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October 27, 2006

On The Present Democratic "Mindset" And The Safety Of Our Nation In An America Divided By Such Twisted Partisan Ideology!

As we approach the November elections, the ugliness of the politically charged climate of our nation has become all but too starkly self-evident.

From bitter verbal fist-fights at televised debates between the candidates, and vicious personal attacks; to outrageous political Ads; to the blatant campaign of anti-war, anti-Bush, propaganda by CNN, the MSNBC, the "Pink Alphabet" networks, and the liberal biased "Elite" print media in order to sway the elections in favor of the Democrats; to infirmed celebrities thrusting themselves into the fray by appearing on political Ads, playing on the ravages of their illness in order to disingenuously elicit our sympathy rather than address the issues, again, in order to sway the elections in favor of the Democrats; to all the insane "howling for blood" and the sheer madness going on at all the far-left "smear sites" on the web; to activist Judges in our Courts ruling against the will of the people and the Legislation which they have enacted in several States, in order to strike down laws requiring a piece of I.D. be presented to vote, in order to favor fraudulent voting by the Democrats; to such organizations as A.C.O.R.N. openly paying their staffers to register deceased and imaginary voters, and illegal aliens (see ACORN Suspected of Voter Fraud), to again, affect the outcome in favor of Democrats in the upcoming elections. The level of shrillness, viciousness, open hostility, and outright madness, amongst the far-left, the liberals, and in the Democratic Party, is both incredible and appalling.

But what I find even more disturbing is the irrationality and paranoid mind-set amongst most Democrats, which at this point precludes every possibility of achieving a "rational" dialogue with them in our deeply divided nation, and how delusional and out of touch with reality many of them have become in the intensity of their obsessive "leftists," "secular," "socialist" ideology. Unfortunately, it's not the first time I have personally witnessed this kind of aberrant behavior affecting "en masse" a population of otherwise average, normal, people, many of them highly intelligent and well informed. And from my perspective, it is extremely alarming, because it is indicative of a far more ominous, sinister, root-cause!

Having had the "blessing" of living as a child in Castro's "Communist Paradise" and of having attended my primary schooling there, I have witnessed this kind of irrationality first-hand, which is nothing but the result of "ideological indoctrination."

In the case of Cuba, the government was the one doing the "indoctrination." In the case of the far-left, the liberals, and the Democrats in America, such "indoctrination" has mostly been carried out by the forty years of secular progressive "brainwashing" of our society, which has crept into our Courts, our Public Squares, our media, the curriculum of our schools, and other social institutions, in the form of "political correctness" and other "socialistic," "morally relativistic," secular concepts. This permeates throughout the academia on the campuses of our universities, and has done so since the radical, anarchist, days of the 60's - where its seeds were first planted. it has now infected every niche of our governmental bureaucracy at every level, and like a virus, perpetuates itself by replacing the nucleus of traditional American "core values," like a cultural and societal virus bent on the destruction of all but that which is part of its dark agenda.

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Posted by Althor at October 27, 2006 4:17 PM

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