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October 6, 2006

Beren's Road From Marxist , Atheist, Antiwar Activist - To Republican

steveberen.jpgChad Evans points to Neo-Neocon's very interesting interview (in two parts) with Steve Beren, a Republican candidate for the House from Seattle. During the 1960s and 1970s he was a member of the antiwar movement, but today he's a supporter of victory in the war against terrorism, which he considers to be a most vital issue, from Iraq and Afghanistan, to our borders and ports here at home.

Beren is a former card-carrying member of a Marxist party and has evolved politically. He shares what changed him, and it wasn't just 9/11 that did it.

You definately don't want to miss reading both Part 1 and Part 2

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at October 6, 2006 10:47 PM

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