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July 2008

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July 24, 2008

Democratic Leadership Stands In The Way Of Drilling

As the WSJ points out, the moronic Nancy Pelosi, screwball Harry Reid and other liberal leaders on Capitol Hill are gripped by cold-sweat terror, knowing that if they permit a vote on offshore drilling they will lose when Blue Dogs and oil-patch Democrats defect to the GOP position of increasing domestic energy production. So what do they do? They fall back to their last failsafe and shut down Congress:Majority Leader Reid has decided that deliberation is too taxing for "the world's greatest deliberative body." This week he cut off serious energy amendments to his antispeculation bill. Then Senate Appropriations baron... ... more

Posted at 12:43 PM

CEO Of Democratic National Convention Is A Marxist

The head of the DNC's religious outreach, Leah Daughtry who, in addition to believing that God finds abortion acceptable, is a believer in the same Marxist "Black Liberation Theology" preached by Reverend Wright. As if that's not bad enough, this Marxist is also the CEO of the Democratic National Convention! As Henry Lamb wrote in his October 8, 2007 Canada Free Press article entitled, "Are the Communists Coming?" : [...] "It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between the agenda of the Democratic party, and the agenda of the Communist Party. Joelle Fishman, Chair, Political Action Committee, CPUSA, says, "Our... ... more

Posted at 12:42 PM

July 14, 2008

It May (or may not) Have Been Meant To Be Satire .....

However, you have to admit ....; ... there's an extraordinary ring of truth to it, is there not? Think of the Obamas in the Oval Office, away from the public, cutting loose for the first time since the election, laughing together, and revealing their true selves. So is it satire or insight? Like I said, I don't see a problem here - except, of course, that it's a typical Muslim reaction to a cartoon. As a commenter wrote at Lucianne.com: "Michelle as "Professor" Angela Davis? Barack Hussein as Bobby Seale? The problem? And then there are these interesting tidbits about... ... more

Posted at 10:26 AM

July 7, 2008

Undercover Detective Exposes Jihadist Activity In New York Mosques

.... no surprise here, just move along and continue pretending American mosques are all about peace.... ... more

Posted at 2:25 PM

July 2, 2008

Fundraisers for Al-Qaeda detained in Spain

From BFFW: The detained were Algerian-born and were linked to terrorists in United Kingdom. British agents have been cooperating with Spanish counterterrorist services in the development of this operation, named "Emir". Since 2005, the Spanish Civil Guard was following the steps of this cell who was sending funds for terrorist organizations linked to Al Qaeda since 2005 in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Algeria. The arrested (in Huelva, Lepe, Azcoitia and Isla Antilla) obtained the funding by selling different falsified products, among all documents and wearing outfits. They used to send it in small amounts, always under 2,400€ to avoid investigations... ... more

Posted at 11:37 AM

July 1, 2008

3 Ways to Lower Gas Prices

As gas prices continue to increase, Congress continues to blame others while ignoring practical steps to stop the pain Americans are feeling at the pump. To lower gasoline prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we need real solutions to our energy challenges. Go to: Drill Here - Drill Now - So we can all Pay Less. And pass it around! Today, Oil prices end down after topping $143 a barrel.... ... more

Posted at 5:02 PM

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