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November 2006

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November 30, 2006

Said The Spyder To The Fly

As we learn that U.S. officials have found smoking-gun evidence of Iranian support for terrorists in Iraq - brand-new weapons fresh from Iranian factories, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent a letter to the American people, fresh from the lie and deceit factory of Iran. Ole Mahmoud brings new meaning to the Shi'ite concept of al-taqiyya - lie, cheat, and decieve to gain advantage over one's enemies to further Allah's cause and the rule of the world by Islam, and trying to lure the American public into a nuclear trap, like a radioactive spider to a fly. And speaking of spiders, Jules... ... more

Posted at 4:10 PM

November 29, 2006

'Heroic Resistance' Disembowels Afghan Man for Daring to Educate Girls

During an enjoyable telephone discussion yesterday with our good friend Drima at The Sudanese Thinker (his undisclosed secure location is in Malaysia), I learned about "thabet" at eteraz.org, one of the many Muslims that speaking out from their keyboards against radical Islamists. Today, thabet has a post up saying, "Step by step, the thugs and brutes, who have emptied jihad of its moral doctrines, and who call themselves 'defenders of Islam', are exposed for the brutal, vicious, evil murderers they are": The gunmen came at night to drag Mohammed Halim away from his home, in front of his crying children... ... more

Posted at 1:47 PM

November 28, 2006

How The 'Praying Imams' Terrorized US Airways Flight 300 To Phoenix.

Again, as is usually the case, CAIR and its friends have misled us with their usual basket of lies and tricks.

... more

Posted at 7:06 AM

November 26, 2006

On Misunderstanding Our Enemy

The worst failure of America is not Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and/or the perpetuation of the Palestinian problem. The worst failure is the impossibility to identify the enemy.

... more

Posted at 7:54 AM

November 25, 2006

Archaic Tribal Warfare In Iraq Is Nothing New

The tribal paradigm should be added to the network and other prevailing paradigms to help figure out the best policies and strategies for countering these violent actors.

... more

Posted at 10:11 AM

November 24, 2006

Gemayel Assasination Designed by Iranian Government

This very nifty piece of political art was done by RoxieAmerica at Blue Is Beautiful: ... where you'll find a very good commentary on the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Pierre Gemayel designed by the Iranian government. The artwork does a good job of depicting Iran's sponsorship and direction of terrorism throughout the ME, and elsewhere, while RoxieAmerica's commentary points to the Islamic Republic of Iran's extensive history of political assassinations, both inside and outside the borders of Iran.... ... more

Posted at 11:02 PM

'Hi, my name is Ahmed and I want to be a suicide bomber'

It's hard to believe that these thoughts come from a supposedly rational, intelligent, human being. How can someone actually believe that they obtain special status in heaven if they blow up themselves for Allah while killing others, that every time somebody else dies as a martyr in a suicide bomb attack, they pray for him but feel jealous? This suicide-seeking killer says that he and others like him are neither naive, bad from birth, nor brainwashed, but simply want to follow what they are demanded in the Quran to do because if we do not do so we will be... ... more

Posted at 2:57 PM

On Iran, A Speech That President Bush Needs To Make - But Isn't, And Negotiating With Experts On Al-Taqiyya

Iran is actively supporting terrorist militias that are attacking Israel and attempting to make Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan ungovernable. The regime's purpose is clear: to intimidate free nations into standing by as it develops nuclear weapons.

... more

Posted at 12:56 PM

November 22, 2006

Suthers' "Arabian Nights" Accomplishes Little, Trip Meant To Justify US Justice System

Could AG John Suthers' recent trip to Saudi Arabia, to defend the fair conviction of Homaidan Al-Turki, be politically costly? Either way, his trip amounted to little more than an unpersuasive waste of money (Federal funds and King Abdullah footed the cost) on "relationship building" that did little to change minds here or there, and ultimately failed to rouse the Saudi kingdom from its 7th century mindset (video): Attorney General John Suthers returned from Saudi Arabia this weekend following a 3-day trip to discuss the trial of a man convicted by a Colorado court. Suthers said he was questioned aggressively... ... more

Posted at 7:15 PM

Lebanon: A Job Half Done - And It's Back Again

Jules Crittenden makes a good point:... It will be interesting after the assassination of Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon ... not to mention last summer's hijacking of the nation by Hezbollah ... not to mention last year's assassination of Rafik Hariri ... not to mention the last 25 years of Syrian and Iranian interference in Lebanon and now in Iraq ... it will be interesting to see if anyone will still counsel talks with Syria and Iran under any terms that do not include a very real threat of force. ... The Lebanese, cursed by geography and history, were making the... ... more

Posted at 9:30 AM

November 21, 2006

It's That Time Again - More Muslim Outrage: Six Muslims Removed From Flight 'for Praying'? (Updated)

The bottom line here is that you can bet your bottom dollar that this incident had an agenda, and fundamentalist Islam, and CAIR, has it's dirty hands all over it.

... more

Posted at 1:59 PM

November 20, 2006

Jules Crittenden At Pundit Review Tonight

Jules Crittenden, BostonHerald.com city editor and now, also a blogger, will be interviewed by Kevin of Pundit Review tonight at 9:20pm EST. Jules will be talking about the old media/new media nexus, and his role as a creature from the Internet of Doctor Moreau: half media vulture, half cyborg, in pajamas. The link to stream the show live is www.wrko.com.... ... more

Posted at 12:15 PM

Does Seymour Hersh Have A "Protect Iran' Anti-U.S. Agenda?

New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh talks about bombing iran, why he thinks it's not necessarily a good idea and how people at the pentagon agree with him because they don't have evidence that iran is doing anything else than what it says it's doing - making electricity.

... more

Posted at 9:38 AM

The Last Man That Died From A Mistake

... just might not be dead yet. Think: John Kerry on exit strategies. HT: Mudville Gazette... ... more

Posted at 8:50 AM

I Believe Iran's Spin About Their 'Peaceful' Intentions For Nuclear Technology

... as in "Their" peace and "Our" destruction ... No problem though, the ISG says we can all sit down and talk about it over tea and cookies. (stop by Jules Crittenden's post for a perspective on the ISG's talking plan being "Mutually Assured Destruction - ours not theirs"). Meanwhile, I can't help but wonder what Baker and his team think Iran is planning to do with all that highly enriched uranium from all those centrifuges. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 8:39 AM

November 19, 2006

Leaked 'Secret' CIA Assessment Tells Us CIA Sleeps While Iran Feverously Develops Nuclear Weapons

Well, that's not exactly what it says, but that's what it tells us - at least those of us with half a brain that aren't wearing tin hats and grooving on moonbeams. Shhhhhhh.... , we're not suppose to know because it's another one of those, you know, secrets - the kind we usually learn about from the NYT through characters like Seymour "Sy" Hersh, who just happens to be the source of the latest "secret" (remember, shhhhhh.....) CIA secret which is, as is usually the case - "challenging the White House." Hersh, this time writing for The New Yorker, reported... ... more

Posted at 1:26 PM

November 17, 2006

Atlas - Research Compendium Of Militant Islamic Ideology

The Militant Ideology Atlas is the CTC's most recent and comprehensive attempt to better understand the ideology driving the Jihadi Movement. The empirically supported findings from this effort are generated by a systematic research methodology and critical analyses of hundreds of al-Qa`ida's most widely-read and influential texts.

... more

Posted at 5:24 PM

GOP Working Fast And Furiously For Permanent Minority Status

... as evidenced by their doing business as usual. As Mark Tapscott puts it, both the Senate GOP and the House GOP have opted for familiarity and continuity instead of radical change in the wake of last Tuesday's massive election defeat. The GOP appears to be under the delusion that the election was all about Iraq - it wasn't. The GOP lost because conservatives lost confidence in the GOP and its leadership, and stayed home instead of bothering to vote. Yes, the center went left to state a message, and they along with the rest of the nation will... ... more

Posted at 11:46 AM

America's War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq

With the news that 14 security contractors, including four Americans, have been abducted in an ambush on a convoy in southern Iraq, our attention should be focused on the sacrifices and contributions these men make in the war against Islamofascism. Cao's blog does so today, and points to a piece at Frontpage magazine by David Forsmark, in which he talks about the book - A Bloody Business: America's War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq by Colonel Gerald Schumacher, United States Army Special Forces (ret.) (Zenith Press, 24.95, 304 pp.). In an excerpt from Cao's you learn more on... ... more

Posted at 8:01 AM

Ahmadinejad 'Grinning Like a Persian Cat'

In Jay D. Homnick's piece at The American Spectator today, he notes there were many losers in last week's Congressional elections, but it seems pretty clear who was the main winner: President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Unfortunately, he's right:... When President Bush named three nations in his Axis of Evil speech, he never intended to attack all three. The idea was to effect regime change in Iraq and to intimidate Iran and North Korea into compliance. The leaders of Iran were placed in a quandary, and initially they kept a low profile. They continued supplying Hezbollah with arms but otherwise avoided... ... more

Posted at 7:49 AM

For The Press Corps With Bush In Vietnam - 'Iraq = Vietnam'

... And Jules Crittenden nails the AP's Terrence Hunt for his biased and agenda-driven reporting:It's been a great couple of weeks for the White House Press Corps. Last week, Bush's big Thumpin' ... this week - can you believe this? - President Iraq is off to Vietnam. It's a feast rich with delicious irony. Let's check in with the AP's Terence Hunt: By TERENCE HUNT AP White House Correspondent SINGAPORE (AP) - Hurt by election losses back home, President Bush tried to exert his authority on the world stage Thursday by warning a nuclear-armed North Korea against peddling its weapons... ... more

Posted at 7:39 AM

November 16, 2006

British Terrorist Dhiren Barot's Research on Radiological Weapons

Robert Wesley has an informative review up at Global Terrorism Analysis on the recently sentenced British terrorist Dhiren Barot recount of his experiences in the book The Army of Madinah in Kashmir (HT - Jihad Monitor). Importantly, he addresses the approach that Barot used in targeting selection and methods of attack for radiological weapons: After returning from his militant adventures in Kashmir, recently sentenced British terrorist Dhiren Barot recounted his experiences in the book The Army of Madinah in Kashmir. Writing under his alias 'Esa al-Hindi, he lashed out against Western powers' interventions in Muslim lands, advising that "in the... ... more

Posted at 7:59 AM

Administrative Memo To Freedom's Zone Members

Just a quick reminder to all Freedom's Zone members to make sure that you send us your feeds so that your Freedom's Zone aggregators will continue to pick up and link to your posts. If you have sent your's in prior to the last 30 days, you might want to resend them so we can make sure that our most recent changes haven't caused your feeds to be missed.... ... more

Posted at 7:45 AM

Padilla Playing Off Al-Qaeda Playbook

... instruction comes straight from the pages of an the official al Qaeda training manual, and officials at the detention facility at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have said they see clear evidence that detainees are well-versed in its contents.

... more

Posted at 7:29 AM

Mathematical Proof That Negotiating With Iran Is Stupid. Not Wrong. Stupid.

Omri Ceren at Israpundit provides a quick calculus for the liberals that are so fond of reminding conservatives that the world is complicated (or rather, they seem fond of telling each other that conservatives don't understand that the world is complicated). You know, the ones that insist that what's required is sophistication and nuance, usually as those are defined in a graduate seminar room or at Foggy Bottom - the ones that believe we can talk Iran out of developing atomic bombs to annihilate Israel and the West with: ... it's kind of confusing to see them talk about negotiating... ... more

Posted at 6:59 AM

Murtha vs. Hoyer: Sit Back And Enjoy The Theater

Jules Crittenden notes at his new blog that as we wait to see where power will reside in Washington, how it will be exercised, what vision will emerge, and whether it has a prayer of succeeding, we can only pray our leaders summon up the will to push forward a robust plan to destroy the militias and stabilize Iraq. Crittenden aptly points out that it just may be that the best we can hope for is a bloody holding action at the White House and, along the 2008 election track, a Democratic leadership train wreck. In the meantime, the rest... ... more

Posted at 6:53 AM

November 15, 2006

Gop Thumpin' As Seen From The Middle East

Amir Taheri at the JP: "It may take months before the full impact of the mid-term elections on American foreign policy may be gauged. However, one thing is already certain: radical elements throughout the Middle East see the defeat of President George W Bush's Republican Party as a victory for themselves.." Unquestionably, the Islamist believe that the American voters have handed them a great victory. Way to go, America! Now, we can only hope that in spite of the Democrats' promise to cut-and-run in order to win the election, once in power, "they might realize to their horror that -... ... more

Posted at 9:15 PM

Don't Miss The Glenn Beck Show On CNN Tonight - 'Exposed: The Extremist Agenda'

Here's a heads-up to make sure you don't miss the Glenn Beck show on CNN Headline News tonight that focuses on Middle Eastern media. In the one-hour special, Glenn Beck will show you the shocking images on Middle Eastern media that help fuel rage against Israel and the West. It airs at 7pm and 9pm ET. Charles at LGF writes:With this show and Fox's recent broadcast of Obsession, US mainstream media actually seems to be starting to report facts about the global jihad that you could have found at LGF any time in the last 5 years. I can't help... ... more

Posted at 6:48 PM

Generals Call Democrats in Congress "Naive"

... which in my mind is putting it rather mildly. From Wake Up America: "Once again the politicians seem to think they know more about the Iraq war than the experts and the Generals are saying that congressional Democrats are "naive" in their thinking. Could this be the politically correct way of calling them "stupid"? You decide."Unfortunately, the party of George McGovern - the anti-war icon of the Vietnam era, Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter, John "the Marines are guilty" Murtha, and John "they raped and pilaged women and children" Kerry, are now in power and America is out of luck.... ... more

Posted at 1:04 PM

Support Good Neighbors

Freedom's Zone members Big Pharoah and Drima, along with some friends, are posting at a new blog that appears intent on initiating a ME Kumbaya to replace the current hatefest: Here you will find a communal effort designed to increase dialogue and understanding between all of the neighboring countries in the Middle East including Jordanians, Lebanese, Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis, Iranians, and Syrians on a cross-country level, as well as to increase understanding, respect and dialogue among the various strata of society within our countries ... They deserve a lot of credit and all of our support. Be sure and... ... more

Posted at 12:54 PM

Pork-gobbling Crusader Dog Starts Blogging

Jules Crittenden, the Boston Herald city editor and columnist, now has a blog. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 12:45 PM

Democrats Plan to Block Warrantless Wiretap Bill!

Far Left Islamo-apologist and friend of terrorists - Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), wrote yesterday at the Huffington Post that democrats will go move forward on blocking terrorist surveillance methods: There are a lot of bad bills that the Republicans may try to ram through, but here's the worst of the worst - a bill to legalize the President's warrantless wiretapping program. The White House is desperate to enact this bill, which allows the government to spy on American citizens, on American soil, without a warrant. If we want to show people that we have what it takes to govern, we... ... more

Posted at 7:34 AM

On 'Swimming With Anvils' Amidst A Tainted ISG Report

Amidst the backdrop of concerns that a group of highly placed Iranian Regime lobbyist/agents, so called "Iranian experts", have peddled bad information into the Iraq Study Group hoping to shape the upcoming recommendations by that group, comes news that Tony Blair was to meet with the Iraq Study Group via video conference today, and shares the group's reported enthusiasm for talks with Iran and Syria. In the light of talks on what appears now to be a tainted study, Jules Crittenden's piece entitled "Swimming with Anvil's" that discusses problems inherent to such an exercise in futility does indeed seem most... ... more

Posted at 12:07 AM

November 13, 2006

Al Qaeda Seeking Nuclear Weapons

According to a senior Foreign Office official in Briton, Al Qaeda is trying to acquire the technology that would enable it to use a nuclear device to attack Western targets including Britain.The comments at a briefing came days after the head of Britain's domestic spy agency said Muslim extremists were plotting at least 30 major terrorist attacks in Britain which could involve chemical and nuclear devices. The Foreign Office official, asked whether there was any doubt that Al Qaeda wants to gather nuclear material for use against Western targets, said: "No doubt at all."The West needs to realize that radical... ... more

Posted at 3:58 PM

Ahmadinejad: Israel's Destruction Is Near

Emboldened by the Democrats' win in the U.S. elections, Iranian media reported today that Iranian President Mahoud Ahmadinejad declared that Israel was destined to 'disappearance and destruction' at a council meeting with Iranian ministers. "The western powers created the Zionist regime in order to expand their control of the area. This regime massacres Palestinians everyday, but since this regime is against nature, we will soon witness its disappearance and destruction," Ahmadinejad said. As Robert Spencer points out, this is the genocidal maniac that came to America and was "schmoozed by Brian Williams and Mike Wallace" in interviews with him that... ... more

Posted at 12:53 PM

Iran Paid Huge Bribes To European Governments For Their Cooperation

Haven't you wondered why it is that the Europeans have been so soft on deterring Iran's nuclear ambitions? Guess no more - it's been all about money. Iran Press News has translated Iranian press reports that have admitted that major bribes had been paid by the Iranian government to European countries, for the purpose of attracting their support and cooperation with Tehran's regime: The regime-run newspaper Jomhuri'yeh Islami in an article entitled "We ought to be the ones who start the sanctions", admitted to major bribes paid to European countries to attract their support and cooperation with Tehran's regime, writing:... ... more

Posted at 7:56 AM

November 11, 2006

Audio Claims Cat Stevens Financed Terrorists, Tied to Radical Clerics

From Jawa Report comes big news as Cat Stevens has been denied entry into the U.S. and will appear at next month's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. He has denied all involvement of terrorist sympathies in the past, and now a copy of exclusive audio of exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed implicating Cat Stevens in terrorist financing has become available. This is a blog exclusive that the MSM needs to pick up on: ... Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, was once connected to radical clerics Omar Bakri Mohammed & Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. According to at least one... ... more

Posted at 9:42 PM

November 9, 2006

Bat Ye'or: Europe and the Ambiguities of Multiculturalism

Dhimmi Watch has put up an address given by Bat Ye'or, the pioneering scholar of dhimmitude, at Paul Gerhardt Church in Munich, Germany, at Christian Solidarity International's 29th Annual Meeting, which was held from November 2 to November 4, 2006. Important at the time it was given, pre-election, it is even more important two days after the elections and hereafter:[...] The globalization of our world and the policies that have led to large-scale Muslim immigration, adopted by the European Community from 1973, has introduced into Europe conflictual situations and prejudices common in the Muslim world against non-Muslims that have been... ... more

Posted at 9:51 AM

November 8, 2006

America Rolls Over To Al-Qaeda

al-Qaeda has been using the talking points of the Democrats in helping them defeat the one party that stood in the way of radical Islam, and the Democrats in turn have used al-Qaeda's talking points that have supported radical Islam's agenda and snowed the American people.

... more

Posted at 7:16 AM

"A Day Which Will Live In Infamy!"

Yesterday was a sad day for America! A day which alongside December 7th 1941 will live in "infamy" in the annals of American history. A day which marks the beginning of the decline of our once great nation as assuredly as the Roman's effeminate, hedonistic, refusal to fight off the barbarian hordes ushered the fall of Rome! A day in which cheering Jihadist terrorists and enemies of America all over the world celebrated in triumph the victory of the Democrats in taking over the House in Congress. It indeed presages very dark times ahead for America, as we once again... ... more

Posted at 7:13 AM

November 6, 2006

Sunni Islamists Websites in Iraq Claim Iranian Top-Secret Document Reveals Iran/Al-Qaeda Contacts Months Before 9/11

So much for Iran's and the U.S. Anti-war movement's claims of no involvement with al-Qaeda in Iraq.

... more

Posted at 9:59 PM

Suicide Killers - The Movie

Should the U.S. fail in Iraq or leave before they achieve some satisfactory resolution - coming to a street near you.

... more

Posted at 8:56 PM

Cartoon Contest in Indonesia Mocked Danish Royal Family

The Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest was an abysmal failure, never inciting the embassy fire-bombings Iran hoped for so they could justify actions following the eruption over the Danish cartoons of Muhammad three full months after the initial publication. One might have guessed the strangest social experiment of our time would have ended, but they would have been wrong. An Indonesian radio station and mosque held a cartoon contest to disparage the Danish royal family in an effort to "get even" for the cartoons of Muhammad. The contest, called "The legend of the King of Denmark and the Pig" (I'm guessing... ... more

Posted at 2:43 PM

What's Really Behind Calls For Rumsfeld's Head?

Hodierne is best known for teaming up in 1969 with then-Associated Press reporter Peter Arnett in Vietnam to bring attention to a small group of American soldiers who refused to fight.

... more

Posted at 11:18 AM

On Missing The 800 Pound Gorilla And Finding The Race Card

I couldn't help but notice how our friends on the Left fail to see the tremendous threat of radical Islam to the West and the importance of the War on Terror to the survival of western civilization (collectively, the 800 pound gorilla), yet find cause célèbre for playing the race card where none exist. Take for example this blogger of the left wing variety, digging way down in his deep state of unawareness to find racism in Jules Crittenden's column in which a comparison is mentioned between Mass Gov candidate Deval Patrick to Barack Obama (the Obama comparison is actually... ... more

Posted at 6:35 AM

November 5, 2006

Obsession - The Movie

"OBSESSION: THE NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT RADICAL ISLAM'S WAR AGAINST THE WEST." You should have seen it on Fox News this weekend. If you haven't seen it, go here and order it. View the 12 minute version here. More clips here. Cross posted from Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 7:00 PM

November 3, 2006

Two converts to Christianity accused of "insulting Turkishness"

These two dangerous criminals are charged with, among other things, compiling data on private citizens for a local Bible correspondence course, essentially proselytizing for Christianity, something not very well tolerated in a predominantly Muslim country: Ankara (AsiaNews) - Turan Topal and Hakan Tastan, two converts to Christianity, are facing trial on November 23, and could get six months to three years in prison for "insulting Turkishness", inciting hatred against Islam and secretly compiling data on private citizens for a local Bible correspondence course. Both men, who reject the accusations, were charged under Section 301 of Turkey's Penal Code which makes... ... more

Posted at 9:40 PM

Winds of War in Somalia Approach Gale Force

Somalia constitutes, or has the potential to constitute, the next battleground in the GWOT. That does not mean war is a necessity, but it is a nation in which the United Nations recognized government is already at war with the Al Qaida supported Islamic Courts Union. The ICU has openly delcared jihad against Ethiopia, whose soldiers are training Somalia soldiers and helping to keep the Somalia government together. Somalia's Foreign Minister, Ismael Mohamoud Hurreh, told The Independent the ICU is not a run of the mill Islamist organization, but is being greatly supported by the Islamist movement from afar. "They... ... more

Posted at 3:01 PM

NYT: Saddam Was One Year Away From Having An Atomic Bomb

Bush was right and the Democratic spin machine had it all wrong, all along. Yet, even now, the Left still won't get it and still won't admit to being wrong. They'll simply spin it according to their own world view.

... more

Posted at 10:45 AM

November 2, 2006

Terrorists In Iraq Using Children For Suicide Bombings

Where do they come from, these young Muslim men shouting "God is great" as they detonate a bomb killing hundreds of people, among their fellow Muslims?

... more

Posted at 3:23 PM

November 1, 2006

An Incredible Happening In Egypt

I have a suspicion that this might have something to do with not only a growing lack morality and values (not just in Egypt, right?), but also on the fruit of a growing fundamentalist mindset and influence in the country.

... more

Posted at 10:24 AM

On Iraq's Version of 'Playing Chicken'

Iran and its proxies must be shown they cannot call the tune in Iraq. Iraqi politicians, as veteran survivors, must be shown that pandering to murderers is not a viable route to securing their own futures.

... more

Posted at 9:45 AM

NYT Calls For A Hudna

No terrorist cell in America provides more support to radical Islam than the New York Times.

... more

Posted at 8:29 AM

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