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October 11, 2006

Our 'World' War Is With Radical Islam

After reading Althor's post addressing what the American media and citizenry focuses on amidst a time when the entire world is enveloped in conflict, I came across a piece in The American Thinker entitled, "Mark Foley is Not Important," that addresses the same issue while offering the additional perspective of putting the scandal in the context of the ongoing world war against jihadism - radical Islam - Islamic extremists:

... While the Democrats may wish to bury themselves in Foley's underpants, or whatever convenient scandal they can easily find amongst the venal in D.C., I can't keep my mind off the fact that the Jihadists around the world have repeatedly, loudly, forcefully announced that they are determined to take over the world. Nor do I feel that one can dismiss these as the ravings of lunatics. While it's doubtful whether they can actually succeed in their quest for world domination, there is no question but that they are trying their hardest to achieve this goal.

To date, while they've fallen well shy of their world domination goal, the Jihadists have drawn blood in every corner of the globe. As an American, 9/11 and the recent depredations committed against American troops in Iraq stand out most strongly in my mind. In many ways, though, America has been the smallest battle in the war only the Republicans recognize. While the bloodiest single attack was that committed on the Twin Towers, there have been other murderous attacks in the four corners of the earth, all of which bear the Jihadist fingerprint. Just a short list of recent attacks would have to include Spain ; East Africa (bombings that were also directed against Americans); Bali; Beslan; Sudan, where the Islamists started by slaughtering Christians and are now merrily killing their co-religionists; London; and, over and over again, India. The ongoing war against Israel, of course, stands in a class by itself.

... The bottom line for me, a line that transcends all the other differences between the two parties' style and substance, is that one party (the Republican Party) recognizes the biggest Islamic threat the West has faced since 1683, and the other party has its head in the sand (that would be the Democrats). In the upcoming elections, anything that distracts us from this fundamental issue, including Foley's folly, is irrelevant.

We need to remember that practically every nation in the world is having problems with the Islamic extremists - the jihadists that want to kill everyone that doesn't submit to their brand of Islam. It's time we recognize that we are indeed at war with radical Islam and the states that support it, and while there are other issues that affect us, only the world-wide war with radical Islam and the Islamist ideology can permenantly take both our freedoms and our lives..

To help you realize this and never forget it, here's a little reminder that was put together back in July of this year:

Here's some related reading to go along with the video and the above links:

Posted by Richard at October 11, 2006 8:03 PM

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