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October 30, 2006

Because They Hate

BecauseTheyHate.gifBecause They Hate is Brigitte Gabriel's own "beyond harrowing" story of her childhood in Lebanon, when "jihadists sowed mayhem and destruction, keeping the Christian population in terror for years on end."

Robert Spencer writes that she's not afraid to draw the necessary conclusions from her experience, as politically incorrect as they may be, and that the book is a first-hand account of how jihad terrorists destroy lives, and how they plan and hope to do to the entire world what they did to southern Lebanon. Spencer notes that Gabriel was able to escape from the physical and psychological nets the jihadists wove, becoming a fervent and articulate defender of Israel and all the nations and peoples that are threatened by jihad terror and supremacism today.

If you haven't read her book or heard her speak, do both as soon as you can, and give this book to all those who still need to wake up. I've already read the book and whole heartedly agree with Spencer's comments. You can read more of Spencer's review of the book - here.

Here's a series of videos of Brigitte Gabriel in which she discusses the threat radical Islam poses for the Western world. Her story is indeed harrowing, and everyone in America needs to hear it. All provide critical information that you need to know, but listening to all of Parts 5 and 6 will leave you breathless.

At one point a journalist says, "I keep hearing about the overwhelming majority of peacefull Muslims, and I want to know where is the evidence that they exist." Watch the video to hear her answer - thinking about what you don't see in the context of her answer, may shock you!

Let there be no doubt that this is a war for our survival:

Brigitte Gabriel Speaks on Radical Islam in a CNN interview.

Brigitte Gabriel Part 1

Brigitte Gabriel part 2.

Brigitte Gabriel part 3.

Brigitte Gabriel part 4

Brigitte Gabriel part 5 (tells what you can do to fight radical Islam in your own community - very important information - watch it all)

Brigitte Gabriel part 6

Brigitte Gabriel part 7 (FINAL)

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Posted by Richard at October 30, 2006 9:18 AM

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