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October 16, 2006

Christian Ministers Murdered in Indonesia (War?)

"Sulawesi is in Indonesia. You know, that moderate Muslim country.

What's scary is that Indonesia really is a moderate Islamic country. Only 10% of Indonesian Muslims support the murder of infidels through jihad. Of course, as Charles Johnson notes, that's only 18.7 million Indonesians that want you dead."

From a commenter in an update at JR: "... If civil war should ensue, there would be mass slaughter and the Christian minority really has little chance of winning. I think the lessons of East Timor should be apparent here."

Via email from Rusty Shackleford (at JR):

Civil war is now brewing in Indonesia. If international pressure is not immediately brought to bear on the Indonesian government, I'm afraid violence will erupt. Even if Christians are only protecting themselves, any violence could only have one outcome. Indonesian Christians make up only 6-7% of that country. If you have ever read about the Indonesian occupation of East Timor ( a Catholic province), you know what to expect. Bloodshed on a massive scale and even further oppression.
Owing to the fact that Indonesia is very sensitive about its image as a 'moderate Muslim' country and that it goes out of its way at every opportunity to hold itself up as a model for the
rest of the the Islamic world, is it time for a massive public pressure campaign to attempt to force them to do something about the increasingly intolerable conditions for Christians in dhimmitude to what is proportedly a 'secular' Muslim country?

Jawa Report has the story.

Bloggers and readers need to strongly consider giving as much attention to this story as quickly as possible. To fail to act now could possibly result in a massive number of Christians being murdered. Is there anyone that doubts that the Islamists will murder as many Christians as possible?

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at October 16, 2006 5:05 PM

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