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July 2006

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July 31, 2006

Democratic Peace Seminar Q&A #1- Internal Violence

I've started responding to questions and comments that come from those participating in my blog seminar on the democratic peace, and doing my recommended readings. See here. I've just posted the first comments and my responses: "Democratic Peace Seminar Q&A #1- Internal Violence." I will not cross-post any of this seminar, since I think it best to do it in one place. If you are interested, you can make a note to regularly check the blog or sign up for notification of postings (see the left side panel of my blog).... ... more

Posted at 5:18 PM

As Questions About Qana Continue - Israel Resumes The Fight

... the wars logical conclusion is the extermination of Hezbollah.

... more

Posted at 3:00 PM

French foreign minister: Iran is stabilizing element in Middle East

Only the French could be so naive and such a**-kissers of the most destablizing and terrorist-supporting state in the world.

... more

Posted at 1:36 PM

Ahmadinejad's 'Apocolypse Now'

Hezbollah's attack on Israel nearly two weeks ago was directed by the highest levels of the Iranian government due to Iran's official ideology that is based on a fundamentalist Shiite theology. Iran's Islamic theocratic doctrine calls for the complete annihilation of Israel and additional wave of attacks to establish global dominance of Shiite Islam. "Israel is merely a stepping stone to the West." In order to win the "global war on terror," which is more accurately described as a global war against fundamentalist Islam, the West must understand the enemy and their objectives.If you've been wondering why Iran's mad mullahs... ... more

Posted at 1:33 PM

July 30, 2006

A Blog Seminar On The Democratic Peace

My assertions about the democratic peace have received appropriate skepticism and many good questions. To review, the democratic peace propositions are that: • Democracies do not make war on each other; • The more democratic two countries, the less likely there will be severe violence between them; • And the more democratic a country: • The less severe its overall foreign violence; • The less its domestic violence; • The less it will murder its people. I can add that democracies do not have famines, they are the least corrupt, they are the most prosperous, and their people are... ... more

Posted at 10:05 PM

Ahmadinejad makes language law - pizzas are now elastic loaves

(Linked below to original post) I couldn't make this stuff up: "KLAP (Keep Language Above Politics) is the hope for the world." via BlogCritics.org. I was being far more prophetic than I thought when I wrote "Immigrant Foods Threaten America" on Blogcritics. This is the power of words. We can only save the world from a fall into some kind of Mahmoud in Wonderland by opening borders freely to words of all origins. [snip] Answers Please has pages of words of foreign origin organized by the languages of their origin. It is a fine resource for those who will be... ... more

Posted at 9:49 AM

CNN, MSNBC, and the "Elite" media's Coverage of the Lebanese Civilian Victims "Humanitarian" Crisis: Is the Media Part of the Problem?!?!

Back in World War II the Allied Forces bombed the German city of Dresden almost to the point of complete obliteration. The amount of destruction was appalling, and the toll of civilian casualties was enormous. Many to this day bemoan all that was lost in those aerial bombardments and the ensuing flames that consumed the city; after all, the beautiful city of Dresden was rich in history and tradition. Dresden was one of the foremost centers in Europe of Culture and the Arts, however, the Allies were faced with a quandary. Yes Dresden was the city of beautiful broad Boulevards,... ... more

Posted at 9:40 AM

July 29, 2006

On Hezbollah And Misplaced Pride

I wonder what everyday life would be if the ocean of money that is spent on hate and buying weapons to kill the jews was spent on creating real jobs and industry for that Arab street and educate them in science and the creation of new technology.

... more

Posted at 7:56 PM

United Nations makes demands of Israel and remains useless

The United Nations is 'demanding' that Israel transfer tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority.  Demanding mind you.  "The United Nations Economic and Social Council overwhelmingly voted Thursday to demand ... " American diplomat Terry Miller criticized the resolution for failing " to address the fundamental causes of those hardships [in the PA], including the actions of the Hamas-led leadership." Israel's ambassador to international organizations in Geneva, Yitzchak Levanon told the Associated Press, "The sole purpose is just to discredit Israel. It is not equitable and balanced."  source Let's review the situation.  Didn't the Palestinians get what they voted for?  They... ... more

Posted at 9:28 AM

July 28, 2006

Iranian Street Unhappy Over Iran's Support Of Hezbollah

The Iranian street is upset over their government's support of Hezbollah, you know, the support that Ahaminejad's regime denies giving - but everyone in Iran knows about.

... more

Posted at 3:33 PM

Islamic Activist Says 'Islam gives many rights to women' - Yet The Real Issue Is Islam's Need For Reform

... doesn't the matter of the male clerics and the use of Arabic bring up another more important matter - a need for reforming Islam, a faith that presently has no heirarchy and no "supervised" guidelines

... more

Posted at 9:07 AM

Mugabe's Thirst for the Perfect Tyranny

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has dismantled his country through reforms that have given his party control and wealth while impoverishing the common citizen. He wants more, much more:President Robert Mugabe is consolidating his grip on Zimbabwe through new autocratic laws that analysts say are calculated to cripple opposition to the veteran leader's 26-year-rule and muzzle criticism over the imploding economy. Mugabe's multi-pronged strategy to silence dissent includes attempts to spy on private email and telephone messages, the jamming of private radio stations broadcasting to Zimbabwe, and restricting civic and opposition groups by branding legitimate resistance to Mugabe's rule "terrorism". Alois... ... more

Posted at 12:24 AM

July 27, 2006

Answering Questions on the Democratic Peace

A number of questions about the democratic peace were raised on Dean's World, where I cross posted my "'Thug Regimes?' Really?" These are important and in answering them I want to further clarify the democratic peace. (Continued here)... ... more

Posted at 10:10 PM

On Changing The Rules - A New Agenda For Dealing With The Islamists

It is absolutely imperative that the West join as one voice and change the rules of order for dealing with militant Islam. We need a new agenda, and the agenda must be less talk, and much more action.

... more

Posted at 5:30 PM

Hizbollahstan: How an Israeli Cindy Sheehan and the Four Mothers movement pushed the Lebanon retreat that plunged Israel into war

The website of the Four Mothers group, which spearheaded Israel's Lebanon retreat, is a case study in defeatism and denial.

... more

Posted at 4:55 PM

China to Christians: 'We Will Break You'

China Aid Association learned 4 well-known House Church Leaders in Sichuan were formally sentenced to 2 years re-education through Labor July 25, 2006. The PSB of Langzhong City delivered the sentence document to the official village offices where the four pastors reside. However, none of the pastor's family members have received these papers yet. The four Pastors LI Ming, WANG Yuan, LI Mingbo and JIN Jirong are major leaders of the Chinese House Church Alliance. They were detained June 27 after they went to the local police station to try to free the other 14 Christians who were arrested during... ... more

Posted at 3:32 PM

Video Shows Hezbollah "Katyusha" Rocket Launchers In Civilian Population

Hezbullah hides rocket launchers in heavily crowded civilian areas (video)

... more

Posted at 3:21 PM

Al-Zawahri: "War Is For Sake of God And Will Last Until Islam Prevails'

America, you are already in the war, the only question is whether or not you engage it properly in time to survive.

... more

Posted at 12:54 PM

JP: 'Nasrallah is in Damascus'

... if the report is true, Nasrallah is in Syria to avoid getting killed by the Israelis, and that Hezbollah is under the direction of Iran.

... more

Posted at 12:21 PM

Breaking: Abbas Says Gilad Release Could Be 'Imminent' ???

CNN just announced that the release of Corporal Gilead Shalit is "imminent".

... more

Posted at 11:36 AM

Kofi - The Anti-Semetic Putz

At the very least, he's inept as a diplomat and an anti-semetic putz.

... more

Posted at 10:53 AM

July 26, 2006

Schoolyard Antics

Komati's admission was troubling for four reasons. It was probably untrue, since Hizbullah almost certainly factored in what the Israelis might do when it planned the soldiers' abduction; the admission was designed to shift blame away from Hizbullah, since if it had known about the Israeli response ...

... more

Posted at 11:51 PM

What About That 1953 CIA Iranian Coup?

In a comment on one of my blogs, Mahathir Fan says: I stated that the last time the United States government overthrew an Iranian government, back in 1953, it destroyed a democracy and instituted a dictatorship. Instead of removing the chains of tyranny from the Iranian people, it helped to put them on, and helped keep them on for the 26 years that the Shah remained in power. Therefore, it would be impossible for the Iranian people to believe that any American intervention could lead to their freedom. There is no doubt that in 1953 the CIA engineered a coup... ... more

Posted at 10:05 PM

Canadian General: UN Observer Post Used By Hizballah

... that's a favorite trick by people who don't have representation in the UN. They use the UN as shields knowing that they can't be punished for it.

... more

Posted at 6:55 PM

Lebanon: So Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Catch his insightful two cents worth on this subject...

... more

Posted at 5:26 PM

Is The UN Spying For Hezbollah???

Would this be the first time that UN facilities have been used by the terrorists? Absolutely not ....

... more

Posted at 5:19 PM

WTC: A Must See Movie

Better check the temperature in Hell. The impossible has happened. Oliver Stone is redeemed.... ... more

Posted at 3:33 PM

Mugabe's Tyranny Now on Display

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe shocked the world by a distasteful display of extravagance amid a mounting crisis of hunger and poverty caused by his "economic reforms":Zimbabweans watching the opening of a new session of parliament were astonished to see that the colonial-era chamber had been totally revamped, in what state television said were "cultural reforms". Mr Mugabe - who has never hidden his admiration of the British Royal Family - sat on a ceremonial chair newly draped in leopard skin, a traditional sign of royalty in Zimbabwe. His chair was flanked by two huge elephant tusks, a stuffed leopard and two... ... more

Posted at 12:36 PM

Burka Band - Burka Blue

This has been around since May, but if you haven't already seen it, you don't want to miss this.

... more

Posted at 12:32 PM

Israel Expresses Regret About Killing of UN Peacekeepers

... there's no question that Kofi has openly revealed his deep and ongoing bias against Israel, and has once again contributed to his own irrevalence and that of the UN's.

... more

Posted at 12:00 PM

Israel Attacking Hezbollah Banks In Lebanon

The message is for all the Lebanese banks," says Brig. Gen. Dani Arditi, advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister for Counterterrorism. "Assistance to Hezbollah is direct assistance to terrorist organizations."

... more

Posted at 7:57 AM

July 25, 2006

Ignorance was bliss

A senior Hezbollah official said Tuesday the civilian targeting suicide bombing terrorists guerrillas did not expect Israel to react with an all-out offensive after the capture of two soldiers, the first acknowledgment by the group that it had miscalculated the consequences of the raid two weeks ago. (Hezbollah is playing checkers in a game of chess, thinking that an assault on Israel's terrority would give them an advantage at the negotiating table.) While the UN repairs roads for Hezbollah, the terrorist organization promised to fire more rockets into Israel's civilian population. Meanwhile, Kofi Annan, the oil-for-food guru, has all but... ... more

Posted at 10:57 PM

Israel, Palestinians, Lebanon--A War among Democracies?

There is considerable violence -- what some are calling a war -- between the democratically elected Hamas Palestinian government and democratic Israel; and Israel is engaged in a war with Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon, which apparently had a democratic election in May, 2005. Is this a falsification of the democratic peace theory that democracies don't make war on each other? (Continued here)... ... more

Posted at 10:07 PM

The Israeli Response To Hezbollah And The Lebanese "Civilian Casualties" Crisis.

Faced with an open act of aggression, the killing of its soldiers in an unprovoked incursion into Israel and the kidnapping of the two surviving ones by Hezbollah, Israel has acted with the kind of sovereign backbone, and moral integrity ...

... more

Posted at 10:01 PM

About The Iranian Revolutionary Guard And That Tunnel Network In Lebanon

.... the bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers who were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon have been transported to Syria and flown to Tehran

... more

Posted at 6:31 PM

Oil-for-food: It just keeps getting worse

During the seven years of the United Nation's oil-for-food debacle, $64.2 billion of Iraqi oil was exported while Saddam Hussein skimmed billions. He circumvented sanctions by smuggling oil to neighbors, including Turkey, Jordan and Syria and used the program to "buy influence" by rewarding supporters around the world with contracts to buy cheap Iraqi oil or supply Iraq with goods at inflated prices. A new report from Sweden (HT: CaptainsQuarters) shows that the UN had full knowledge and evidence of the Oil-For-Food program's corruption, but chose to do nothing about it:An unidentified Swedish company informed the country's embassy in Amman,... ... more

Posted at 12:58 PM

Good Questions - Great Perspective

Many Muslims view their children as nothing more than walking bombs.

... more

Posted at 12:06 PM

The World has Seen this Before

Nazism in Tyre? HT: LGF via Hyscience... ... more

Posted at 11:45 AM

Israel's Aggressive Plan

There can no longer be a Hezbollah:SPIEGEL: Madam Minister, after Hezbollah attacked a patrol and kidnapped two soldiers, your government launched a military offensive that you defend as your right to self defense. But what does the bombing of Beirut have to do with a right to self defense? Livni: The legitimacy of our answer relies on the size of the threat and not a specific attack. Hezbollah as a real threat to us is a fact that is acknowledged by the entire world. Sheik Nasrallah wants to assume the position of a provocateur to prevent peace in the area... ... more

Posted at 11:06 AM

Rice to Hezbollah: agree or be defeated

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is proposing an ambitious plan with up to two international military forces that would help the Lebanese government stabilize the situation in southern Lebanon, Lebanese political sources said. Elements of Rice's proposal include the following: A cease-fire followed by putting an international force of up to 10,000 Turkish and Egyptian troops under a NATO or U.N. commander into southern Lebanon. An additional international force of up to 30,000 troops that would help the Lebanese government regain control over the southern part of the country, where the Shiite militia Hezbollah now... ... more

Posted at 11:03 AM

July 24, 2006

Nasrallah: Lebanese Government Knew of Hezbollah Plans

If true, did the Lebanese government commit a de facto act of war by proxy - just like Iran?

... more

Posted at 11:55 PM

Lesbollah? Where else but San Francisco ?

Like "Shehan moments" - the odd and the perverted always come out of the woodwork whenever there's limelight to be had.

... more

Posted at 11:04 PM

"Thug Regimes?" Really?

I have used the terms, "thug regimes," or "gangs of thugs" for the governments of absolute dictatorships. Are they such in reality, or am I just trying to further my democratic peace agenda by tearing down these nondemocracies. I know some readers believe I am exaggerating. I'm also aware of the bias in our culture toward a positive view of "government," consistent with its Greek root that means "steersman," "pilot," "governor," or "rudder." And since those governments I am calling thug regimes have legitimate, internationally recognized authority, it is difficult for many to accept this label as other than political... ... more

Posted at 9:52 PM

Iran caught red handed in smuggling nuclear material

Bulgaria stopped at its border with Romania - a truck filled with radiocative material destined to Iran.

... more

Posted at 8:48 PM

A History of Violence: How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict

The most recent military engagement conducted by Israel has occurred as a reaction to Hezbollah's "Operation Truthful Promise," an oath to reclaim Lebanese prisoners by capturing Israeli soldiers and forcing an exchange. How poetically scrupulous in intent. In the process of accomplishing this valiant mission, eight Israeli soldiers were killed and two were kidnapped. Enter the current state of affairs.

... more

Posted at 7:51 PM

Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Wants To Fight Israel In Lebanon - Just Another Day In The War With Iran And Radical Islam

Every major Islamic fascist leader, from heads of states to heads of al Qaeda and Hizbollah, has openly identified the United States as their prime target, and repeatedly promises the creation of a new, global, "caliphate" where Islamic fascism will rule mankind.

... more

Posted at 10:36 AM

Zimbabwe Tyrants Seek Big Brother Monitoring System

The government of Zimbabwe is well-known for human rights violations, religious and political persecution, and mass corruption. President Robert Mugabe single handedly destroyed the economy and sent his nation into mass unemployment, poverty and hunger while at the same time declining humanitarian relief. The free press was shut down and his political opponents were targeted, some arrested right before the last elections. The price of bread went up by more than 30 percent in Zimbabwe yesterday, throwing the basic commodity far beyond the reach of many people struggling to make ends meet in the country. There is much more. The... ... more

Posted at 5:44 AM

Hezbollah Terrorists Running Out Of Rockets?

MI - reflecting its latest strategic assessment - believes that the Islamist group has already been dealt a severe blow by the IDF operation launched 12 days ago

... more

Posted at 1:33 AM

July 23, 2006

To My Arab Brothers (From An Egyptian Arab)

Interesting and important opine from an Arab perspective.

... more

Posted at 6:20 PM

Why is Resupplying Israel Suddenly a Bad Idea?

The New York Times compares the United States to Iran in an article that undermines the planned U.S. supply of Israel:The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others because of the appearance that the United States is actively aiding the Israeli bombing campaign in a way that could be compared to Iran's efforts to arm and resupply Hezbollah.The ridiculous comparison is accented by the paper's sole use of anonymous sources and implicit bias against resupplying an American... ... more

Posted at 3:52 AM

July 22, 2006

The Secret Israeli Agenda And "Nasrallah Has A Plan! He Knows What He's Doing!"

Some interesting insight from Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred ...

... more

Posted at 10:23 PM

July 21, 2006

Terrorist-Supporting Muslims

Hezbollah may be the 'A-Team of Terrorists' and maybe al-Qaeda is actually the 'B' team.

... more

Posted at 6:09 PM

CAIR Soliciting Accounts of U.S. Injuries In Lebanon

CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and to convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran...

... more

Posted at 5:50 PM

July 20, 2006

'The Islamic Thinkers' Bullshit Society

While they may disclaim the methods which Osama bin Laden uses, they do not disclaim his goals. The group wishes to install Taliban like government in all Muslim countries unified under a single Caliphate. Eventually the group wishes to see a global Caliphate replacing the nation-state system.

... more

Posted at 10:04 PM

World War III--Abolitionists Versus Slavery Part III

Here, I am responding to the comments on my World War III--It's Abolitionists Versus Slavery," cross-posted on Dean's World. Annoying Old Guy said: It's WWIV. WWIII was the Cold War. RJR: I've made this point about the Cold War myself, but when participating in a debate I think it best to stick to the terms used to avoid confusion, such as "World War III." Otherwise, one gets involved in side issues. Jeffrey Boser said: I'm sorry Rudy, but it feels very much like you're trying to attach your agenda to the War-On-Terrorism fad. You use incitable words like 'slavery' where... ... more

Posted at 10:01 PM

Hezbollah Threatens U.S. - And They're Already Here

We can recognize the threat of radical Islam and its movers and shakers, groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, and the enablers Iran and Syria, or suffer the fate of sheep to slaughter.

... more

Posted at 12:13 AM

July 19, 2006

World War III--Abolitionists Versus Slavery Part II

My calling the people of absolute dictatorships civil slaves has occasioned some comments important enough to respond to here and in Part III. An exchange with Walter W. Cox (published with permission): I have been wondering...if this line of thought really passes a "reality check." What got me to thinking about it is this: I know that I would MUCH rather be a citizen of the People's Republic of China, or of Putin's Russia, than a slave in the American South circa 1850. Even though the Chinese and the Russians, like other unfree peoples, lack political freedom, they still enjoy... ... more

Posted at 9:59 PM

July 18, 2006

Democide Galore--Iran Says "Kill Them All"

Part of the problem in communicating the nature of our enemies and their depths of depravity is finding the right words to describe the horrors they inflict on people. The following from an article, "Khomeini fatwa 'led to killing of 30,000 in Iran'" by the diplomatic correspondent Chrisina Lamb, helps (link here). I am reposting it from 3/6/05: Children as young as 13 were hanged from cranes, six at a time, in a barbaric two-month purge of Iran's prisons on the direct orders of Ayatollah Khomeini, according to a new book by his former deputy. More than 30,000 political prisoners... ... more

Posted at 8:01 PM

July 17, 2006

World War III--It's Abolitionists Versus Slavery

We are engaged in World War III, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has pointed out on NBC's "Meet the Press." A few days before on Hannity & Colmes (7/13/06), he made clear who the enemy is: "The core decision we make -- and this needs to be a national debate and a worldwide debate -- is between those of us who believe we're in a war between civilization and terrorism, whether it is state terrorism in North Korea, Syria and Iran or non-state terrorism in Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda or whether in fact our job is to appease... ... more

Posted at 10:28 PM

Is It Israel Against Hezbollah Or The West Against Islamofascism And Arab Appetite?

Either this is the begining of the end of Islamofascism, or its the begining of the end of civilization.

... more

Posted at 10:13 AM

July 13, 2006

Relevant Words From Paine's Common Sense

Relevant Words From Paine's Common Sense The following is from Thomas Paine's 1776 Common Sense, a pamphlet very influential on the side of the American Revolution. Within a few weeks of its publication, over 100,000 copies were sold. Paul Johnson in his A History of the American People claims "it was the most successful and influential pamphlet ever published." (p. 154) We are now in revolutionary times of a different order than he wrote about. The battle for the freedom and independence of the American colonies from Great Britain was won. We are now engaged in another battle, this time... ... more

Posted at 10:16 PM

Is Hizbollah's Military Chief Mugniya The 'Smoking Gun' Linking Iran To Kidnappings?

... intelligence sources indicate that only a well-prepared hizballah's operation by this man can create such a situation.

... more

Posted at 6:13 PM

July 12, 2006

Emancipation Proclamation On Slavery Today

Having established that a quarter of the world's people are slaves, I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would do about this. Perhaps he would write a modern version of his Emancipation Proclamation, such as the one below. I have based it on Lincoln's February 22, 1861 Address in Independence Hall, June 16, 1858 House Divided Speech, April 6, 1859 Letter to Henry L. Pierce, and his January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. (continued here.... ... more

Posted at 10:08 PM

July 11, 2006

Today 2,387,300,000 People Are Slaves

I have often stated that those living under absolute dictatorships are enslaved. This may seem to be metaphorical, an exaggeration to make a point. It is not. It is a literal expression of life under these ruling gangs. But, I have not taken the time definitively to establish this, so I will do so now. The common belief is that a slave is one who is not only the property of another, but one who may be bought or sold--traditional chattel slavery. Not necessarily so. My Bible on definitional matters is The Oxford English Dictionary. It defines a "slave" as:... ... more

Posted at 10:09 PM

9/11 Denialist To Teach MIHOP Theory At University Of Wisconsin

MaxedOutMamma says If you want to laugh, if you want to laugh until you cry, if you want to keep laughing at odd and inappropriate moments until you die.... you must read Ann Althouse's post about the "Islamic studies" lecturer hired by the University of Wisconsin who plans to devote a full week of his class to the MIHOP theory [the idea that US government forces Made It (9/11) Happen On Purpose]. MOM has the story and the links... And for some additional laughs, check out Viva Le Canada.... ... more

Posted at 8:01 PM

Video: British Islamist Defends London bombings

Once upon a time, "We the People" were crass enough to have repelled German blitzkrieg, defied Japanese sneak attack and even to have combated Soviet disinformation. Now, "We the Peoples" are enlightened to the point where we send armies out for years to fight generic terror -- no matter how specifically Islamist that terror is.

... more

Posted at 7:55 PM

CAIR: Just Another Pissant Islamofascist Apologist For Islamic Terror

Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's spokesperson, and CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad, are both on record stating they want the U.S. to be Islamic under sharia law. As a result, critics say CAIR's real agenda is to Islamize America.

... more

Posted at 7:49 PM

July 9, 2006

'Dead Man's Chest' Has Largest Opening In Hollywood History ?

And what drives Americans to the theaters in droves? Not a movie of any cultural, historical, religious, political, or societal importance - rather, a movie of complete non-sensical hogwash.

... more

Posted at 6:28 PM

A Better Organization of Rummel's Blog Achive

I have reorganized my topical blog archive so that posts on the democratic peace are not only easier to find by proposition, but so that the structure of the democratic peace is easier to see. The major outline of the organization is given below:... ... more

Posted at 3:33 PM

Iran Tells IAEA Chief El-Baradei To Fire Inspector 'That Knew Too Much' - And He Does! (The IAEA Tried To Prevent Publication Of This Article)

When the IAEA Chief fires the most experienced and outspoken "bomb inspector" the UN has - because Iran asked him to, that's a very big problem for the world community. Especially when he says that Iran is making a nuclear bomb.

... more

Posted at 9:04 AM

July 8, 2006

On "The Declaration of Freedom of Humanity"

On "The Declaration of Freedom of Humanity" On "The Declaration of Freedom of Humanity" which I also posted on Dean's World, Jos Metadi made this comment: "Endowed by nature with certain unalienable Rights"? Sorry, nature endows no rights other than might makes right, the right to do whatever someone else can't stop you from doing. Rights are either a creation of a sovereign God, or the creation of a group/civilization and are alienable dependent upon inclusion in that group and acceptance of its social order. Rather than putting this in terms of a "creator," which the Declaration of Independence does,... ... more

Posted at 1:31 PM

July 7, 2006

Is Islam Misrepresented? Perhaps Not!

A longstanding Islamic practice is to be meek while weak and assume despotic intolerant power as it gains strength.

... more

Posted at 1:27 PM

July 4, 2006

Not The New York Times

And this is not the edition of Internet Haganah you were supposed to be seeing today. What we were planning on featuring was a new report from the Society for Internet Research - the first public report from SoFIR to be released in a year. The report details how the "proliferation of jihadist websites" can be linked to the activities of just a few individuals. The report is based entirely on open sources of information or intelligence we gathered on our own. However, in addition to a certain amount of peer review, we also provided a draft of the report... ... more

Posted at 9:21 PM

Some Fourth Of July 'Food For Thought'

Muslims are taught to believe that the source of legitimacy of any government lies not in the people, which is what the Declaration of Independence declares, but in the will or whim of Allah - as interpreted by men, often in terms expressed for their own purposes and agendas.

... more

Posted at 3:48 PM

Happy Independence Day America

It is Independence Day -- an independence that was and is drenched in the blood of our citizens who were and are willing to die for freedom from tyranny, and to maintain liberty.

... more

Posted at 3:18 PM

July 3, 2006

Three Cheers for the United States of America

[Note: this is a slightly revised version of what I posted last July 4, 2005] There now is a force in this world doing systematically what we all want done: eliminating democide and its aggressive forces, while trying to supplant it with its solution--democracy. In 1999, the United States and its NATO allies saved Kosovo from the Slobodan Milosevic regime's mass murder. It had used its military, and paramilitary forces to slaughter about 10,000 Kosovo Albanians and drive out of the country perhaps a million of these poor people. The American and allied intervention also paved the way for... ... more

Posted at 10:22 PM

July 2, 2006

The enigma of Islam: The two faces of Muhammad

They can't both be correct, because that would mean that there are two Muhammads and two Qurans - that Muhammad was like two different persons at two different times and the Quran is like two contradictory books pasted together.

... more

Posted at 11:35 PM

Islam Then And Now: 'Using Political Correctness To Protect Islamists And Limit Free Speech'

Rather than blame the potential victim for fearing his would-be executioner, Muslims would do better to ponder how Islamists have transformed their faith into an ideology celebrating murder (Al-Qaeda: "You love life, we love death") and develop strategies to redeem their religion by combating this morbid totalitarianism.

... more

Posted at 11:26 AM

July 1, 2006

IAF Warplanes Strike Haniyeh's Office in Gaza - So Where's The 'Real' Palistinian Control?

THE Palestinians have a bitter joke: What would happen if the Palestinian Authority disappeared? The answer: How could you tell?

... more

Posted at 9:54 PM

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