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June 2008

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June 26, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin On Drilling In ANWR

I ditto what Stop the ACLU says on this; there's not much to say about this video except that Governor Palin says nails it on what we need to be doing about our oil problem. And indeed, McCain would smart to pick this woman as his VP. Other coverage: Hot Air (with additional commentary)... ... more

Posted at 8:54 PM

June 23, 2008

The Dearth Of White Looters In Iowa Vs. The Opposite Effect After Katrina

Mike S. Adams has a must read piece at Townhall that goes a long way toward explaining the differences in the way the people of Iowa have reacted to their catastrophe verses the way the inhabitants of New Orleans reacted to Katrina: White Looters in Iowa.[...] Sociologists write volumes on the scores of black men executed annually in the criminal justice system. But they are silent regarding the thousands of minorities killed at the hands of other minorities annually. Such a thing would not be possible unless black males had come to hold other black males in such low regard.... ... more

Posted at 3:37 PM

June 22, 2008

"... Thrown Back Into The Middle Ages With Weapons Never Seen Nor Used Before."

Excerpt from an article by the Israel News Agency, Jerusalem - June 22, 2008: Israel is not shaking. Born from the ashes of the Holocaust, Ehud Olmert, the Mossad, the Israel Defense Forces and the people of Israel are more than ready to prevent a second Holocaust. Israel will never be wiped off the map, but if Iran continues to make threats as it prepares nuclear weapons against the Jewish democratic state, it will soon find itself thrown back into the Middle Ages with weapons never seen nor used before.What is Olmert referring to in the phrase, "with weapons never... ... more

Posted at 6:30 PM

Was Haditha A media-made 'Atrocity'?

After all has been said and done, it turns out the only atrocity relating to Haditha was that committed by the media and politicians like John Murtha:The New York Times referred to the deaths of as many as 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha as the "defining atrocity" of the Iraq War. If so, then the Iraq War must be particularly unatrocious. After all, of the eight people charged in the Haditha case, seven have seen the charges dropped for insufficient evidence or actually been found innocent, and the one remaining case is no more likely to produce... ... more

Posted at 6:07 PM

Easily Astonished...

According to The Independent on Sunday, it's "astonishing" that a novelist should despise Islamism, a reaction that David Thompson finds astonishing in itself :"Islam will invade Europe and America because Islam has a mission." - Muslim Brotherhood president Muhammad Mehdi Akef.If some among us don't find the above quite enough to warrant concern or contempt, perhaps we should remember the words of Ragab Hilal Hamida, a Brotherhood MP and former member of the jihadist group Jama'at al-Takfir Wa al-Hijra, who in 2006 told the Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yusouf: "Terrorism is not a curse when given its true [religious] meaning. From... ... more

Posted at 5:59 PM

June 19, 2008

Obama's Hijab Women Connected to Radical Groups

Debbie Schlussel has the goods on the two Muslim women prevented from sitting behind Barack Obama at a Detroit rally and their connections to radical Islamic front groups. It turns out, certainly to no one's surprise, that one of the "hijab-encrusted, rejected whiners, Hebba Aref, was an official of the terrorist front-group, the Muslim Students Association (MSA), in charge of proselytizing" (HT - LGF):And Shimaa Abdelfadeel, the other woman allegedly excluded by the Obama campaign, was chair of SAFE, a University of Michigan-Ann Arbor group that hosted the 2002 Divestment Conference against Israel at which "Annihilate the Jews!" was chanted... ... more

Posted at 9:39 PM

June 16, 2008

Techcrunch: 'Here's Our New Policy On A.P. stories: They're Banned'

As Charles at LGF points out, there's been lots of fallout today from the Associated Press's self-defeating decision to threaten legal action against web sites that link to and quote their articles. Now, Techcrunch says they're banning the AP: Here's Our New Policy On A.P. stories: They're Banned. The Associated Press may be literally everywhere, and as Charles notes, many news sites often use sections of AP articles combined with their own reporting. Nonetheless, I gladly join with this movement until such time that the AP stops trying to dictate rights they don't have and get back to reality.... ... more

Posted at 10:25 PM

June 14, 2008

Utah company causes nationwide uproar over 'Sock Obama' toy

Obama supporters are all in a frenzy over a toy being sold over the internet by a Utah couple. The toy is a sock monkey wearing a suit with a lapel pin for Obama. Obamamaniacs have been filling online forums and blogs with angry words over what they see as the "degrading depiction of a black man as a monkey." I don't have much to say about this except to tell the Obama supporters to get over it. Most of America is getting damned tired of Obama and his supporters framing everything in terms of racism and trying to put... ... more

Posted at 10:59 AM

June 13, 2008

The Human Rights Outrage That Outrages No One (but Christians) - Muslim Persecution of Christians

Learn all about Islam's persecution of Christians - completely ignored by the MSM, in today's must read - the 36 page - online book, by Robert Spencer: Muslim Persecution of Christians: [...] "Get out your weapons," commanded Jaffar Umar Thalib, a 40-year-old Muslim cleric, over Indonesian radio in May 2002. "Fight to the last drop of blood."1 The target of this jihad was Indonesian Christians. Christians, Jaffar explained, were "belligerent infidels" (kafir harbi) and entitled to no mercy. This designation was not merely a stylistic flourish on Jaffar's part. On the contrary, kafir harbi is a category of infidel that... ... more

Posted at 7:57 AM

June 10, 2008

Chart: Democrat vs. Republican Energy Policies

Via Powerline: Republican whip Roy Blunt put together this chart showing the practical effects of Democratic vs. Republican policies on the price of gasoline at the pump; click to enlarge: Also via Powerline - Blunt's office adds this footnote: Methodology: Retail gasoline prices are the result of literally hundreds of factors including crude oil supply, global demand, refinery capacity, regulation, taxes, weather, the value of the dollar, etc. Therefore it is impossible to say with certainty what one individual action will do to the overall price. However, based on what we know about the impact of crude oil supply and... ... more

Posted at 11:25 PM

June 9, 2008

Leftist Environmentalism The Old Communism (Updated)

Forget that the ice shelf has been increasing in thickness and that the polar bear population has gone up nearly 150% in the last two decades. Ignore the fact that the Gore film was found to have a number of grievous errors. Forget, too, that many true scientists from all over the world do not accept the myth of man-made climate change.In other words, we must abandon all common sense and embrace leftist environmentalism which is nothing less than the global elitists' replacement ideology for communism/socialism. One has to question why the environmentalists have pushed so hard for our forced... ... more

Posted at 10:52 AM

June 8, 2008

Komrad Obama: 'our individual salvation depends on our collective salvation. ...' (and more)

Speaking of religion and revolutionaries:"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people." - Karl Marx "We need to take faith seriously not simply to block the religious right but to engage all persons of faith in the larger project of American renewal." - Barack Obama; The Audacity of Hope; p. 216Is there any real doubt that Barack Hussein Obama, as one should readily see as obvious in his rhetoric and in his "Collectivist" speeches, is a Marxist?... ... more

Posted at 9:01 PM

Pakistan to Ask EU to Amend Laws on Freedom of Expression -- Or Else

As Robert Spencer says, it's all about Motoon Rage, and all the other Rages. They're all about cowing the West into adopting a dhimmi silence regarding Islam -- and that's not the only element of Sharia they will want to force upon us in the end, either. How fast do you think the EU will comply? How long would it be before a President Obama would compel the U.S. to fall into line? Interesting video - you decide if it's relative to this post. Obama's Radical Muslim Family Ties This video exposes Obama's close family ties to radical Kenyan Muslims.... ... more

Posted at 6:22 PM

June 5, 2008

Congressman Rohrabacher's Floor Speech on Global Warming: ''(Are we to believe) buffalo farts have more socially redeeming value than the same flatulence emitted by cattle?''

It's absolutely the very best attack by a politician on the farce of man-made global warming that I've ever seen: Congressman Rohrabacher's Floor Speech on Global Warming ..., "I'm sorry, fellows. Do you really think the world is filled with morons?"MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING (House of Representatives - May 14, 2008) Under the Speaker's announced policy of January 18, 2007, the gentleman from California (Mr. Rohrabacher) is recognized for 60 minutes. Mr. ROHRABACHER: Mr. Speaker, I preface my remarks with a personal statement that, while I am opposed to the advocates of man-made global warming theories, I am committed to... ... more

Posted at 5:19 PM

June 4, 2008

Walid Phares: ''How can these counterterrorism bureaucrats process bin Laden's words which they can't use or touch 'when dealing with Terrorism'?''

In 'Good Jihadists and Bad Jihadists?,' Walid Phares brilliantly explains what's wrong with the new State Department gag rules on using the word 'jihad' and other words.... ... more

Posted at 8:47 PM

Barack Hussein Obama Messiah-Quote of the Month And The 'Schtick' Behind It

"I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal" - Barack Hussein Obamamessiah (HT - Free Republic).shtick also schtick or shtik (shtk) n. Slang 1. A characteristic attribute, talent, or trait that is helpful in securing recognition or attention: waiters in tropical attire are part of the restaurant's shtick. 2. An... ... more

Posted at 8:29 PM

June 2, 2008

Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan: 'Muslims Are Nuts'

Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan Blasts Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Sheik Al-Qaradhawi, and States: When You Criticize Their Prophet, It Is As If You Chopped Off Muslims' Noses (HT - Jawa Report): Excerpts from transcript:Wafa Sultan: When I examined the Koran, the hadith, and the Islamic books under a microscope, I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible - impossible! - for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it, and yet emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person. [...] Do you remember the way that [the Prophet Muhammad] killed 'Asmaa bint Marwan?... ... more

Posted at 10:22 PM

Obama Being Obama On Attempting To Insure Jewish Voters

In yet another striking difference between McCain and Obama, BHO attempts to ensure Jewish voters that he's Israel friendly by mentioning that his outlook has been informed by several Jewish thinkers - naming Philip Roth as an example. In other words, when confronted with a policy issue, Obama falls back on the "empty suit" approach - all talk and no substance. He has nothing to offer but he did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express one night in which he heard Israel mentioned on the television in the lobby. McCain, on the other hand, took a very different approach to... ... more

Posted at 3:34 PM

The seven Islamists imprisoned at A Lama prison accused of March 11th bombings ask for help to the prison Catholic chaplain

The islamists who are imprisoned in the Galician prison of A Lama after being condemned because of the March 11th bombings, which killed 191 and hurt 1824 people, have asked the Catholic Church for help. The seven imprisoned -sentenced from 12 to 23 years in jail- have interviewed themselves with the prison's chaplain to try to reach their goals. Their target is to make the priest intercede in their behalf to benefit from pensions, company and ill people's attention which can only be reached by the Penitentiary Catholic Service, whose boss is the priest. Volunteers of the Catholic Pastoral Service... ... more

Posted at 12:24 PM

June 1, 2008

Why is no one reporting the success in Iraq?

May could turn out to have been one of the most important months of the war, yet the media coverage has been all but non-existent. So, unless you read the center-right blogs, when will you learn of the significant progress in Iraq? You'll know there is significant progress in Iraq when a member of the American media, who like the Democratic Party, have become so invested in American defeat that they have decided to ignore the collapse of their position as Iraq stabilizes - begin to see progress...... ... more

Posted at 11:27 AM

Iranian Foreign Minister Calls On Muslims To 'Erase' Israel

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called on the world's Muslims today to work to "erase" Israel, in the latest of a long string of verbal attacks by Tehran against the Jewish state. How is it that so many Muslims exist in a state of mind more appropriate for the middle ages than the modern world? But surely Israel isn't worried. After all, if the American people are so foolishly naive as to elect him, a president B. Hussein Obama will talk to the Iranian leaders and everything will be okay. Israel will not be "erased" or, as Almadinejad has promised,... ... more

Posted at 11:04 AM

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