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October 4, 2006

Is 'You Tube' Managed By Jihadist-Supporting Leftist Dhimmis?

It certainly appears so, check out Michelle Malkins video letter to the "You Tube" management:

(Video player requires Flash Player.)

Charles at Little Green Footballs says the same thing is going on over at Digg:

"The ignorant lefties who frequent Digg ("I don't know anything about CAIR but LGF is a racist hate site just like Stormfront!") are having a major hate-fest about us, in an article linked to our story about CAIR's efforts to shut down a Minnesota radio station's humorous skit."
I think we can accurately state that "Digg" and "You Tube" management have joined those "legions of Americans and Europeans who are wilfully blind and deaf to the reality of radical Islam," and "continue to insist that the violence of Muslim terrorists, despite being despicable, must yet be explained by reference to some "root causes" linked with the history of Western colonial imperialism."

We can also say, with a great degree of accuracy, that they are indeed, as Salem Mansur would say, "useful idiots" (in Lenin's memorable phrase) who give pause to the vast majority of Muslims -- in particular those in North America and Europe -- whose silence in the face of evil feeds the bloodlust of Muslim terrorists.

Related: You'll find much more on Michelle's letter to You Tube management at "Banned on YouTube."

You can see the Michelle's video that was banned on You Tube, here.

Posted by Richard at October 4, 2006 12:01 PM

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