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September 2006

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September 30, 2006

Criticism of Islam Forces Teacher into Hiding

French teacher Robert Redeker, 52, wrote in the daily Le Figaro 10 days ago that Muhammad was "a merciless warlord, a looter, a mass-murderer of Jews and a polygamist," and called the Koran "a book of incredible violence." He also wrote:"Jesus is a master of love; Muhammad is a master of hatred," Mr. Redeker wrote, adding, "Whereas Judaism and Christianity are religions whose rites forsake violence and remove its legitimacy, Islam is a religion that, in its very sacred text, as much as in some of its everyday rites, exalts violence and hatred. Hatred and violence dwell in the... ... more

Posted at 2:14 PM

September 29, 2006

Is The ID Of Current Al-Qaeda Leader In Iraq A Hoax?

The voice could not be independently identified, but it was thought to be al-Masri's.

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Posted at 11:32 PM

New Zawahiri Tape

Let there be no doubt that the Democrats have been and continue to be a major source of the propaganda that our jihadist enemies use against us.

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Posted at 5:31 PM

A tearful tribute to a 'genuine American hero'

On Thursday, hundreds filled St. John the Evangelist Church and thousands lined Swampscott streets as legions of police officers and firefighters guided U.S. Army Spc. Jared John Raymond's flag-draped coffin on a procession to the town cemetery to say good-bye. He had been killed in the line of duty Sept. 19 in Balad, Iraq, when the tank he was driving struck an explosive.

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Posted at 3:17 PM

Pakistan's Pseudo-War

U.S. forces are not free to move in or above Pakistan in pursuit of the enemy. In fact, after Bush told CNN he would send US forces into Pakistan if intelligence indicated bin Laden's presence, Musharraf rebuffed him and said he would not permit foreign troops on Pakistani soil.

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Posted at 1:11 PM

September 28, 2006

Terrifying Revelations About Ourselves

Those in the United States and in other Western nations who are urging dialogue with Iran are repeating the tragic mistakes of the 1930s that led to World War II. People say talk is cheap, but it can be enormously costly when it becomes just a way to forestall action while an enemy nation builds up its military threat.

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Posted at 8:29 PM

Iraq Al-Qaeda Leader Recruiting Scientists For Unconventional Weapons, 'Whether Biological Or Dirty'

As debated as the war is now, the heated debate about the origins of our drive into Iraq would surely pale by comparison to the debate that would erupt - here and elsewhere, should we abandon Iraq to the likes of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, which would clearly be seen by Islamists everywhere - as an open invitation to attack with open abandon, the home of the paper tiger that ran out of Iraq.

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Posted at 1:18 PM

On 'Infidel Documents, Intelligence, jihadists and the Iraq war debate'

what the Democrats are using as yet another "canonical" document - is not a finding: It is an assessment of Islamic terrorism and its perceived links to Iraq. In short, the NIE report is not worthy of being a "cononical" document ...

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Posted at 10:24 AM

On 'Muslims' Complicity With Violence'

The time has come for Muslims to join in and embrace the values that encompass the concept that "freedom, free-thinking, and individualism have given the world all the great advances in science and technology, in philosophy, in politics, and especially in the art of war, and that there are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people."

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Posted at 10:18 AM

CAIR Goes After Michigan Congressman

I hope CAIR gets the message here! And its for "where the sun don't shine"!

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Posted at 12:18 AM

September 27, 2006

German Interior Minister: 'Opera Company's Decision To Cancel Idomeneo Is Crazy'

... he told the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung that Muslims in Germany had to accept European norms and values.

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Posted at 11:46 PM

BBC interviews Richard Dawkins about 'The God Delusion'

If this video doesn't help those of us who believe in God, realize the importance of not rolling over to the invasion of ssecularism and modernism that has left a void of faith in a West under attack by Islamists, and falling victim to them, nothing will.

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Posted at 10:40 PM

It's A 'Holy Month' - Time To Riot (Updated)

Given the events reported by the Brussels Journal, one can only conclude that the rioting Muslim youth are not the least bit interested in anything "holy", and that ramadan or no ramadan (it really doesn't matter) - there really isn't anything that they can't find sufficiently offensive so as to become "outraged" about and react violently

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Posted at 9:01 PM

Pakistani "immigrants" from Al-Qaeda coming to Spain

Spanish Union of Policemen (CEP) has informed that Senegalese police has detained last Thursday 49 Pakistani citizens in Tines, a city 70 kilometers away from Dakar. All of them are accused of belonging to Al-Qaeda terrorist network. They were arrested when they were preparing their trip to the Canary Islands, where they have decided to go, paying their place in one of the "cayucos" that made their way to the Islands. But not only the disorder of Zapatero's administration has made it easy to enter into Spain all sort of criminals -drug dealers among others-, disguised as illegal immigrants... ... more

Posted at 8:04 PM

7-Eleven Sends Chavez 'Go To Hell' Message - Drops Venezuela-Backed CITGO

Hell, you'd think that the Dem/CIA/NYT/Wapo - crowd could at least be as patriotic as a 7-Eleven!!!

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Posted at 3:23 PM

The West's Last Chance: 'An Islamist threat like the Nazis'

It is beginning to dawn on Europeans that the combination of a shrinking ethnic-European population and an expanding, culturally assertive Muslim population might lead to the fall of Western civilization

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Posted at 7:57 AM

September 26, 2006

25 British Pathfinders On Four-day Mission Fight Off Taliban Siege For Eight Weeks

The group was supposed to be reinforced by a company of 120 paratroops but they had to be diverted to the town of Sangin when they came under heavy assault by Taleban insurgents.

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Posted at 9:49 PM

When Will We Know Reform Has Reached The Muslim World?

Real and meaningfull Islamic reform in Egypt.

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Posted at 8:01 PM

'I did Not Lie to Wallace'

I've yet to comment upon former President Bill Clinton's tireade of 'Fox News Sunday' for a variety of reasons, namely because debating the past is as intellectual as trying to figure out if there is a personality trait that Coca-Cola drinkers have that Dr. Pepper drinkers don't have. In terms of the history of the United States pre-9/11, the facts are well presented and the political positioning done by Clinton during the interview is a stark reminder of why he was impeached in the first place. The man doesn't know how to tell the truth and he doesn't know how... ... more

Posted at 4:06 PM

Bush to Release Part of Inteligence Assessment (Updated)

... as we see from an here, those political hacks and the MSM that are wishing to make political hay out of the NIE and score one for their political agendas are about to be disappointed

... more

Posted at 3:16 PM

'Man of the People' Finally Emerges

Following the conclusion of the Israel-Hezbollah war, Hezbollah immediately declared victory and victory parades were held in Damascus and Tehran. Interestingly both Syria and Iran denied they supported Hezbollah through military means until after the war was concluded. Pundits from all across weighed in as to who the real victor was, but what was really odd is that most pundits within Israel believed Israel had fallen short but there were several voices within the Arab press who wrote Hezbollah lost. Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah fled within the first couple of days of the conflict and was only seen in short,... ... more

Posted at 3:15 PM

Why Is A 'Piss Christ' Okay - But A 'Piss Muhammed' Is 'Too Offensive To Muslims' To Display?

The secular, left-wing, anti-Christian media, academia, and the art world can "piss on Christ" any damned time they want to, but should anyone remotely joke about Muhammed, Islam, and its association with terrorism and violent jihad, and the Muslim world goes absolutely nuts!

... more

Posted at 12:45 PM

Ohio Car Dealership Capitulates To Dhimmitude !!! (Breaking Update)

Update: At this point, from an anonymous source within the dealership - the REAL REASON for canceling the advertising campaign was DEATH THREATS from MUSLIMS. At the time of this writing, the dealership has received 10,000 emails, 98 percent have been supportive and encouraged the dealership for it's expression of free speech.

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Posted at 12:43 PM

September 25, 2006

Muslim Extremists Aren't Asking For Dialogue - They Are Saying Infidels Must 'Submit Or Die'

the "Muslim world" is not asking for mutual respect and equality - they are saying that infidels must respect Islam, they aren't saying that its wrong to speak ill of a religion - they are saying that it's wrong to speak ill of their religion

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Posted at 1:01 PM

Former Spanish PM Aznar: "Muslims Should Apologize For Occupying Spain For 800 Years"

Anti-dhimmitude from the former Spanish PM Aznar; too bad the leftists and dhimmis in Spain turned the government over to the appeaser Zapatero: Muslims should apologize for occupying Spain for 800 years and a U.N.-backed program to encourage dialogue between them and West is stupid, former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar has said. Aznar made his comments Friday night in a speech at the Hudson Institute, a thinktank in Washington, D.C., as he discussed Pope Benedict XVI's recent remarks on Islam and violence. Aznar, a firm ally of U.S. President George W. Bush and his war on terror, said... ... more

Posted at 1:52 AM

September 23, 2006

New Tucker and Menchaca Video: Bodies Desecrated by Terrorists

So where's the vociferous voices of the Left and the media that are always screaming about U.S. abuses of prisoners? Proportionality, please!

... more

Posted at 11:06 PM

Iranian Woman Sentenced to be Stoned to Death for Adultery: More Islamic "Peace" and "Brotherly Love"!

... why isn't "meddling" Senator McCain, and his gang of three "bleeding heart" turn-coat Republican Senators, who have been wringing their hands so much, so concerned that the Geneva Convention's wildly vague "Outrages Against Personal Dignity" clause be extended to all murderous Jihadist captives being interrogated, not been equally concerned about the "Outrages Against the Personal Dignity" of this Muslim woman about to be brutally stoned to death...

... more

Posted at 9:44 AM

On Sentencing Suicide Bombers To Death..

Saying that she was an unwilling participant in the attacks and never tried to set off the suicide bomb doesn't cut her any slack - she was wearing the damned bomb outfit and was there with her husband. The rest is history. She needs to be history too.

... more

Posted at 9:06 AM

September 22, 2006

On Oriana Fallaci And Freedom's Zone

A reader emailed us and asked why we have an image of Oriana Fallaci on our site. So I thought I'd call it to everyone's attention that Freedom's Zone is a coalition blog that was co-founded by Italian and American bloggers in response to a decision by an Italian court to prosecute Oriana for defaming Islam. She died of cancer on September 15, 2006, at age 77. You'll find her obituary from Times Online here. In her book, "The Force of Reason" she provided an accurate explanation of why Europe has decided not to defend its identity and to surrender... ... more

Posted at 9:44 PM

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Not Disarm

As long as we kowtow to Iran, the situation in the ME, as with terrorism throughout the world, will continue to worsen, and Iran's Hezbollah will continue to defy the international community.

... more

Posted at 2:54 PM

On 'Conquering Rome is the Answer' - And Other Sick Pervertions Of Islamic Extremism

Religiously inspired violence is not a sign of strength, rather of weakness. Either those Muslims that are indeed moderate, take back their faith and stand up to the extremists, or the world will indeed erupt in a war like the earth has never seen before. The "signs" that peace will prevail are, thus far, are not promising.

... more

Posted at 1:52 PM

On Hugo Chávez at the U.N. and an Answer to Political Activist Miss Natalee Fania on Fox's "Dayside"

Just as with his mentor Castro in Cuba, what this madman Chávez is doing, is further sinking Venezuela into a totalitarian nightmare of repression, human suffering, privation, and poverty!

... more

Posted at 12:30 PM

Europe Caves In To Islamist Threat

Christianity in Western Europe has virtually ceased to exist. The spirit of secular relativism that originated from the French Enlightenment has persuaded Europe (including Europe's churches) to commit a protracted, two centuries long suicide, the symptoms of which were visible in Communism, National-Socialism and moral relativism in general.

... more

Posted at 10:31 AM

September 21, 2006

Venezuela Oil Pimp Can Have UN

... take the atrophied, self-abasing remains of a global ideal 2,100 miles to Caracas, where you can play the messianic oil baron game to your heart's content with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fresh in from Tehran, perhaps with a dirty bomb in his suitcase.

... more

Posted at 10:36 PM

What's Yours Is Mine And Other Truths Hugo And Mahmoud Don't Want You To Think About

In nations and regimes where the state first claimed property at will, it was only a matter of time before the state determined what freedoms were applicable and to whom. Shortly thereafter, the state claims the right to take your life at will, for any reason they see fit.

... more

Posted at 9:27 PM

To Hell With Chavez - 'Boycott CITGO'

As an old Spanish saying goes: "Muerto el perro, se acabo la rabia" - "Kill the dog and you end the rabies"! God only knows Hugo Chávez is "rabid" enough!!!

... more

Posted at 5:05 PM

Buckle Up Bronco, Williams Takes Ahmadinejad to Task

Continuing on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's media tour, NBC's Brian Williams asked very tough questions to Ahmadinejad that everyone wants to know. Williams: Mr. President, this is not a matter of great concern, this next question, but we have gotten used to seeing you in the tan jacket with the zipper. Today, you are dressed differently. Is that jacket a symbol of your standing or upbringing in Iran? Ahmadinejad: No. It depends on which one I'm more comfortable wearing. And it of course depends on my colleagues and friends, too. I knew that you were going to wear a suit,... ... more

Posted at 4:15 PM

So What Did Ahmadinejad Really Say At The End Of His Speech That The Media Failed To Tell Us?

I call all this sufficiently "chilling" that had you started reading this post completely stoned or blind drunk, you'd now be sober as a nun in church.

... more

Posted at 3:36 PM

Economic Euthanasia - 'Assisted Suicide' Proposed For The Depressed

One would think that there are a sufficient number of babies and sick old people to kill that clinics like Dignitas would not have yet worked their way down to killing people that are simply depressed.

... more

Posted at 12:10 PM

Pro-Israel Rally Against Ahmadinejad At UN 'Not Newsworthy" To MSM

... one would think that we lived in a communist state where all of the media are of one voice - that of the state.

... more

Posted at 10:46 AM

Is A 'Nuclear Dawn' Emerging In The Gulf?

The world just heard from two, two-bit, terrorist-supporting dictators (true democracies my ass ) of third world countries, speaking at the UN, threaten the U.S. Imagine Chavez and Ahmadinejad with nuclear weapons - and then just think about the people they'd be handing them out to!

... more

Posted at 9:25 AM

Bombshell: ABC independently confirms success of CIA "torture" tactics

Damned, can't we all get over our political agendas and cultural sensitivities and get down to common sense? Human lives are at stake here, and this is an enemy that follows perhaps the most bizzare and evil ideology mankind has ever known - one that actually convinces teenage men that if they blow themselves up and kill as many innocent human beings along with themselves, they get 72 virgins in heaven, that God wants them to do it, and that its a good and proper thing to do.

... more

Posted at 6:58 AM

September 20, 2006

Islamic Society of Boston's Favorite Imam Declares A Muslim "Day Of Rage" - Why Not Counter It With A Day Of Reason !!!

For people like Al-Qaradawi and those that follow people like him, reason and rational thought are anathema.

... more

Posted at 10:15 PM

Will America Ever Learn?!?! The Threat of Hugo Chávez!

Hugo Chávez is a wanna-be Castro, who is intent on imposing on Venezuelans the tin-pot dictatorship of his "Revolución Bolivariana", and who is even now trying to alter the Venezuelan Constitution, in order for him to remain in power indefinitely, undemocratically

... more

Posted at 4:25 PM

Pope Benedict Sets Forth a Bold Agenda

Pope Benedict XVI made three crucial points that are now in danger of being lost in the polemics about his supposedly offensive comments about Islam.

... more

Posted at 3:55 PM

Bernard Lewis: 'Bring Them Freedom, Or They Destroy Us'

The Islamists are firm and convinced and resolute. To say that it is an important read, is an understatement.

... more

Posted at 3:28 PM

Video Of Chavez Anti-Bush/Anti-US Rant At UN

Sick, but dangerous. Two peas of the same pod - Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

... more

Posted at 2:34 PM

African Taliban Murders Christian Convert After He Refuses To Join A Crowd Chanting Qur'anic Verses

According to shari'a, apostates (those who leave Islam for another religion), must be killed. ICU leaders have even threatened to kill as apostates Muslims who are lax in their prayers...

... more

Posted at 2:00 PM

Hugo Chavez unhinged

No more funding of the UN, it's time to turn the building over to Donald Trump for condos, and kick the disease that is the United Nations into the trash heap of history, where it belongs.

... more

Posted at 12:26 PM

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Backs Pope And Blasts Violent Islam

Muslims must with great urgency and priority shut down the extremist segments of their faith, and establish a climate within which bridges between the West and Islam can be rebuilt where they have existed before, and established where they were never developed.

... more

Posted at 11:51 AM

September 19, 2006

Thailand Coup Installs Muslim Prime Minister

Not unexpected, after all, the ummah always comes before country

... more

Posted at 10:38 PM

Iran Enabled Hezbollah To Crack Israeli Communications Code In Lebanon War

In other words, Israel was at war with Iran and Syria, but both countries escaped any repercussions whatsoever.

... more

Posted at 9:21 PM

Karen Armstrong--Former Nun Shills For Islam

An editorial by former nun Karen Armstrong in al-Guardian, the UK's Islam apologetics spin machine, begins with the following headline: We cannot afford to maintain these ancient prejudices against Islam The Pope's remarks were dangerous, and will convince many more Muslims that the west is incurably Islamophobic "Ancient prejudices"? "Incurably Islamophobic"? Has Karen Armstrong been getting into the communion wine?... ... more

Posted at 4:42 PM

The Pope's Words Continue to Sizzle

Daniel Pipes writes the story told by Pope Benedict XVI of a meeting between a Byzantine emporer and a Persian scholar was told in order to circumvent an expected letter from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. An interesting theory that is hard to check without seeing that expected letter. Regardless, the reaction is yet another step in the growing Islamist movement trying to paint the world against Islam, but the world should not be afraid to criticize Islam as it shouldn't be afraid to criticize or debate any other religion, movement or ideal. In this respect, I have always found it... ... more

Posted at 3:56 PM

Australian PM Tells Pope-Enraged Muslims to "Move On"

A "common thread" in modern terror attacks was that their perpetrators "claim the authority of Allah". ... "I don't at the moment note groups killing people and invoking the authority of the Catholic Church. That's the difference," he said.

... more

Posted at 3:27 PM

"We Are Facing A Neurosis At The Level Of An Entire Civilization" Says Filmmaker Pierre Rehov About Islam.

"It is no coincidence that suicide killers are mostly young men dominated subconsciously by an overwhelming libido...and promises [of] 72 virgins...this redemption becomes their only solution."

... more

Posted at 1:32 PM

The Brutality of Islamic Extremists

About two months ago, the terrorist Zawahiri - he's al Qaeda's second in command -- declared that al Qaeda intends to impose its rule in every land that was a home for Islam, from Spain (Andalusia) to Iraq. He went on to say, "The whole world is an open field for us."

... more

Posted at 1:03 PM

Why Zimbabweans are Starving

President Robert Mugabe's land redistribution program involved the seizing of prosperous commercial farms by his thugs and their allocation to his friends. Unfortunately, the nation that once exported its agricultural goods to surrounding countries now lies in economic ruin, unable to produce enough food to support its population. One Zimbabwean who was forced to flee to Zambia recently returned to visit his former farm. He described...(...)Nothing much had changed except that it was desolate, unkempt. No farming appeared to have taken place on the 2,000 once-productive acres since they were forced off. The homestead was still locked up, no one... ... more

Posted at 9:49 AM

Iran's Campaign Of Disinformation Continues In New York Today

... serve to shield the regime from an aggressive American or Western policy, and thereby buy more time for the regime to attain its goals, especially in regards to its nuclear weaponry and missile programs

... more

Posted at 7:14 AM

Why The Pope Was Right About Islam

... Those imams who preach al-Qaeda's view of the duty of jihad are not required to answer to any authority, even the authority of reason.

... more

Posted at 1:22 AM

"Pope Must Die" Says UK Muslim, Organizer Of February's "Behead" Rally In London

**Update Anjem Choudary, the organizer of Sunday's protests, was apparently backed by exiled British Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed (via The Jawa Report): A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution. Anjem Choudary said those who insulted Islam would be "subject to capital punishment". His remarks came during a protest outside Westminster Cathedral on a day that worldwide anger among Muslim hardliners towards Pope Benedict XVI appeared to deepen. Background and video of demonstration here, and more photos and details at Slapstick Politics.... ... more

Posted at 1:05 AM

September 18, 2006

About Those 'Head-in-the-Sand Liberals'

Could it be that the Muslim world's violence and outrage to Pope Benedict's comments be initiating the beginings of awareness to Islamic fascism from previously unexpected quarters?

... more

Posted at 9:27 PM

Video: British Islamists Call For Pope's Execution

(Video) More insanity from Muslims who exclude reason from faith, and have no problem with violence as religion, as they call for execution of the Pope.

... more

Posted at 5:38 PM

About The Insanity Of That Muslim Lawyer Saying The Pope Must Die - And Our Tolerating It

We who live in the real world see the Pope quoting a barbed medieval criticism of Islamic violence in the course of a scholarly discourse, and subsequently watch Muslims all over the world go into an outrage - churches are firebombed, and Muslims are calling for holy war until the world is ruled by Islam, and Islam or die. Has the world gone mad?

... more

Posted at 5:20 PM

On 'An Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI'

... if Islam is ever to peacefully co-exist with other faiths, and at this point it is a very big "if", then it has to start abiding questions and criticisms without resorting to violence - and appeasement is no way to get there from here. The time has come to get over appeasing the animals and end this thing!

... more

Posted at 9:04 AM

14th Century Islamic Fascists Beseige Westminster

... the fact is, we are not dealing with stable, civil societies. We are not dealing with modern democracies forged by centuries of intellectual debate and violent struggle to establish individual rights. Islam's period of progressive thought -- isolated to a few centers of learning -- ended about 800 years ago.

... more

Posted at 8:16 AM

September 17, 2006

Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwas For ........ Payments?

... the clerics allegedly issued fatwas on a variety of subjects, including the use of credit cards and camera phones by Muslims, acting in films, and watching television.

... more

Posted at 8:18 PM

Muslims kill nun, Pope apologizes

The jihadi reaction from Muslims continues today with the killing in Somalia of an Italian nun, in response to Pope Benedict's statements about Islam this week. The nun was shot IN THE BACK at a hospital. The Pope had an opportunity to stand firm FOR Christianity and against the violence of Islam, and he caved under the pressure. I'm not Catholic, but I am Christian, and the Pope finds himself speaking for Christians on the world stage. Some are saying his apology was for the REACTION to his words, and not for the words themselves. But this is what he... ... more

Posted at 1:04 PM

Rioters' madness shames Muslim world

The sword of Islam is carried today by self-professed jihadis. In most countries with Muslim majorities, Christians do not have the full freedom to practise their faith without fear.

... more

Posted at 9:26 AM

September 16, 2006

On The Unreasonableness Of Muslim Fury - And The Reasonableness Of Non-Muslim Anger And Disgust With Muslim Outrage

So it's OK for the president of Iran to constantly spout anti-semitic and anti-Christian rhetoric, but as soon as the Pope quotes someone else's rather dodgy views on Islam, Muslims of the world are outraged.

... more

Posted at 10:39 PM

Expert Says Pope Struck A Cord With Muslims

Religion cannot be the foundation of a conflict, a war, or any other kind of violence."

... more

Posted at 8:13 AM

Are Some Muslims 'Offended by an Inconvenient Truth' ?

The message was and is rather straightforward - spreading faith by violence is unreasonable because violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.

... more

Posted at 6:50 AM

More Perpetual Outrage: 'Out of the Mosque, Into the Street'

Alternative title: "Muslim Street Confirms Validity Of Pope's Lecture"

... more

Posted at 12:22 AM

September 15, 2006

From Cartoon Jihad To Pope Jihad: Religion Of Perpetual Outrage Is Again - Outraged

Having identified the offensive comments within the context in which they appear in the Pope's lecture, let's pull them out of context and go right to the core of the subject of the newest outrage from the perpetually outraged Muslim leaders, sentence by sentence:

... more

Posted at 10:36 PM

"Faith, Reason & The University": Pope Benedict's Speech At The University of Regensburg

For the benefit of the anti-Christian, Islamist-appeasing media and those Muslim leaders that have not read Pope Benedict's speech, or for any reader that hasn't yet read it, here is a Vatican translation of the address Benedict XVI delivered to scientists at the University of Regensburg,.

... more

Posted at 2:40 PM

On Weakening Rights In Order To Save Them

... is it possible that the war on terror, aside from being necessary to our national security, will also advance the cause of human rights? Consider:

... more

Posted at 2:22 PM

Ace of Spades Reader Spotted Wanted Terrorist?

Adnan G. El Shukrijumah is wanted in connection with possible terrorist threats against the United States.A commenter at Ace of Spades may have spotted terrorist Adnan Al-Shukrijuma in Texas. Some have speculated he may be involved in planning an attack on the US during the Ramadan season. Here's what he looks like. Click the photo for the FBI's wanted page with more info and videos, and be sure to contact them if you think you've seen him (Hat tip-Little Green Footballs) Aliases: Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah, Abu Arif, Ja'far Al-Tayar, Jaffar Al-Tayyar, Jafar Tayar, Jaafar Al-Tayyar. El Shukrijumah occasionally... ... more

Posted at 1:46 PM

Oriana Fallaci Dies Of Cancer At Age 77

Among her best-known scoops, an interview with ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian theocratic regime.

... more

Posted at 10:03 AM

Muslim World Reacts Violently To Pope Saying Jihad Is Violent

... the Pope says that jihad violence is against God's nature, and officials fear that in response, Muslims enraged by this insult will commit ... jihad violence. ... Go figure!

... more

Posted at 7:41 AM

September 14, 2006

Disparaging Remarks About Plight of Iraqi Kurds Under Saddam Hussein By Arianna Huffington

She added that in her belief, "The Kurdistan -- the position -- the position of the Kurds has not changed one iota since we invaded Iraq. What has changed is the position of Americans, who are less safe because we invaded Iraq."

... more

Posted at 8:21 PM

Amnesty International: Hezbollah Engaged In War Crimes

Could it be that AI is begining to wake up out of a long, deep, slumber, and are becoming a bit more evenhanded?

... more

Posted at 2:29 PM

Welcome To A New Member Of The Freedom's Zone Family Of Member Blogs

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome "Mideast Youth" to the Freedom's Zone family of member blogs. We guarantee that you'll find it to be a first class blog with terrific posts on important issues of our day. They describe themselves as a diverse group of young students, bloggers, and activists who strive for coexistence through democracy and democracy through coexistence. As an example, check out Forget about Mecca, women of Islam, and you'll find their description to be accurate.... ... more

Posted at 10:24 AM

Pope Slams Violence In Islam - Invites Dialogue: A Call For Reform Of Islam From Within?

... what I hear Pope Benedict really saying and is that Islam is in dire need of reform, and that the future peace of the world depends on the insertion of reason and sanity into the dialogue among cultures, and particularly, the insertion of reason and moderninity into the Islamic side of the equation.

... more

Posted at 9:25 AM

September 13, 2006

Muslims Urged to Buy More Media Influence

Via Little Green Footballs, comes the not-surprising news that our Arab friends wish to manipulate our views of Islam: At a conference in the apartheid theocracy of Saudi Arabia, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference called on rich Muslims to invest large amounts of money in Western media outlets, to skew their coverage and convince the gullible infidels that hating Jews is normal, acceptable behavior: Muslims urged to buy influence in world media. RIYADH (Reuters) - Muslim tycoons should buy stakes in global media outlets to help change anti-Muslim attitudes around the world, ministers from Islamic countries heard at a... ... more

Posted at 4:36 PM

September 12, 2006

Hezbollah Demanding Child Killer

According to the Jerusalem Post, Hezbollah is refusing to negotiate over the release of two abducted IDF soldiers that started the latest Israel-Hezbollah war. Hezbollah's demand instead is rather simple. Israel has to release Samir Kuntar. Who is Samir Kuntar? He might be the next Hezbollah leader. In 1979: After taking the hostages, Kuntar's group took Danny and Einat down to the beach, where a shootout with Israeli policemen and soldiers erupted. Samir Kuntar shot the father, Danny, at close range in front of his daughter in the back and drowned him in the sea to ensure he was dead.... ... more

Posted at 10:04 PM

One Arab-American's Apology

Five years after that awful day, it's time for all Arab-Americans, and Arabs around the world, to protest against Islamic fascism, to raise our voices - and, where necessary, their arms - against these tyrants until their plague of terror has been driven from the face of the earth forever.

... more

Posted at 5:17 PM

Pope Benedict XVI condemns Islam's violence

Pope Benedict XVI condemns Islam's violence. He said, quoting Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologos, show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find "only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached". In a major lecture at Regensburg University, where he taught theology between 1969 to 1977, Benedict said Christianity is tightly linked to reason and contrasted this view with those who believe in spreading their faith by the sword. In his lecture, the Pope quoted, among others, the 14th century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologos who... ... more

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On The Circular Reasoning Of Some Muslim Leaders

The fact that the Muslim leaders are themselves being intolerant by denying Israel's right to exist, and that they in fact are fueling anti-Muslim sentiments by failing to condemn terrorism appears to totally escape them!

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September 11, 2006

A Nation With No Soul Pays Dearly

... And we indeed will pay dearly unless we again, as we have done in the past, stand up together and define what it is to be an American and what it is we stand for.

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Remembering Where We Were on 9/11 - What Matters Next Is Where We Go From Here

instead of even thinking about joining hands in warm embrace and singing Kumbaya with our enemies, as some on the Left would have us do, we need to join together with each other as Americans all - Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc... etc... , and then all of us together (including moderate Muslims who want no part of the radicals' ideology) - join together in one voice and as one body and go kick the S**T out of those that are trying to kill us, force us to convert to Islam, and destroy our culture and civilization.

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9/11: Never Forget - Never Forgive (Reposted from 9/10)

We had better not forget 9/11 and the signal it sent. The enemy won't forget. For him, 9/11 was a continuation in a long war against America. He thinks he can wait us out. He thinks we're weak and will wilt before his demands in order to save our lives. He is betting everything he is right. Is he?

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The 2,996 Project: Remembering Captain John Ogonowski, Pilot of Flight 11 (Updated)


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September 9, 2006

Movie Stars vs. Islamists - The Indonesian culture wars

Indonesia is a critical bellwether in the long war against Islamic extremism because it is the world's most populous Muslim country and has extremely porous borders, and in practice, it has been home to a relatively moderate form of Islam, which is now being challenged.

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9/11: Never Forget - Never Forgive

We had better not forget 9/11 and the signal it sent. The enemy won't forget. For him, 9/11 was a continuation in a long war against America. He thinks he can wait us out. He thinks we're weak and will wilt before his demands in order to save our lives. He is betting everything he is right. Is he?

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September 8, 2006

British Muslim Groups Infiltrated By 7/7 Bombers Had Huge Govt Grants

I won't bother to ask just what in the hell the British government was thinking about when they handed over large sums of money to such Muslim groups

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'Hot Muslim Chick' Pick Of The Week

Pakistan - where many women only go out in public covered in a veil, isn't happy.

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More 'Root causes': 9/11 hijackers vow on video to avenge ... Bosnia

Perhaps terrorists see countries that make sensitive analyses of their complaints as easy marks. If so, then the eagerness to prettify mass murder with "root causes" could itself be a root cause.

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Iraqi Government Closes Al Aribiya - A Symptom?

... how does such an ideologically-biased government govern fairly in a society with several different faiths? As we can see so far, apparently not very well!

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On Refusal To Assimilate - 'Female Muslim Teacher In Netherlands Dismissed For RefusIng To Shake Hands With Men'

The longer we blame ourselves for the failure of others, the longer we delay solving the problem, and ignorance of the jihad ideology among European officials and media such as the WaPo has allowed that ideology to spread in Muslim enclaves, and remain unchecked until relatively recently.

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Hugh Hewitt's ''Why Does the Left Hate "The Path to 9/11"?'' - And Other Things The Left Doesn't Want You To Know

It is all about them, you see. Just as it was in the '90s. To hell with O'Neill or the victims of 9/11, and forget about the worldwide menace that continues to nurse its hatred, though now from caves and not compounds.

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Our Weakness is Iran's Strength

... Iran's nukes, Lebanon's buffer zone and Iraq's future - all roads in these conflicts lead to Teheran, and it is there that these issues ultimately must be addressed.

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September 7, 2006

European Elites Cowed by Radical Islamists

Let's call this a must read because the phenomenon is also ongoing here in the U.S. as well, where, as Myers says in his post at Democracy Project, "we have more than our share of spineless elites who're only too happy to cave in to the demands of radicals.

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September 6, 2006

Hezbollah Objects To German Troops: How dare they actually enforce UNSCR 1701!

Watch for Kofi "the Dhimmi" Annan to side with Hezbollah.

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Pakistan Cedes North Waziristan To Taliban (Update)

In other words, our supposed ally in the WOT just surrendered to the Taliban and al-Qaeda, or it's part of a strategy, or it's both, or maybe its just a hudna in the eyes of both sides.

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September 5, 2006

Terror Suspects Arrested In Denmark - A Harbinger And A Clue

It's a shame, and also a harbinger - with Europe serving as the canary in the coalmine for the U.S. unless we recognize our own very similar problems with immigration and home grown Islamist-related problems, and do something about it - now.

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Land Grab Or Security Measure?

Security reasons would be a real stretch, although more understandable and better than for cheap housing, given that when Israel withdrew from the West Bank and from Gaza, violence against it by the Palestinians actually increased on both occasions.

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September 4, 2006

Influential Iranian Ayotollah: 'Islamic Republic of Iran Is The Only Legitimate Nation On Earth'

... while former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is provided a two week open forum throughout the U.S. to spread propaganda, pretend to be moderate and reconciling, the big powers behind the Iranian government are telling an entirely different story!!!

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Annan Accomplished Absolutely Nothing In Iran - And Other Iran Items Worth A Rant

... as we all knew would be the case. So why is it that Iran being given so much leeway? Is it simply that war isn't an option to the Europeans who believe they can appease their way to peace as Iran blows them all to hell in a nuclear cloud, ignited by terrorists? The innept and hapless UN chief was snubbed by Ahmadinejad over international demands to stop enriching uranium, who also completely ignored Annan's warnings not to incite hatred by questioning the Nazi Holocaust. Not only did Iran not heed Annan's warnings over the Holocaust issue, it went... ... more

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September 3, 2006

Taking stock on a global scale: A Perspective On A Violent Summer

... taking stock at the end of the violent summer of 2006, we have made progress - much more than you think.

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September 2, 2006

On The "Azzam" Threat As A Prelude To Future Jihad in America

The take home message here to our friends on the Left is in the form of a question: "What part of the fact that these people are deadly serious about forcing you to convert to Islam or die - are you finding so hard to understand?"

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On Feder's Top 10 Reasons Islam Might Not Be a Religion of Peace

Feder notes (to the dismay of moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike) that hardly a day goes by that evil isn't perpetrated in the name of Islam somewhere in the world, but unfortunately, when it comes to denouncing same, moderate Muslims are mostly AWOL.

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Sometimes A Little Bitchslapping Is In Order

... Especially when a holier-than-thou Christian criticizes two journalists for not having their heads chopped off! So I was glad to see Jules Crittenden take on sanctimonious Canadian columnist David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen, in "Martyrs wanted. Being a Christian and a very prolife Catholic, I'm definitely with Crittenden on this. I can't think of a better life to save than your own - you can always tell the headchoppers to take their sick ideology and shove it - later, when you're far out of the reach of the bastards. Besides, what if there really are 72 virgins and... ... more

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What Defines 'Cojones' And 'Chutzpah' All In One?

How dare the U.S. prepare to defend itself against a roque irrational dictatorship that threatens others with nuclear weapons!

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September 1, 2006

The New Sudanese Thinker Is Up (Updated)

The Sudanese Thinker has come a long way in a short time, and the Freedom's Zone international coalition of blogs sends him a big congratulations.

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The Sudanese Thinker

Please join us in welcoming Drima, the Sudanese Thinker,to his new blog. As part of our long-term strategy to aid freedom loving international bloggers we were delighted to help. Update: StopTheACLU has open trackbacks!... ... more

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Kofi Assigns Fox To Watch Hen House

There is indeed no other way to describe this then to say that is a very transparent, sick, pathetic joke on the international community and particularly, Israel and Lebanon.

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