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October 27, 2006

On Tribes in Europe and the Disappearance of Trust

I missed this piece at The Brussels Journal by Ernest Baert back on 10/12 in which he writes that 2006 will go down in European history as the year when Muslims as a group became a dominant factor in elections, and that the parties that put Muslim candidates forward are being "cannibalized" from the inside.

The demographics indicated this long ago, but it still came as a surprise to many multiculturalists that Muslims tend to vote primarily along ethnic lines: Muslims vote for Muslim candidates, even if the political parties give the latter almost unelectable places on the list of candidates. As a consequence the Muslim candidates got elected to the detriment of indigenous politicians. Party leaders, who used to be able to get those candidates elected which the leadership favoured, have been taken by surprise by Turks voting only for Turks and Moroccans voting exclusively for Moroccans. The parties that put Muslim candidates forward are being "cannibalized" from the inside. They risk being taken over by radical Muslims. This is what is happening to the Socialist parties in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Continue reading, "Tribes in Europe and the Disappearance of Trust."

Here in the U.S. political parties need to be aware that the situation being experienced in Europe is likely to happen here also. "Tribal" and ummah loyalties are not likely to be ignored within the Musim communities. Multiculturalist Europe is seeing the fruits of it's ignorance and naivite'.

Posted by Abdul at October 27, 2006 10:58 PM

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