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October 31, 2006

Hizbollah Rebuilds Military Force Under Nose Of UN

What in the hell is the UN good for? We all know the answer to that - not a damned thing.

UNIFIL can say all they want about their of 8,800 "blue helmets" and 12,000 Lebanese soldiers between southern Lebanon's Litani river and the Israeli border "severely restricted Hizbollah activity," but in fact UNIFIL has done very little to stop Hezbollah from rebuilding its military force within a state - in essence a Lebanese-tolerated militia:

[...] Hizbollah has stepped up the rebuilding of its military infrastructure in southern Lebanon despite the deployment in recent weeks of thousands of Lebanese troops and international peacekeepers to limit the Islamic militant group's activities.

Standing firm against international pressure to disarm, the Shia group is rearming and rebuilding tunnels and trenches destroyed by the Israeli army during this summer's 34-day war.

Locals in Bint Jbeil, a town which saw fierce fighting, told yesterday how Hizbollah was using the major reconstruction efforts to rebuild their security infrastructure.

"They are working extremely fast," said one, who did not want to be named. "Militants in Shia strongholds have interconnected tunnels and bunkers under their houses. These are being rebuilt under cover of the reconstruction work."

He said cables and telecommunications equipment had been installed and the number of trucks delivering aid and supplies made it easy to disguise weapons smuggling.

They have a security network of hundreds of motorcycles, linked up by walkie-talkies. Wherever outsiders move in the south they are followed. You don't see guns, but Hizbollah knows exactly where you are." On the crater-lined streets of Bint Jbeil, there was evidence of substantial reconstruction and young men on motorcycles, but it was impossible to discern whether any were Hizbollah fighters.

So much for the "peace" agreement. The international community should have learned by now that Islamists' agreements are nothing more than al-taqiyya - deception, deceit and lies, and that Islamists understand nothing except brute force. Let there be no doubt that the Lebanon war has already begun again, and soon, Hezbollah and Iran will be a greater force in Lebanon than before the recent war.

The failure will rest on the shoulders of UNIFIL and Kofi Annan's idiotic naivite'.

Posted by Abdul at October 31, 2006 9:14 AM

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