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October 5, 2006

Spencer on the Redeker death threats at Hotair


Today's Jihad Watch videoblog at Hotair deals with the strange contradictions of the death threats against French philosophy teacher Robert Redeker (Hot tip - Jihad Watch).

Via Telos: Redeker has been described as a high school teacher in Toulouse, which is true. He is also the author of some ten books and numerous article publications, listed on his c.v. He has written for Le Monde as well as for Le Figaro (so he cannot be cast simply as conservative); indeed he is an editorial board member of Les Temps Modernes.

Free thinking, its defense and the threats to its survival open the essay which resulted in Redeker having to go into hiding:

The reactions following upon the analysis by Benedict XVI of Islam and violence are part of the efforts pursued by this Islam to stifle that most precious good of the West which does not exist in any Muslim country: the freedom of thought and expression. Islam is trying to impose its rules on Europe: special women-only hours in swimming pools, prohibitions of caricatures of this religion, the need for special dietary treatment for Muslim children in cafeterias, the battle for the veil in schools, and accusations of Islamophobia against free spirits.
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Posted by Richard at October 5, 2006 6:51 PM

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