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October 10, 2006

Is North Korea The Wrong Focus?

... since we're inevitably going to hear the Democrats and their media allies lionizing the Clinton approach, that what we're seeing here is directly Clinton's fault. By signing an agreement that everyone knew would be cheated on by North Korea as a substitute for taking action, he, personally, left any successor no viable options and made this day a 100% certainty.
Joe Katzman had a piece up yesterday at Winds of Change that offers sound advice for the Bush administration, except for the not-so-little matter of North Korea's role as a weapons proliferator to countries like Iran and Syria, and also to terrorist groups with cash in hand.

However, Katzman's points regarding China and the Korea(s), and how best to influence events there, is worth considering; his basic premise is that we should forget North Korea, that dog ain't ever goin to hunt, it never has before, and it isn't about to start now:

... No proposal involving their government, from idiotic talk of sanctions (what, we're going to cut Kim out of the movie remake?) to even dumber and more craven responses around "rewards" (read: appeasement and a license to keep cheating) is worth even 10 seconds of your time. Search and boarding activities for ships from North Korea may be helpful, and preparations for that have been underway for a while, but ultimately this doesn't solve the problem and raises risks whenever used.
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Posted by Richard at October 10, 2006 8:59 AM

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