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Our Mission

We at Freedom's Zone are Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even some atheists, living and blogging in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We believe in religious tolerance, respect for human life, and freedom for all people. We are dedicated to combating all forms of religious and political extremism and terrorism.

We believe that free speech, free markets, and the free flow of information on science, technology, politics, economics, religion and culture will liberate multitudes and raise generations that cannot be misled by clerics or politicians.

Our goal is to defend and extend tolerance and freedom for people of all faiths and all legitimate, democratic political persuasions. We share the belief that whatever differences we may have, we have more in common. We believe in promoting peace, freedom and prosperity through our online journals by supporting education, economic development, and democratic ideals, and by steadfastly opposing tyranny and terrorism.

Freedom's Zone provides free site development, hosting, and technical support to bloggers, chosen by invitation, who support these goals. Freedom's Zone is dedicated in particular to supporting bloggers who face technical or legal obstacles or persecution in their own countries. The network's activities are financed through limited ad revenue-sharing among members, promoted by the Freedom's Zone aggregator, and revenues from the Freedom's Zone online store. Membership in Freedom's Zone is always free.

Members are expected to be of good character and to conduct themselves honorably, according to the principles of Freedom's Zone.

The Freedom's Zone Administrative Committee is comprised of the authors of the initial founding blogs - Hyscience and Right Nation, plus 3 other blogs from the United States and the international community that rotate every six months.

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