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October 11, 2006

Media Sensationalism, "Elite" Media Bias, And The "Banality" Of The American Conservative Majority: How It Is Affecting The Upcoming Elections!

When a little over a year ago all the news outlets, in particular the cable news channels, began their "wall to wall" coverage of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba (which lasted months), I often raised my voice against the idiocy of devoting such an inordinate amount of coverage to what, though tragic, amounted to nothing more nor less than just one more personal, family, tragedy, blown out of all proportion by the media with its over-the-top coverage, into a media event! This, at the expense of neglecting far more sobering, and ominous issues and developments impacting all of our lives; including the terrorist Islamic Jihadist threat, the war in Iraq, and the mounting nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea.

I remember that I "exaggeratedly" (to illustrate the point) used to admonish in frustration in my posts at the time, about how we would all be watching "re-runs" on our television sets of Natalee's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, being interviewed for the "umpteenth" time (in as a many shows, and weeks), by Greta on Fox, the day the North Koreans nuked Anchorage or Seattle; while we just sat there lulled... "stupefied" watching Beth whine.

Well, I'm not going so far as to to say, "I told you so," and fortunately the Koreans haven't launched the missiles yet, as the latest developments starkly point out - they are sure working on it, and all the while the American populace has mostly ignored the threat.

All sorts of developments were taking place at the time of Natalee's disappearance all around the world: from the war in Iraq, to the London terrorist bombings; to killer floods in India, and an earthquake in Kashmir that left hundreds of thousands dead and over half a million homeless; to all other sorts of sundry natural disasters and calamities; floods, massive hurricanes, wars, turmoil, and terrorist threats; including the nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea! And what did we, the "electorate," do?!?! We sat down night after night to see the stagnant melodrama unfold, watching Beth Twitty repeating her same old mantra of accusations, allegations, and innuendos. This, in spite of the fact that to this day there is an overwhelming lack of evidence that even a crime was committed - much less for authorities anywhere to be able to convict "anyone" of it; aside, of course, from the "glare in your face" obvious fact that Natalee is missing.

But the point is, that the media turned the tragedy into a huge "media circus," with daily "soap opera" installments, and cameras following Beth Twitty all around, "traipsing through Aruba," with the "ubiquitous" cameras after her; as if instead of a mother grieving her lost child, it became little more than a sordid TV reality show. Needless to say the "ratings" were great...while, verily, "nuclear swords" hovered over our heads. Yet, in all fairness, though carried a bit more to an "extreme" in the Holloway case, this was not exclusive to it. The same happened in the case of John Mark Karr, and others.

And fter all the Aruba hype had died down, the media debauched us with the nightly going-ons of the Duke Lacrosse "rape of a prostitute" fiasco when apparently the drunken students that hired the woman did not pay enough for her professional services; indulged our morbosity with other sundry salacious tabloid headlines on our television screens while still ignoring many less sensationalist, yet important, issues; and again, even made all the recent commotion about that sick, mentally disturbed, child predator - pedophile, John Mark Karr for endless weeks.

John Mark Karr, however, not only unbelievably wound up "scott-free" after all the "brouhaha" about his false, "delusional," involvement in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, and afterwards of his child pornography charges in California; but got himself a "Business Class seat" on his extradition flight out of Thailand, where he'd gone to indulge in his revolting pedophiliac practices of having sex with children, with an in-flight "Gourmet Filet Mignon and Lobster Dinner" served with "Chardonnay," while being surrounded by swarms of "fawning" reporters into the bargain; and is now awaiting to become a "rich, sick, pedophile," after he signs a book deal about the whole unbelievably fumbled and sordid story.

And one has to pertinently ask: Where is the naive "banality" of our electorate going to lead us when our "conservative" electorate is the most prone to be distracting itself with all these tabloid cases?

While many conservatives naively followed all these "made for TV tabloid reportages" the Democrats have waged an unrelenting campaign against President Bush, his Administration, and its policies; which has aided our enemies in Iraq by providing them with ample "propaganda" fodder to discredit the efforts of the U.S. internationally, and has emboldened radical Islamist terrorists the world over, to join the worldwide "Jihad".

It's not, as the Democrats disingenuously say, the "war in Iraq" which has inflamed Jihadist passions, so much as it has been the on-going unrelenting barrage of negative coverage by the "Elite" media, and the constant whining, criticism, and condemning of the Democrats in Washington, constantly trumpeted in the media, about everything concerning the war in Iraq and President Bush's policies! The Democrats and their "pet" media have been indulging in a public campaign orgy of disparaging remarks, of defamation, and of misinformation against President bush and the Administration, in their heedless "vendetta" to undermine and embarrass them, for no other reason than base political purposes.

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Posted by Althor at October 11, 2006 4:40 PM

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