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June 2005

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June 30, 2005

Islamic Anti-Defamation League's goal: silence Islam's critics

Yes, this is the main goal of the Italy-based IADL. It's to note that this association has leftist and communist members, as well. Freedom of speech is seriously threatened by this group. Today, criticizing Islam might directly take you to a tribunal. I wonder what's next.. Via Stefania Atzori: http://unpoliticallycorrect.ilcannocchiale.it/?id_blogdoc=567140 Tutela dei diritti o coercizione? La IADL, scrive Magdi Allam, "denuncia la presenza nel nostro Forum di alcuni post in cui "si chiede se i musulmani siano esseri umani", si lanciano "accuse di pedofilia rivolte al nostra Profeta", si "parla apertamente del disgusto che provano (gli europei) per noi musulmani".... ... more

Posted at 3:47 PM

Economic Freedom and Democracy cannot go separated

Singapore is one of the countries where citizens enjoy economic freedom;Who among us knew that they are denied democratic rights? I always affirm that democracy should come before economic freedom.Or, better, the two things cannot go separated. Nobody talks about the human rights violations in Singapore. Maybe that might not include torture, but the country is an autocracy that denies the citizens the right to choose freely their rulers. "Free to choose? Not in Singapore" http://www.thesharpener.net/?p=89 Not Singapore-related, but yet interesting. The official website of Khodorkovsky is online: http://www.khodorkovskytrial.com He is the man who challenged Putin the most - and... ... more

Posted at 8:15 AM

The forgotten victims of Hezbollah,Hamas and the Palestinian Authority

I think that the sham "elections" held in the palestinian territories are something very similar to the soviet union's ones.Elections don't mean democracy. Elections without democracy are meaningless. I think that Regime Change should be the condition to make concessions to the palestinians and talk to them. Public executions of "collaborators" ( brave palestinians who dare to do what the PA should - hunting the terrorists ) are almost a weekly "event" there. But, read the article http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=18597 When we think of Palestinian terrorism, often forgotten are its other victims. For most, it is an unintentional oversight; for terror's apologists,... ... more

Posted at 7:55 AM

Dissident Watch: Ayman Nour

By Suzanne Gershowitz Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 ARTICLES Middle East Quarterly Publication Date: June 29, 2005 http://www.aei.org/news/newsID.22774/news_detail.asp On January 29, 2005, just a day before Iraq's first free elections in a half-century, the Egyptian government moved to shut down its own fledgling opposition, arresting 40-year-old Ayman Nour, chairman of the upstart Ghad (Tomorrow) party. In Egypt, the government licenses political parties, a power it has used to constrain opposition. Nour, a lawyer who entered the Majlis ash-Sha'b (People's Assembly) in 1994, broke with the establishment nationalist Wafd Party in 2000, disillusioned with the lack of liberal reform. The same... ... more

Posted at 7:47 AM

Public Letter for the attention of G-8 summit in Scotland

SMCCDI (Public Statement) Jun 30, 2005, 02:56 http://daneshjoo.org/publishers/currentnews/article_2779.shtml June 30, 2005 The Right Honorable. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada His Excellency Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic His Excellency Gerhard Schroder, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany The Honorable Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic His Excellency Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan His Excellency Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation The Right Honorable Tony Blair, Prime Minister of UK The Honorable George W. Bush, President of the United States of America His Excellency Jose Manuel Barros, President of the European Commission Via Fax... ... more

Posted at 6:30 AM

Brutal militiaman killed near the Capital

SMCCDI (Information Service) Jun 29, 2005, 13:15 http://daneshjoo.org/publishers/currentnews/article_2775.shtml Exasperated young Iranians are resorting more and more to violence as they see it as their ultimate option in order to resist against brutal militiamen. A Bassij member was stabbed to death in the Baghestan area of Tehran following altercation with two young residents. The brutal regime agent was seen insulting the two young men and threatening them for their un-Islamic behavior. Witnesses saw one of the two brutalized residents stabbing the militiaman who had pulled his gun against his friend. The two friends were able to escape from the scene under... ... more

Posted at 6:26 AM

June 29, 2005

Iran's Election A Triumph Of One Man(bearded and named Ali) - One Vote

The figures just don't add up. And that's because they're made up. No independent observers are allowed to monitor what happens in polling stations, to scrutinise ballot boxes or attend counts.

... more

Posted at 7:52 PM

Photo claimed to show Iran President with hostage

there apparently happens to be film footage which shows Ahmadinejad and several other hostage takers taking this hostage out of the compound and bringing him in front of the crowd which chants 'Death to America.'

... more

Posted at 7:46 PM


Friends and readers, I'm having problems trying to see my hotmail address. I am even unable to open the homepage of hotmail.com The problem might derive from some problems I'm facing with my computer ( my Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security, plus Windows update are not working ). I contacted a computer engineer I know, and he told me that he'll come at my house and will re-install NAV, NIS and Windows Update. That way, maybe my hotmail account will be working again. And however, he'll fix it. IN THE MEANTIME, whenever you want to send me any email,... ... more

Posted at 5:11 PM

Special Treatment And Recognition For Muslims - OIC wants permanent UN Security Council seat: Europe and America, are you listening?

Make sure that our government and non-Muslim world leaders say NO, HELL NO to such a ridiculous demand! (and be sure to read the email dialogue on Club Gitmo, and the summary, in the extended post)

... more

Posted at 3:52 PM

June 27, 2005

Freedom of Speech at risk in Italy

I got an important e-mail ( in Italian ) asking to sign a petition in favor of free speech. An "Islamic anti-defamation league" has been founded in this country, with the declared aim to persecute all who dare to criticize Islam and some aspects of it. You can declare your support to this petition by sending an email ( even in english ) to : libertadiopinione@hotmail.it We must more then ever defend the freedom of speech of everyone, including that of the secular muslims ( in particular the women ) who escaped persecution and now face it right here. Inoltro... ... more

Posted at 4:09 PM

Massive boycott opens door to new challenges

SMCCDI (Information Service) June 24, 2005 http://daneshjoo.org/publishers/smccdinews/article_4447.shtml Millions of Iranians boycotted the sham Presidential elections despite all tactics and ruses used by the Mullhacracy and its two appointed run-off candidates. http://daneshjoo.org/publishers/smccdinews/article_4448.shtml Nor the fear created by the prospect of the victory of the worst of the two candidates, who's a former hit man and the current Tehran Mayor; Nor the promises made by a 'redempted' powerful man of the regime who's the head of its Interest Council, were not able to bring a majority of Iranians to vote. The first one, AhmadiNejad, who has been declared as winner, is a... ... more

Posted at 2:58 PM

June 26, 2005

Iraqi Family Struggles To Care For Family Member In 'PVS' State

In Babylon, Iraq, a bomb explodes at 1:30 in the morning, the electricity goes out, and the family of a severely disabled woman diagnosed as being in a PVS state - begins using hand-held fans to keep her cool and comfortable.

... more

Posted at 2:37 PM

June 20, 2005

Corsi Will Challenge Kerry

From the American Daughter Media Center Dr. Jerome Corsi plans to challenge John Kerry for his US Senate seat in the 2008 election. "I'm planning to actually establish residence in Massachusetts. I want to run against John Kerry in 2008 for the Senate. I've just formed an exploratory committee....", said Corsi in a recent interview with personnel from the American Daughter Media Center. On Friday, June 17 Dr. Corsi spoke with ADMC's Dr. Rudy Bickel in the Washington, DC offices of the Iran Freedom Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Corsi. Here is a transcript of Dr. Corsi's remarks about... ... more

Posted at 4:34 PM

June 19, 2005

Learned Consciousness and Unconsciousness

I have been too deeply shocked by the widespread commentary by bloggers and the press sparked by the release of Terry Schiavo's autopsy report to write about it. I have read the autopsy report. The examining neurologist stated quite explicitly that Terri's state of consciousness (whether she was in a persistently vegetative state or not) could not be determined from an autopsy. However the report also showed that her brain was highly abnormal, and to many, that appears to serve as a justification for killing her by thirst. Yet the autopsy also showed that the parts of her brain that... ... more

Posted at 8:38 PM

Iran's vote rigged, candidate charges

The New York Times reports that the race for the presidency in Iran was thrown into turmoil Saturday when one of the top vote-getters accused conservative hard-liners of rigging the election. Interestingly, the accusation comes from Mehdi Karroubi, who is not know for being a "troublemaker". However, the Interior Ministry on Saturday issued unofficial final results stating the former two-term president, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, would face off against the ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The problem is that leading up to the election Ahmadinejad was near the bottom of pre-election opinion surveys. And, hours before the ministry issued... ... more

Posted at 1:27 AM

June 16, 2005

Iran: Man sentenced to have eyes gouged out for teenage crime

Here's an example of Islamic law that should serve as a warning to the West; ignoring the Islamic threat and it's agenda is certain to result in disasterous societal and cultural changes that few in the West can fathom.

... more

Posted at 10:29 PM

June 15, 2005

Women's rights in Pakistan: The woman who dared to cry rape

When Mukhtar Mai was gang-raped on the orders of village elders to settle a tribal score, she shocked Pakistan by taking her case to the courts. Now she finds herself persecuted once again.

... more

Posted at 4:16 PM

DePaul Professor Canned for Debating Muslim Students

WorldNetDaily reports that a DePaul professor was suspended after having a spirited discussion about the Middle East with Muslim students who sued the university and two of its officials for defamation.Professor Thomas Klocek alleges the administrators wrongly characterized his arguments as racist and bigoted. He seeks damages against the school for maligning his "integrity and professional competence." ... one of the students likened the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians to Hitler's treatment of the Jewish people - a statement to which he took offense. The professor challenged the students by quoting an Arab source concluding that although most Muslims are... ... more

Posted at 3:39 PM

Father Rob on BlogsForTerri: "Will Autopsy Report Make 'Outlandish' Claims?"

What the report will conclude is not yet known, but the Schindler family and many supporters of Terri's right to live hope the autopsy will provide clues regarding the cause of the cardiac arrest which led to her anoxic brain injury in 1990. They also hope that the autopsy will provide evidence of the abuse of which they have accused Michael Schiavo.

... more

Posted at 10:43 AM

June 14, 2005

The end of 'Europe'

By STEFANIA LAPENNA With the defeat of the European constitution in France and the Netherlands, and the indefinite postponement of a vote in the UK, the fate of the European Union hangs in the balance. The continent's mainstream elites have almost all blamed the defeat on "extreme Right, nationalist and hard leftist parties." Others have considered the votes as a blow to the French and Dutch governments. What Euro enthusiasts seem unwilling to concede is that a great blow has been inflicted on the idea of the EU in its totality. Even those who haven't given up on the EU... ... more

Posted at 6:47 PM

L'Affaire Fallaci, Part One

The Dreyfus Affair, or L'Affaire Dreyfus, was one of the most important events in defining the character of France following the French Revolution and almost a century later, Napoleon Bonaparte. The incident caused a political, social and religious upheaval that was to boil over, bitterly dividing a country that was already divided by it's own right and left. The cast of characters included monarchists, republicans, all the political parties, the Catholic Church, an embedded government of apparatchiks and the French army itself. At it's center, and what fueled L'Affaire Dreyfus, was anti Semitism.... ... more

Posted at 11:21 AM

June 13, 2005

Shifteh Speaks (In English)

Popular Iranian singer Shifteh speaks out against the tyranny of the mullahs. She urges freedom and democracy for the people of Iran. She made the following remarks at the May 28 Iran Freedom Foundation rally in Lafayette Park, DC: Long live the American-Iranian solidarity. Long live freedom. Long live democracy. Ladies and gentlemen, the Honorable Members of Congress and American policy-makers, members of the press: I am honored to be here among you and repeat one more time that these are the most critical times of my country Iran. Let us remember the crimes of this theocracy and especially the... ... more

Posted at 5:05 PM

Cry From The Heart

This is a passionate plea from an Iranian woman. Her name is Susan Yarshar and she is the reporter from Radio Sedaye Iran (KRSI), a Los Angeles based station transmitting to Iran via satellite and Internet. In the name of the Iranians....I'm Iranian woman. I'm Iranian mother. When the mullahs stone hundreds women they stone me. When the mullahs cut the hand of the student, they cut my hand. When the mullahs take eyes out of the people...eyes...they cut and they take my eyes. When the mullahs cut the throats of [five names] they cut my throat. When the mullahs... ... more

Posted at 4:12 PM

June 12, 2005

Movement's Coordinator slams regime's electoral show in VOA Satellite TV Program

SMCCDI ( Information Service) Aryo B. Pirouznia, the SMCCDI Coordinator, slammed Islamic regime's 'electoral' show in a satellite TV interview made today with the Persian section of Voice of America (VOA). The live interview in duplex and from VOA's studios in Los Angeles was also broadcasted simultaneously by VOA Radio and on VOA Internet. Answering to Anooshirvan Kangarloo of VOA, on future prospects after the June 27th Islamic elections, Pirouznia stated: "The regime hopes to show an image of popular support for its foreign negociations... Nothing will really change for Iranians and some of what we're witnessing now, such as,... ... more

Posted at 5:21 PM

Tens including foreign reporters beaten or arrested

SMCCDI ( Information Service) Tens of demonstrators including several foreign reporters, such as those off, BBC and AFP have been injured or arrested by plainclothes men as they were filming the demo and the clashes. The foreign reporters have just been arrested and their reporting materials confiscated by security agents. These attacks are taking place as more females are taking off their mandatory veils or are shouting slogans against the regime or moving toward the Laleh Park located in the Fatemi avenue. Clashes are taking place in front of Tehran University and in the Enghelab, Laleh and Ferdowsi squares as... ... more

Posted at 5:19 PM

Women and supporters attacked by regime men

SMCCDI ( Information Service ) Several female protesters have been beaten and injured in brutal attacks made by groups of Islamic regime's plainclothes men. These attacks are taking place as more females are taking off their mandatory veils or are shouting slogans against the regime or moving toward the Laleh Park located in the Fatemi avenue. Clashes are taking place in front of Tehran University and in the Enghelab, Laleh and Ferdowsi squares as male protesters defend their mothers, sisters, wives or friends against the regime agents.... ... more

Posted at 5:18 PM

Women defy Gender Apartheid at Tehran University

SMCCDI ( Information Service) http://daneshjoo.org/publishers/currentnews/article_2457.shtml Hundreds of maverick Iranian women and female students have gathered in front of Tehran University in order to protest against Islamic regime's backwarded policy of Gender Apartheid. Hundreds more men and male students have joined them in support despite heavy security measures and presence of regime's brutal plainclothes men. Several fearless female demonstrators have taken off their mandatory veils despite knowing being filmed by security agents.... ... more

Posted at 5:15 PM

June 11, 2005

Islamic Mysoginy in Pakistan

Pakistan court orders 12 men freed in gang rape Fri Jun 10, 9:57 AM ET http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050610/wl_nm/pakistan_rape_dc LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - A Pakistani court on Friday ordered the release next week of 12 men connected to a notorious gang-rape case, including six convicted of the crime, court officials said. The men, detained in connection with the 2002 rape of Mukhataran Mai, were ordered to be freed by the high court in the central province of Punjab, officials of the court said. Authorities had petitioned a review board of the court to extend the detention of the 12, which expires next Monday,... ... more

Posted at 5:57 PM

June 10, 2005

Groups of Women To Protest Against Gender Apartheid Policy

Young girls of under 14 years of age can be forced to marry with anyone.

... more

Posted at 6:07 PM

Iranian Activists call for action

Intervene and Protest Against IR Regime's Illegal Ballot Boxes On US Soil SMCCDI ( Information Service) Jun 10, 2005 http://daneshjoo.org/article/publish/article_3306.shtml Dear Iranians, Dear Freedom Lovers, The Islamic Republic (IR) regime has scheduled tens of illegal ballot boxes on the US soil. Such policy is nothing else than an illegal and desperate effort in order to legitimize its sham Presidential elections planned for June 17, 2005. Lacking of inside popular support and legitimacy, clerics are hoping that any outside participation can become an additional propaganda tool and an exchange token for their political survival that can give them a higher hand... ... more

Posted at 5:42 PM

June 9, 2005

Iranian Blogger Facing Death For "Insulting Islamic Prophets And Imams"

He is facing death for "insulting the prophets and the holy imams," a most ridiculous thing to be tried for in the first place, much less be facing death for, and especially since Islam's "prophets" of death, hatred, and violence deserve insulting, as do the un-holy imams!

... more

Posted at 7:31 PM

When Words Are Tears

With a courage learned from her parents and refined during a lifetime of frontline journalism, Oriana Fallaci still cries out against the impending danger. She describes in detail the methods by which the Islamo-fascists penetrate a civilized country, by which they develop the skills and resources in loco to destroy their host nation, by which they stockpile and train for Jihad against those who made them welcome. She watches with pain and disbelief as the western countries ignore the warning....

... more

Posted at 1:19 PM

June 8, 2005

Soccer protests lead to clashes and violence in Iran

Iran erupted in a frenzy of raucous celebrations after the Islamic state booked its place at the 2006 World Cup soccer finals in Germany with a 1-0 home win over Gulf rivals Bahrain on Wednesday.

... more

Posted at 10:49 PM

Courage Is A Country

Living with terminal cancer, and constantly harassed with spurious lawsuits and serious death threats from Islamic organizations, she continues to speak out.

... more

Posted at 8:20 PM

Terrorism poses main threat to international security - Russian, Italian parliamentarians

International terrorist organizations pose the main threat today and we need a system of universal security measures, including the increase of the UN military contingent.

... more

Posted at 1:23 AM

June 7, 2005

Italian Minister urges fines over Muslim robe as Bush urged not to play the dhimmi

There's evidence from both sides of the pond that some are begining to sense that playing dhimmi isn't conducive to the continued existence of current Western culture and the existing character of it's nations.

... more

Posted at 6:44 PM

To Islamists, one man, one vote, one time, means dictatorship - Are Europe And America Listening?

Has the Bush administration ignored history in realizing that "engaging any group that has been involved in terror only legitimizes the violence that propelled that group to prominence?"

... more

Posted at 2:28 PM

June 6, 2005

Should We Just Call It Eurabia Now And Be Done With It?

....by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world ...

... more

Posted at 4:01 PM

Who's targeting journalists?

Source: Cao's Blog Lebanese Christian journalist, Samir Kassir, was tragically killed by a car bomb on Thursday. His funeral was Saturday. I'm particularly concerned about his murder and the news that just came out that Hezbollah is announcing victory in the elections in Lebanon. I was going to wait to post this piece, but I guess the time is now. This news goes along with my assertion that it's the terrorists and not the American soldiers who are targeting journalists in the Middle East, because they don't want a 'fair and balanced' look at the conflict to get out. Because... ... more

Posted at 5:17 AM

June 5, 2005

On Islamic religious tolerance: Oriana Fallaci's Prophetic Words And The Hate That Is Preached From The Mosques (Video)

Need proof? What about the teachings and sermons from the Muslim clerics, is there proof of their hatred and intended domination of non-Muslims?

... more

Posted at 10:56 PM

June 3, 2005

Dear Judge...

.... scrive al giudice per le indagini preliminari di Bergamo, Armando Grasso, e invita tutti i blogger italiani e americani a partecipare ad una massiccia campagna di pressione nei confronti del magistrato. Bombardiamolo di e-mail!

... more

Posted at 3:37 PM

Reminder For Continued Action For Oriana Fallaci

Let's get an email campaign going immediately, and continue to blog at least one post a day about Oriana's case and others that threaten our freedoms and our faith.

... more

Posted at 2:32 PM

Expressing Freedom

My great-great-great grandfather took his gun off the peg on the wall, kissed his wife and children good-bye, and went to fight in the American Revolution. He knew that he might be killed. His family had no assurance that they would ever see him again. But he was willing to die, and his wife was willing to struggle on alone and raise the children, so that they could secure freedoms for the coming generations.... ... more

Posted at 11:37 AM

June 2, 2005

French Court - Le Monde Guilty of Anti-Semitism: Violation of Free Speech or Law Violation Properly Adjudicated?

... let's take a look at why the French court ruled as it did, the difference between Le Monde's ruling and Fallaci's, and briefly, what I believe the real story is between the headlines of both cases.

... more

Posted at 5:19 PM

In the (Freedom's) Zone.

From The Right Nation, a list of the blogs that have already joined the "Freedom's Zone" blogroll.

... more

Posted at 3:08 PM

June 1, 2005

Dead On Arrival: Dutch Voters Reject EU Constitution

Anti-dhimmitude in Holland. Not unexpected after the France vote, but still most welcome.

... more

Posted at 8:07 PM

Nasce Freedom's Zone.(Freedom's Zone Is Born)

L'obiettivo di Freedom's Zone è quello di promuovere la libertà di parola e la libertà di coscienza, appoggiando coloro che sono perseguitati per le loro idee e denunciando le diverse e diaboliche facce della tirannia.

... more

Posted at 6:26 PM

Oriana Fallaci to Stand Trial for Defamation of Islam

At the time, I wondered just how Oriana could be made to stand trial in Italy, if she lives in New York. Today I found this a post at "Media Law Professor Blog" with some legal insight on the matter.

... more

Posted at 12:28 PM

Freedom's Zone Is Born

Freedom's Zone is an international weblog that was founded jointly by Italian and American bloggers. Our purpose is to promote freedom of speech and liberty of conscience through online publishing and by using a post aggregator to promote blogs who share our sense of mission.

... more

Posted at 11:06 AM

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