state gathering "in a posse" of sorts trying to apprehend bank robbers who have fled into the relative safety of a refugee camp, and how terrorist groups have slipped into the historically familiar pattern of "alternating ideological and theological violence with banditry." The article offers an important perspective that has been for the most lost in the news reports on the violence in Lebanon:... the story here is the rise of extremist... ... more

Posted at 10:58 PM

Iran Has Secret Plan For Summer Offensive Against U.S. Forces In Iraq

Has the United States government completely lost all sense of reality or is there some secret U.S. plan in the works to strike Iran and turn it into a sandlot? Why else would the president have U.S. forces sit back and allow Iran to committing daily acts of war against US and British forces, and do absolutely nothing about it? And if what the Guardian reports is true, that Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into... ... more

Posted at 10:21 PM

'Indoctrinate You' Trailer

"Indoctrinate U" examines the extent of political bias in American higher education, and just may be one of the most important documentaries of the year. It might also be the most important documentary you aren't able to see this year. So unless the filmmaker can prove to an audience exists -- that you want to see it, Indoctrinate U might not come to a theater near you. You can help by signing up to see the film if it comes to your area.... ... more

Posted at 8:57 AM

May 20, 2007

MEMRI Reporting Rumor on Islamist Websites That The Bodies of Two of the Kidnapped Soldiers Have Been Found in Iraq

As Abdul posted on extensively last night (in which one report mentions that police sources in the city of Mahmoudia told of the two bodies being found near one of their orchards in the city showing signs of "severe torture"), Jawa Report points today to The MEMRI blog which is carrying the report of rumors posted on Islamist websites that the American forces have discovered the headless bodies of two of the kidnapped American soldiers. The reports stated that the bodies were found on May 18, after six days of searching, and that the search for the third soldier, whose... ... more

Posted at 7:54 PM

Al-Qaeda cells in Catalonia

The announcement by Rodrigo Gavilán, the representant of the most active policemen union, CEP, of the existence of Al-Qaeda cells in Catalonia, is not suprising. But now, not only Mr. Gavilán has spoken about it, but also some responsibles of foreign secret services who are really worried about this phenomenon. According to them, there are two methods of recruiting. The first one happens in areas of Muslim immigration, where individuals pertaining to radical cells approach teenagers and young people with strong problems of marginalization and uprooting. The second one happens on the Internet, where young that has been radicalized by... ... more

Posted at 8:16 AM

May 19, 2007

Harsh Words for Iran at Mideast Forum - Evil Jooozzz Less Evil?

Not really, nevertheless there's a couple of recent twists. In what's surely only a temporary diversion, it's good to hear the Arabs direct more of their criticism toward Iran than Israel:Washington's Arab allies harshly criticized Iran's growing influence in the Middle East, telling the country's top diplomat at a high-level conference Saturday that it must stay out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and be more open about its nuclear ambitions. Dominating many discussions at the World Economic Forum was the deadly violence between the Fatah Palestinian faction and Hamas militants, which has helped stall a Saudi Arabian-sponsored plan for peace between... ... more

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Iraqi Freedom Hero Soldier Beaten/Tased By Las Vegas Police At McCarran Airport!!

This happened in America, folks, and it happened to a hero of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The solider in the following video is beaten and teased by 2 officers at Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. while another Las Vegas Metro Police Officer stands back and watches with his hands in his pockets thru glass doors, then laughs and makes a little skip as he makes fun of the Soldier's fall from the first of THREE tasings with a buddy TSA employee. The soldier was getting ready to redeploy back to Iraq.This Soldier did NOTHING wrong and NO charges were filed against... ... more

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'There is nothing in the Qur'an that violates human rights'

It's hard to know whether to call such a statement naivite', dhimmitude, ignorance, or all three: "What we really wanted people to get out of our Philosophy Tea was that Islam is not a violent religion. There is nothing in the Qur'an that violates human rights. It is the interpretation and the governments that use Islam as a blanket to cover their crimes and violations," ... The quote is from an article titled "Jihad and human rights" about a Philosophy Tea held by senior Amy Servantez and junior Courtney McGarry at Buena Vista University in Iowa. Their goal was to... ... more

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May 18, 2007

Four Arrested in Dua Khalil Aswad Honor Killing

Her "crime" was falling in love with a Sunni Muslim boy, for which she was brutally stoned to death:Authorities in northern Iraq have arrested four people in connection with the "honor killing" last month of a Kurdish teen -- a startling, morbid pummeling caught on a mobile phone video camera and broadcast around the world. The case portrays the tragedy and brutality of honor killings in the Muslim world. Honor killings take place when family members kill relatives, almost always female, because they feel the relatives' actions have shamed the family. What can you say about a culture that stands... ... more

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UPI's Pamela Hess On Iraq

With apparent deep emotion, Pamela says that Americans understand the incredible savagery and violence that American military officers are seeing every day over there.., and that is one of the reasons that is centrally the key to why they are so confident and so optimistic ..., as one officer put it, every day I wake up and feel like I'm pushing a little girl away from under the bus, I save the little girl ..., and every day that is exactly what's happening there ... An informative and touching video; if you haven't seen it before, it's surely worth watching.... ... more

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FBI's Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities With Nuclear Weapons

FBI Director Robert Mueller has told NewsMax that Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C. In an exclusive interview, Mueller also acknowledged that bin Laden is still active, though isolated. The director revealed that the Bureau believes the terrorist leader continues to communicate with al-Qaida cells, some of which remain in the U.S. Mueller declined to say how often bin Laden communicates or to elaborate on the substance of his communications. Other intelligence sources tell NewsMax that U.S. security efforts have forced... ... more

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Hundreds of Illegals Have Registered to Vote In Texas County

Here's some interesting news to go along with the Senate's amnesty bill: 1200 WOAI news in San Antonio reports that hundreds of illegal immigrants have registered to vote in Bexar County in recent years and dozens of them have actually cast ballots, canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens. Bexar County officials deserve to be fired and kicked out of office. You have to have a valid I.D. to buy beer, you have to have a valid I.D. to drive a car, and you should have to have a valid I.D. and proof of citizenship to vote. To say that... ... more

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Michelle Malkin Poll : 'Will You Support a Presidential Candidate Who Supports the Bush/Kennedy Amnesty Bill?' (Updated)

And the answer is not no, but hell no! As Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus frames the issue: "What part of illegal does the Senate not understand? Any plan that rewards illegal behavior is amnesty." Good bye John McCain. Hello Mitt, Rudy and Fred (if, as many of us hope and expect - he comes in). Michelle has more here. From what we're hearing about this bill, if indeed there is a bill at all (it just might not even be written yet and might have been voted on before it was completed), not having... ... more

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May 17, 2007

Even With The Lipstick - It's Amnesty

No matter how President Bush and the senate try to dress it up, the new and improved immigration deal is amnesty, pure and simple. There's no other way to honestly describe a bill that allows people that have broken our laws to stay in the country. Period. John McCain, kiss my a**. Hell will freeze over before conservatives will back you. Dean Barnett agrees - " ... this immigration bill is dreadful news for the McCain candidacy":McCain has been a stalwart on Iraq; he's also been appropriately hawkish on the wider war, although I've yet to see any indications that... ... more

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Bloggers Not Buying GOP Spin on "Bipartisan" Amnesty Plan

I call the "Bipartisan" Amnesty Plan" a complete disaster for the GOP and the country, and believe it to be nothing less than a slap in the face to every law-abiding American. Jawa Report has much more on the GOP's grand rape of U.S sovereignty and the America's culture, and other bloggers opinions of it:Hugh Hewitt rejects the GOP's attempt to put lipstick on this pig: A Disaster: The GOP Caves On Border Security... This is McCain's continuing gift to the GOP, and the immigration absolutists' legacy: Lots and lots of promises and no fence worth calling a fence. Aren't... ... more

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Was Osama Right?

Bernard Lewis does indeed have a point that's difficult to dispute. He says that Islamists always believed the U.S. was weak, and recent political trends won't change their view:From the writings and the speeches of Osama bin Laden and his colleagues, it is clear that they expected this second task, dealing with America, would be comparatively simple and easy. This perception was certainly encouraged and so it seemed, confirmed by the American response to a whole series of attacks--on the World Trade Center in New York and on U.S. troops in Mogadishu in 1993, on the U.S. military office in... ... more

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May 16, 2007

Iran's 'Peaceful Intentions' On Full Display

Via Religion of Peace (hat tip - Jihad Watch and PreciseNews), here's a photograph of Iran's "peaceful intentions":Iran, the 4th largest energy exporter in the world, says it needs nuclear energy for "peaceful" purposes. This recent picture from Tehran suggests a different motive. So, should we allow Iran, the world's leading sponsor of regional and global terrorism, to become a nuclear power? Some would suggest that we do so only if we're prepared to die! ... the world will enter a new phase of international terrorism--potentially nuclear terrorism--waged by a theocratic Shi'ite Islamic state. This is a regime, moreover, which... ... more

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Blogger Who Posted CFP Islamberg Story Received Death Threat

"These people need to be investigated," ... "They are training for war, either for war here in this country or against our troops. Who in the hell is allowing this stuff to happen right here in our own backyard, and why?" (Concerned neighbor near the compound).This is more of the same old story we've seen before: Terrorists are living, training, and operating in our midst, and the U.S. government is apparently powerless to do anything about it. In short, this is just another example of Islamic terrorists using our freedoms against us. Now we learn that a blogger has received... ... more

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UK Caves In To Islamists, Again: 'Crown Jewels' Will Not Be Going To Iraq

Prince Harry's, that is! (Image: Harry's all dressed up and no where to go!) Army Chief of Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt said the changing situation on the ground exposed the prince to too much danger, and Prince Harry will not be sent with his unit to Iraq. Here we see he had a great party anyway: But in the end, the British military did what it did in it's recent confrontation with Iran: it simply caved in to the Islamists! Are the British the new French? Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

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Anbar Repeating In Diyala?

Only yesterday we posted on CNN's report that al-Qaeda was on the verge of collapse in al-Anbar Province. Today AJStrata has it that one of the last throes of al Qaeda in Anbar Province, right before the Sunni's switched allegiences en masse, was the use of Chlorine attacks: The attacks were a sign of al Qaeda desparation. The use of chemical weapons signaled a willingness to use chemical weapons on Muslims in order to try and regain control over a province in which they were rapidly losing their grip. Chlorine gas is an ugly killer. It is clearly a... ... more

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Bridge Dividing Needed: Palestinians Need Not Apply

Readers who visit Hyscience often have seen us post Ofra Haza's videos before, usually on days of particularly violent days in the Middle East. Ofra was a popular Israeli singer, actress and international recording artist, and has been said to have bridged the divide between Israel and Arab countries. She died unexpectedly on February 23, 2000, and has been called the greatest singer in the last century. Today is, of course, just another day of violence in the ME, and Iraq isn't the only place you find it. As usual, we need look no further than the Palestinian Territories, because... ... more

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May 15, 2007

CNN: al-Qaeda On Verge Of Collapse In al-Anbar Province

A truly amazing video clip given the media source. Here, CNN's Nic Robertson reports on U.S. progress in Anbar province: "What's happening here could be a model for defeating the insurgency in other provinces in Iraq!" Marine Brig. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus, ground forces commander for Multinational Force West, says of the success in al-Anbar:... ... more

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Video: MSNBC quotes WhiteHouse.org on Falwell's political influence

Even 'liberal lefty' Chris Mathews calls it a "nasty shot."In referring to what it calls, "The most infamous, relentlessly anti-Bush parody site on the 'Net," Hot Air puts up a parody on a parody unintentionally but stupidly performed by an MSNBC announcer, hoping to make a political statement on the death of Jerry Falwell - as only MSNBC can do so well: You can imagine how it played out. Producer to intern: "We need a fawning description of him from the White House website to show how influential he was with conservatives." Intern to producer: "Great! I'll just google white... ... more

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Andrew J. Bacevich. 1st Lt, 3/8 Cav, 1st Cav

Last night Jules made a phone call that no one ever wants to have to make, and no one ever wants to receive:I haven't had to make that kind of call much since I became an editor, but tonight when it needed to be done, I preferred to be the one to do it. Andy Bacevich answered the phone but was brusque, just said he couldn't talk about it right now. Later, he sent me an email. "He joined the Army to serve his country in time of need. We love him and mourn his loss." And a photo of... ... more

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Armed Missionary Honored for Repelling Terrorists

In the mid-90s, South Africa experienced a massacre involving terrorists who used AK-47s and hand grenades to kill and maim those attending a Christian worship service at St. James Church in Capetown. Unlike recent tragedies in the United States and abroad, this attack was cut short when a missionary returned fire with a .38-caliber revolver, striking one of the attackers and causing the others to flee. Over the weeked, the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc. presented Charl van Wyk of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa with its Medallion of Honor and accompanying certificate during ceremonies in Potomac MD, according... ... more

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Iraq Vs. Vietnam: A Perspective

Good Lt. has up a stark awakening for our friends - the Kool-Aid drinkers, and offers the following chart to point out the significant difference between the "constant hyperbole, years of willful distortion, a chronic lack of proportion, and ongoing inflated one-sided outrage in the mainstream media/Democrat Party," and the reality of the war in Iraq. Looking at the graph, and then comparing it to almost "any major daily newspaper or newscast," one would think that even the dimmest bulb among the moonbats that like to compare the two, can readily gain a better perspective on the difference between Iraq... ... more

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May 14, 2007

Al-Qaeda Promises To 'Work With The Democrats' For Maximum Political Impact

As though we needed further evidence that the Democratic leadership and al-Qaeda are operating from the same playbook, we have this from Ace of Spades via Cao's Blog - Al Qaeda knows who its friends are:Mohamad al-Janabi, a reputed al-Qaeda member in the nearby city of Salman Pak, said in a interview that he was unable to contact his comrades in Mahmudiyah to determine whether they were responsible for the attack. But he added: "I can assure you that we will start pressuring Bush in a new way at the same time he is facing pressures from the Democrats and... ... more

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Radical Muslim Paramilitary Compound Flourishes In Upper New York State (And Elsewhere In The U.S.)

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or "community of the impoverished," was formed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in New York in 1980. Gilani, who refers to himself as "the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr," has stated his objective is to "purify" Islam through violence.Jawa report links to a CFP story today on it today, Undeniable Politics links to today to our initial post back in 2006 on the story, and we initially posted "Welcome To Islamberg, U.S.A. - Terrorists Using Islamic Schools In U.S. To Recruit And Train!" way back in February 2006 in which we linked to the WorldNetDaily report on... ... more

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Norway Gets It: 'No Ticky No Laundry'

While the U.S. government continues to be unable to understand a very simple principle which, if applied to immigration, would go along way to helping solve some of our immigration-related problems, at least in Norway we're finally seeing a clear sign that Norway is getting the message from the problems brought about by years of unconstrained "immigrant" family reunification: Oslo City Council leader Erling Lae and mayoral candidate Fabian Stang believe that Oslo's immigrants need to be integrated before new immgrants can come in. In other words, integration BEFORE immigration! The Conservative Party politicians call for a halt to immigration... ... more

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May 11, 2007

Divorced From Reality

So much for the "America becoming a pariah on the world stage" view of the liberal elite (hat tip - Wizbang): Amazing, isn't it, how the conventional wisdom that holds sway among many sophisticated -- i.e. liberal -- Washingtonians and New Yorkers is often so completely divorced from reality. These folks have come to take it as a given that America's involvement in Iraq has inflicted severe damage to our nation's image abroad, especially in Europe. But the most recent national election results from France and Germany demonstrate that this "truth" about George W. Bush's America is about as credible... ... more

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Border Patrol Chief Denounced For 'Intimidation Tactics'

The Washington Times reports that U.S. Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar is being denounced for "intimidation tactics" in sending a top aide to seek a "show of hands" among field agents for those who support the chief, who received a unanimous "no confidence" vote from leaders of the agency's rank and file. This, while the National Border Patrol Council, which represents all 11,000 of the Border Patrol's non-supervisory field agents, offers that people who are really under the impression that rank-and-file agents support Aguilar, need to have their heads examined. On April 23 it was reported that the 100... ... more

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May 10, 2007

Something Is Very Rotten At CNN

I'm willing to wager with great confidence that Atlas Shrugs is right. As Atlas Shrugs suggests, not only are the odds highly likely that CNN used Arab and/or Muslim "translators" to challenge the MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch translation of the Hamas Mickey Mouse jihad video, and downplay the FACT that Hamas is using using a replica of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse to preach Islamic radicalism and hate to Palestinian children - if you listen to the CNN video clip carefully, CNN actually says so. [The actual clip from MEMRI is here...] Even worse, CNN even uses the Palestinian Information... ... more

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Why The Left In Canada Gets Afghanistan Wrong

Terry Gavin has a piece today that seems a natural fit with my previous post:My essay in today's Ottawa Citizen: This week, the Citizen provided its readers with a rare glimpse of a scandal that has severely damaged Canada's ability to effectively engage in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and it has nothing to do with the ill-treatment of Taliban detainees. . .It's about that section of the left that has made common cause with the Islamist far right, and how the sect around which it revolves now provides the staff positions for the Canadian Peace Alliance and the Toronto Stop... ... more

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Anti-war Activist/Computer Expert's Naive Association With Muslim Community Results In Post 7/7 'Awakening'

"Where else can you sit down in a single evening and listen to senior people from Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, people from the revolutionary left and the antiwar movement from around the globe?" - British Trotskyite John Rees at the Cairo Anti-War Conference, April 2007Via kasper10623 who uploaded the video on YouTube (hat tip - LGF), this video shows anti-war activist Martin Gilbertson - thinking he had associated himself with like minds, explaining that he produced anti-western propaganda videos, secured websites and encrypted emails for Muslims who were involved in an Islamic bookshop and a youth center attended by... ... more

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Memo To 'W'

Mr. President, Just happened to notice the broadcast reports that the three radical islamic brothers held in connection with the "alleged" (as in caught 15 different ways from Sunday) terror plot at Fort Dix, N.J., are likely to have been smuggled across the southern U.S. border. Just wondering, how many more al-Qaeda wanabees and operatives are slipping across our open southern border along with all the illegal Mexicans, etc., that you've shut down enforcement for. Oh yes, one more thing. I don't mean to be critical of your "hug an illegal immigrant a day" policies, but when it spills over... ... more

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May 9, 2007

Fort Dix Terrorists Smuggled Into U.S.

Sound reasons for enforcing the immigration laws we already have on the books, and that includes tracking down people that come here legally and then illegally fail to leave.... ... more

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'The Great Jules Crittenden'

That's how Dean Barrett at Hugh Hewitt refers to Jules, in explaining that when Jules was just a writer for the Boston Herald, even Dean had never heard of him even though his newspaper was located in his hometown. Now he has, and he credits Jules' blog, Forward Movement, as the reason that Jules has established himself as a nationally known writer and content provider. You can read more of what Dean has to say in his essay on new vs. old media and the need for mainstream print writers and newspapers to aggressively establish themselves on the Internet -... ... more

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Sarkozy's Message: France Has Chosen Change And 'France Is Back'

In a nutshell, French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy's message is simple: France is back. In the speech given minutes after he was officially elected president of France, on May 6,2007, on the stage of the Gaveau Theater, where he came to thank his supporters, Nicolas Sarkozy made it clear that he believes French voters have asked for change, and apparently he intends to do his best to give them what he believes they asked for. Key excerpts that caught my attention include:... ... more

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It Just Doesn't Matter

I stumbled across Dan Gordon's entertaining and informative November 2006 piece at The American Thinker today. The title is what caught my eye: "No Viet Cong Followed Us Home, Al-Qaeda Will." I think what made it an eye catcher for me was that I see and hear so many people saying lately that like the VC in Vietnam, bringing the troops home from Iraq will have no effect on terrorism at home. Much of this is from the anti-Bush crowd, a fair amount of the rest is from those that are simply uninformed, naive to the ways the Islamists' goals... ... more

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Jihadists Exploit Our Hospitality and Open Borders . . . Again

Michelle Malken on the thanks we get for helping the Muslims in Kosovo: Eight years ago, America opened its arms to tens of thousands of ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo. The first planeload landed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Military leaders worked day and night to turn the base into a child-friendly village. They coordinated medical and security checkups, mental health and trauma counseling and ethnic food preparations. Soldiers from Fort Bragg traveled up from North Carolina to assist in refugee operations at Fort Dix. Then-U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mitchell M. Zais also assembled a team of about 80 soldiers... ... more

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Jihadists Exploit Our Hospitality and Open Borders . . . Again

Michelle Malken on the thanks we get for helping the Muslims in Kosovo: Eight years ago, America opened its arms to tens of thousands of ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo. The first planeload landed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Military leaders worked day and night to turn the base into a child-friendly village. They coordinated medical and security checkups, mental health and trauma counseling and ethnic food preparations. Soldiers from Fort Bragg traveled up from North Carolina to assist in refugee operations at Fort Dix. Then-U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mitchell M. Zais also assembled a team of about 80 soldiers... ... more

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May 8, 2007

Al Qaeda's New Enemy In Iraq

Al-Qaeda has a new enemy in Iraq, and its not more Western coalition forces, its Iraqis themselves who want no part of a "soul-crushing fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship." An editorial at the Chicago Tribune begins with, "You want good news from Iraq? There it is, in flashing neon." And there it is indeed; Sunni tribesmen in Anbar Province, in the heart of the insurgency, are now backing coalition and Iraqi forces against the terrorists:[...] These Anbar leaders aren't just jawing. Thousands of Sunnis have rushed to join local police forces, with tribal leaders' encouragement. "The progress has inspired an optimism in... ... more

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Jack Straw, Muslims And Blackburn: On The Troubling Refusal Of Muslims To Assimilate In The UK

In Blackburn, England Muslim's refusal to assimilate is causing deep unrest and resentment among the "Whites." Here is Jack Straw, MP, Leader of the House of Commons, on the problem in his home town: The last thing said in the video is that "the separation between the two communities in Blackburn , the subject so many people find so difficult to talk about, isn't just a problem in Blackburn. This decent but divided town is a warning to the rest of Britain." I am already seeing the hijabs and the burqas in my own town here in the U.S. Is... ... more

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Absolutely Incredible 'Revised' AP Headline: Hamas Mouse Preaches 'Resistance'

As we wrote in our previous post on the original AP story: "In yet another clear sign that Palestinian society is not now and never will be, ready for nationhood - at least for the next few generations, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook at Palestinian Media Watch report that Hamas Television is using a clone of Disney's Mickey Mouse to teach children to hate Israel and America, and aspire to Islam's inevitable and impending world domination. The title of the AP story we referred to was, "Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' wants Islam takeover." But that was before the AP changed it's... ... more

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Laura Mansfield On The Terrorist Roadmap for the Future

Laura Mansfield says that News media reports describing the six Islamic radicals arrested In a terrorist plot against soldiers and civilians at the Fort Dix, NJ base as homegrown with no ties to al Qaeda or any other international terrorist organization isn't at all surprising: It is very likely that this cell, like numerous others that have been uncovered in the past year, falls into the category of ?Individual or Small Group Terrorism?, as espoused by the Al Qaeda ideologue Abu Mus'ab al Suri in his book "Call to Global Islamic Resistance" The doctrine of ?Individual or Small Group Terrorism?... ... more

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Fjordman: 'Do we want an Islamic Reformation?'

The great Fjordman has another essay up at Robert Spencer's place:When I'm feeling optimistic I sometimes see the Netherlands, a small laconic country not inclined towards the large-scale or the theatrical, as a kind of laboratory on the edge of Europe. Now and then the mixture of dangerous, easily inflammable substances results in a little explosion, but basically the process of ordinary chemical reactions just continues. I am thinking of the novel 2084 still to be written. Historical developments often come about very abruptly. The question of whether the teaching of Mohammed can coexist peacefully with that of Jesus, the... ... more

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Six 'Islamic Radicals' Arrested In Terror Plot Against N.J. Soldiers (Updated)

Updates and link to Dept. of Justice complaint at bottom of post. Via Newschannel 4 NY, six men from New Jersey believed to be Islamic radicals have been arrested in one of an "alleged" (MSM PC-speak for the Islamothugs have been caught red handed) terror plot against soldiers at Fort Dix. Investigators said the men planned to use automatic weapons to enter Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as they could at the N.J. base. Fort Dix was just one of several military and security locations allegedly scouted by this group, authorities said. Investigators told Newschannel 4's Jonathan Dienst... ... more

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May 7, 2007

Sarkozy Round-Up

Surely France is in for at least five years of ambitious economic and social reforms under one of its most energetic politicians France has ever seen. Check out The Right Nation for a complete roundup of English and Italian coverage of the Sarkozy nation-changing victory, along with a link to some great images of Sarkozy babes.... ... more

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Saudi Arabia And U.S. Join Forces Against Iran

What's this about a possible covert action against Iran by the United States and Saudi Arabia? ... a coordinated campaign, directed with the help of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates....The bill for the covert part of this activity, which has involved funding sectarian political movements and paramilitary groups in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories, is said to amount to more than $300 million. It is being paid by Saudi Arabia and other concerned Gulf states, for whom the combination of a hasty American withdrawal from Iraq and a nuclear-armed... ... more

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Hamas Uses Mickey Mouse Image To Teach Children Hate And Islamic Supremacy

In yet another clear sign that Palestinian society is not now and never will be, ready for nationhood - at least for the next few generations, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook at Palestinian Media Watch report that Hamas Television is using a clone of Disney's Mickey Mouse to teach children to hate Israel and America, and aspire to Islam's inevitable and impending world domination. [...] The squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse lookalike, named Farfur, is the star of a weekly children's program called Tomorrow's Pioneers on the official Hamas TV station (Al-Aqsa TV). Farfur and his co-host, a young girl named Saraa',... ... more

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Remembering Them: It's About Time

Major Kleenex alert (hat tip - Forward Movement)! According to Jules, this is reportedly by a 15-year-old girl from Ohio; if you haven't seen it yet, you need to watch it now: Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

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Islamic Illiberalism And Intolerance Nothing New

On September 25, 1924 Gandhi wrote: I have no shadow of doubt that Islam has sufficient in itself to become purged of illiberalism and intolerance. We are still waiting and hoping for the day Muslims will no longer claim that Islam is under attack.And the only damned thing that has changed since then is the date and the particulars of yet even more Islamic illiberalism and intolerance.... ... more

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Undefined French 'Immigrants' From Undefined 'Suburbs' Riot After Sarkozy Win

Yes, (fill in the blanks), those _________ immigrants from ___________ neighborhoods in ________ suburbs are rioting again, as they did last summer (also here, here, here, here, and here), because the candidate they wanted to win - Segolene Royal, didn't. But surely you wouldn't be able to fill in the blanks from what you learn from the media who have a very difficult time using the "M" word. God forbid that the "immigrants" should in any way be connected to the religion of peace that drives their refusal to assimilate into French society, and places the ummah before the country... ... more

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May 6, 2007

TV: Sarkozy Elected French President

According to television projections (via Reuters), conservative Nicolas Sarkozy won France's presidential election, beating his Socialist rival, Segolene Royal, by a comfortable margin. Royal, had borrowed from the playbook of her Islamofascist supporters and warned that if she didn't win there would be violence and brutality unleashed in the country; apparently it didn't work:Forecasts by four pollsters showed Sarkozy, 52, a hardline former interior minister, won around 53 percent of the vote in the second-round ballot and will succeed fellow conservative Jacques Chirac, who was president for 12 years. Turnout was predicted at about 85 percent.Royal has already conceded defeat.... ... more

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Al Qaeda's Al-Zawahiri Wants More U.S. Dead in Iraq

Barely able to contain himself over the non-stop deluge of free propaganda handed him by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their fellow Defeaticrats, al-Qaeda's number 2 Thug-in-Chief has issued a new video statement mocking the Dems bill and saying he wants to spill more U.S. blood before America withdraws:[...] Ayman al Zawahiri, mocks the bill passed by Congress setting a timetable for the pullout of U.S. troops in Iraq. "This bill will deprive us of the opportunity to destroy the American forces which we have caught in a historic trap," Zawahiri says in answer to a question posed to... ... more

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May 5, 2007

Fox Watching Henhouse 101: Newspaper Ties Iraqi PM To Revolutionary Guards

In a stunning but not surprising development, a new report claims to reveal documents confirming Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki held telephone conversations with anti-coalition leader Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the "Madhi's Army," and then ordered Iranian commanders to areas where they would not be "arrested or killed" by American troops. The "Mahdi Army" is the group of terrorists and fighters assembled by al-Sadr, who has preached Islam's "Madhi" soon is to return, and American forces invaded Iraq in order to capture and kill him. Al-Sadr has refused to disband the estimated 5,000-8,000 in his group because he claims it... ... more

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May 4, 2007

Sarcozy Increases Lead In French Polls As Royal Runs To Islamofascist Playbook

In what LGF refers to as an "Islamist-Leftist convergence," Socialist Ségolène Royal is borrowing from the playbook of her Islamofascist supporters, and warning that if she doesn't win, there will be violence and brutality unleashed in the country," suggesting that unrest was especially likely in the "volatile suburbs" (MSM-speak for the Muslim communities) that were the site of rioting in 2005: PARIS: The French presidential campaign officially closed Friday with the Gaullist front-runner, Nicolas Sarkozy, looking ever more assured of winning Sunday and his Socialist rival, Ségolène Royal, predicting street violence if he is elected. Her warning came after the... ... more

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May 3, 2007

Masters Of The Universe

Pat Santy points to Victor Davis Hanson's "beautiful post on the crazy Middle East" that summarizes all the hysteria and hype that we have endured over the last four years in what amounts to a synopsis of the ongoing insanity about the war against Islamofascism: Polls show about 20% of Americans favor the Palestinians in their war against Israel, while about half the US population now expresses an unease with Muslims in general. Meanwhile a large minority of Muslims, according to polls, condones terrorist attacks on civilians, while a vast majority is vehemently anti-American. Their prejudice apparently is chalked up... ... more

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Tell Nancy Pelosi & Congress: America Won't Surrender!

When it came to defeating the Soviets, Ronald Reagan made it simple: "We win, they lose." Now more than ever, the defeatists in Congress must hear that same message. America will never surrender (hat tip - Gateway Pundit).To: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House Harry Reid, U.S. Senate Democrat Leader Congress has passed and President Bush has vetoed H.R. 1591, the Iraq Surrender Act of 2007. This legislation, which you worked to pass, sets a timetable for surrender. It pulls the rug out from under our troops. That is shameful and wrong. Your actions have already emboldened the enemy. Violent... ... more

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Bush Administration EEOC Sues Salvation Army

... Over the Salvation Army's "English-only" policy:The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has over the years been broadly hostile to employer policies requiring that employees speak English on the job, viewing such policies as improperly tending to screen out workers of protected national origin. Federal courts haven't always agreed with the agency's views on the question, however; in a 2003 case the Salvation Army, the venerable religious institution, was upheld in its right to fire a worker who'd refused to speak English when asked to do so by her boss. Now the EEOC has taken the Salvation Army back to... ... more

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al-Qaeda Senior Member Of Information Killed By U.S. Military

Chalk up one less kidnapper/murderer/Islamothug on the planet, as the U.S. military reports that the first day of May was the last day of life for Muharib Abdul Latif al-Jubouri (confirmed by DNA tests), the "senior minister of information" for al Qaeda in Iraq, and a key figure in the separate abductions of journalist Jill Carroll, Tom Fox, one of four men from the Chicago-based peace group Christian Peacemaker Teams who was found fatally shot in Baghdad in March of last year, and other foreigners. On the down side, still no word no information to support claims by Iraq's Interior... ... more

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May 2, 2007

The Freeway Meltdown - Just In Case You Missed It

Readers will recall that a tanker exploded on a freeway overpass in the Oakland/Emeryville area in CA on Sunday, April 29th around 4am. The deck collapsed and burned. It was a connecting ramp between I-80 and I-580. This is what 8,600 gallons (which weighs 80,000 pounds) of unleaded gasoline does when it burns. Reports state that the fireball started on the lower deck, and the rising heat of the 3000+ degree fire melted parts of the deck above, causing it to collapse.Although I've previously watched the video of John Gibson destroying "Leftist Loon" Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 Conspiracy theory about fire... ... more

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Three al-Qaeda Terrorists Loose On UK Streets

Three men accused of links with Al Qaeda and the Bluewater (shopping centre in Kent) bomb plotters are on the loose in Britain:Mohammed Quayyam Khan, a part-time cab driver from Luton, was allegedly in contact with one of terror overlord Osama Bin Laden's most senior lieutenants. A second man, former London Underground worker Zeeshan Siddiqui, had planned to launch a suicide attack on the Tube, the Old Bailey was told. And Islamic militant Sajeel Shahid, thought to be the leader of the banned group Al Muhajiroun in Pakistan, is alleged to have set up a training camp where 7/7 ringleader... ... more

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Telemundo And Univision Pseudo-Journalists / Illegal Immigration Activists Finally Get Put In Their Place!

The video speaks for itself. Yesterday, when the Los Angeles Police department was forced to come in with their Riot Police to disperse a crowd of illegal alien protesters that were throwing rocks and bottles and were turning rowdy, the TV crews of Telemundo and Univision defied the police order and stayed behind, no doubt trying to exploit the explosive situation to film footage they could later use to accuse the police of brutality against the demonstrators, and to advance their illegal immigration cause. In doing so they partly achieved what they set out to do, as they had to... ... more

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The Next Step (for 'Egyptian Sandmonkey')

Egyptian Sandmonkey's post at Hyscience has been reposted below in its entirety. It has came to my attention that the reasons of my quitting were not clear for some people, which is probably due to the fact that I didn't exactly elaborate on why I did what I did or what it means. This is an effort to remedy that. This is not me coming back to blogging though: this wasn't me crying wolf or a publicity stunt, so fans and haters, don't raise your hopes up or don't get disappointed, respectively. This is a clarification, more than anything. 1)... ... more

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Again, More Pro-Illegal Immigration Protests And Marches In Our Streets

Illegal immigration protests and demonstrations are flooding our streets again, on this May 1st celebration. Of communist origin and on the anniversary of the infamous Mexican flag wielding, Ché Guevara sign bearing, insolent "in-our-face," illegal immigration rallies of last year, where millions of arrogant "illegal" aliens flooded our streets "demanding" citizenship with impunity, even as immigration authorities watched-on. On Saturday, a cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Houston, KPRC -TV, flew a Mexican flag from his camera as he covered one of such marches in support of illegal immigration in Houston. Many Americans have been outraged by video clips posted... ... more

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May 1, 2007

NBC Cameraman Flies Mexican Flag At March For Illegal Alien Rights

A cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Houston was captured Saturday on home video sporting a Mexican flag on his camera while covering a rally in the Texas city that supported illegal immigrants, drawing angry shouts from counter-protesters. In the first of two clips a counter-protester with a bull horn can be heard condemning the cameraman's flag, and asks, "Why does Channel 2 News have a Mexican flag on their camera?" :Perhaps the most appalling event of the afternoon was seeing Houston's NBC channel 2 affiliate sporting a Mexican flag on their video camera. Doesn't the news media state that... ... more

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Unconfirmed report: Red On Red Action Takes Down Leader Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

If this report turns out to be true, another murderous thug is now looking around down in hell for his non-existent 72 virgins, and more importantly, the manner in which the Islamist leader has been killed is a very promising sign - "red on red" fighting: Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader 'killed': The interior ministry in Iraq says it has received intelligence that the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq has been killed. Abu Ayyub al-Masri, believed to be an Egyptian, has led the group since June 2006 when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in a US air strike. Al-Qaeda in Iraq... ... more

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