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October 2, 2006

Bob Woodward Admits Timing For Publishing His Bombshell Book Meant To Influence Elections!!!

woodward2_001.jpgWhy is this not a surprise to me?

This morning on MSNBC's Matt Lauer interviewed Bob Woodward about his recently published bombshell book, "State of Denial," in which Woodward blasts President Bush as "deceiving the American people," Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as an incompetent to whom "the uniform military was just staff - a polite whisper," and portrays the administration as torn by internal divisions over Iraq, in , as his books title suggests, " a state of denial."

As was to be expected, good old blasé Matt played the part of the good cheerleader to Mr. Woodward for most of the interview, even monkeying around like a baboon when he "mimed," as if for the hearing impaired, putting both hands up to his ears with a silly smirk on his face after saying:

"You paint a picture of a White House and administration that is not tone deaf in some cases but that literally in some cases puts their hands over their ears and said we don't want to hear the information if the information is not going to bolster our company line."
But, whether purposely or not, this time around, he did manage to ask a couple of poignant questions of his "honored" guest, or so he made it to appear. During the last seconds of the show, he remarked to Mr. Woodward:
"...as you are uncovering all this stuff in your research process, some of this stuff is vitally important, as this nation is at war and people are dying. Didn't you have the responsibility to go to a mountain top somewhere and scream this out, and not hold it for the release of a book a month before the mid-term elections?"
When Woodward sort of avoided the question by answering apologetically that it had taken him so long to put the pieces together, and he hadn't found out a lot of the stuff until earlier this year and such, Mr. Lauer cut in saying:
"Still, it's a case of not listening to key military advice at a time when Americans are dying. It seems...people can say it is a little disingenuous to wait for a splash with the book."
Wow! Would have never expected such accusatory remarks from fawning Matt Lauer! Amazing!

Bob Woodward cynically replied:

"Simon & Schuster the publisher, and my bosses at the Washington Post, said the only the real obligation here, to use your analogy to get on top of the mountain and tell the full story, is to tell it before the elections. That's what we are doing. People can judge for themselves."
How much more clearer that the intentions of Mr. Woodward, his publisher, and his bosses at the Washington Post is to influence the mid-term elections in favor of the Democrats can it be, when he himself so blatantly admits it?

From former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to others quoted by Mr. Woodward in his pro-Democratic political hit-piece, all have publicly rebutted comments and situations attributed to them by Mr. Woodward in the book as "false," or "misrepresented"! One more piece of evidence that the publishing of this book by Mr. Woodward at this point in time - just a month before the November elections - is nothing but a political "snow job" in favor of the cut-and-run, defeatists Democrats!

It is so easy to give up, and accept defeat, in the face of what appears to be insurmountable obstacles; it is so much easier to destroy something, than it is to build it....

President Bush may be, as he's so often accused by the pessimist Democrats, "an optimist," but at least he's trying to build a new Iraq! His vengeful, obstructionist, nay-saying, "Democratic" detractors, are only hell-bent on their vicious "vendetta" - for their humiliating political defeats in 2000 and 2004 - and only wish to destroy: Destroy him, his Administration, and all he's tried to accomplish...along with any viable future for Iraq, and a sustainable peace, brokered not by "retreat" and "appeasement," which will only embolden our enemies further, but by decisively defeating these Islamofacist terrorists who wish us all dead, and who on 9/11 so painfully brought this conflict upon us!!!

Bob Woodward was the catalyst that helped topple an Administration in a time of war already once! It seems that he wants to repeat the feat now, in order to please the Viet Cong flag wielding friends of his youth now sitting in the Democratic side of the aisle of the Senate!

Personally, I feel that Woodward's brand of journalism, like so much of what we are getting from most of the MSM, should be categorized in librarys and in bookstores as "fictional propaganda" - since it is more suitable for the gullible Left and those that support them, and who prefer such dishonesty for the basis upon which they form much of their political agendas.

You can see the video at MSNBC's site - click video link at top of left column.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Althor at October 2, 2006 2:40 PM

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