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October 6, 2006

MSM Finally Notices Online Jihad at YouTube, Google

The New York Times has finally reported on the activities of those who support Islamist Jihad (including jihadist-supporters right here in the US). However, the NYT, being the anti-administration, anti-military, anti-American, Islamist-appeasing media organization that it is, added in a dose of sympathy for the cyber jihadists. The Times also completely blows the coverage of anti-jhadist videos being removed from YouTube, failing to note that most of the censorship is falling on the heads of those who have been countering the Islamist propaganda.

Jawa Report has more on the story, as does Michelle Malkin who has had anti-terrorist videos banned at You Tube, and who is urging anti-jihad and conservative users to stay on the You Tube battlefield, instead of boycotting the site, saying that we need all the help we can get flagging the propaganda of the jihadis and their sympathizers--and posting (and re-posting) our counterattacks:

Michelle tried again this morning to load her "inappropriate", "banned-by-You Tube" video - "First, They Came," back onto YouTube, but was unable to get it back onk. However she found a version of it uploaded by someone else that hasn't been flagged or yanked yet. If you're quick, you can watch it before it disappears again:

You'll find our original post with Michelles first video letter to You Tube management here: Is 'You Tube' Managed By Jihadist-Supporting Leftist Dhimmis?

As we stated at the time, ""You Tube" management has joined those "legions of Americans and Europeans who are wilfully blind and deaf to the reality of radical Islam," and "continue to insist that the violence of Muslim terrorists, despite being despicable, must yet be explained by reference to some "root causes" linked with the history of Western colonial imperialism."

We can also say that the You Tube management are supporting terrorism by being Salem Mansur would say, jihadists' "useful idiots" (in Lenin's memorable phrase) who give pause to the vast majority of Muslims -- in particular those in North America and Europe -- whose silence in the face of evil feeds the bloodlust of Muslim terrorists.

Other coverage:

Posted by Richard at October 6, 2006 1:20 PM

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