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October 9, 2006

The Psychology Of Muslims

I found this posted by Richard at Hyscience, and I believe that it's worthy of a repost here, although it's more of a short discourse (of sorts) on conflicts between beliefs and reality:

I've been told by Muslim friends that ex-Muslims don't swing much weight with Muslims, and that cries for reform and commentary on Islam must come from active Muslims in authority, if reform and change is to occur at all. Although I can understand how active Muslims in authority would have more influence, nonetheless, exposure to ideas and input from well-meaning ex-Muslims and others outside the Muslim community, can be helpful.

Such is the case with the excellent post by Isaac Schrödinger: "Psychology of Muslims,". In which he writes about how Muslims react to the chasm between The West and the Muslim World as far as technology, health, human rights, and the like are concerned. I believe that many Musims will find views in the piece that they will have in common with Schrodinger's "cases."

... Muslihoon calls it a must read. .

I recommend it too - go read it.

Posted by Abdul at October 9, 2006 7:37 PM

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