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October 23, 2006

Selective Leaking and Treason

Via Democracy Project, we're reminded that the responsibility we have as Americans of all political stripes is to transcend partisan politics in this time of war against Islamic terrorists who are now waging a war of propaganda in our country. Unfortunately and regrettably, this hasn't happened and the war has now "leaked" into Democratic political campaigns:

The war in Iraq has become the central political issue in many of the campaigns for November as Democrats, including Hillary Clinton are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation and bringing the troops home. The public referendum on the war in Iraq will weigh more significantly in the outcomes than the qualifications of the candidates in most cases. For this reason, the voting public should be aware of the irresponsible and unlawful tactics that Democratic operatives are utilizing to undermine the war, in order to gain advantage in the November elections for congressional and state government seats that are up for grabs. I say these unlawful acts add up to treason against our country and what is more troubling is that the public may very well be duped into allowing the morally bankrupt Democratic agenda to win out over reason and clarity in this critical time of war.
Read more at Democracy Project...

Posted by Richard at October 23, 2006 1:02 PM

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