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October 9, 2006

Harry Reid Has A Short Memory : He Forgets The Clinton Appeasement Program For North Korea - That Didn't Work!

300px-Great_Leader_Comrade_Kim_Jong_Il_(122).jpgHarry Reid has jumped right in line with what Democrats do whenever anything happens - they blame Bush, it's always Bush's fault, they simply parrot the Democratic line. Now, according to the limp-brained parrot Reid, North Korea's nuclear test is the fault of Bush's policies.

Spree, at Wake Up America, has a little reminder for Reid and his Democratic, weak on defense, strong on talking the talk but not walking the walk, Democrats:

The Clinton appeasement program for North Korea included hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, food, oil and even a nuclear reactor. However, the agreement was flawed and lacked even the most informal means of verification.

In return, Kim elected to starve his people while using the American aid to build uranium bombs. The lowest estimate is that Kim starved to death over 1 million of his own people, even with the U.S. aid program.

OneFreeKorea has all the facts on the Clinton misdeeds involving North Korea (one has to be specific here, there are so many to choose from), including the fact that N.Korea was gathering the material to build a nuke DURING Clinton's regime.

And then there's always Jimmy Carter, but I don't think even Harry Reid wants to go there.

Posted by Abdul at October 9, 2006 1:54 PM

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