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"We're deploying the president where he can be most helpful..." "Deploying" - an interesting use ... discuss

Bet you didn't know the prez was such a jokester did ya! Yesterday morning Battlefield USA posted t ... discuss

Breitbart - Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Frida ... discuss

"Cpl Cirillo's journey home from #Ottawa to #Hamilton now underway. Pay your respects along the #hig ... discuss

The politics of Ebola - Hyscience Oct 23, 2014, 10:00 pm
Hussein Obama has had to back off on being front and center on the subject. Might hurt the democrat ... discuss

From POTRBlog - Outbound Ebola Air Flight Indicates Another Ebola Victim Is Headed To USA For Treatm ... discuss

... discuss

The gunman was described as "dressed all in black with a scarf over his face" when he murdered Cpl. ... discuss

In the video they refer to "Dark Winter." The Dark Winter exercise (June of 2001) portrayed a fic ... discuss

The end always justifies the means doesn't it? ... discuss

We will never know but it is my opinion Bush Sr. believed in what he was selling. I believe his son ... discuss

"The United States and the west generally we have to educate ourselves more effectively uh on islam ... discuss

As well it should. Charlie Crist, the unprincipled 'Repubiican turned Indeptendent turned Democrat', ... discuss

Transparency? You got it! - Hyscience Oct 20, 2014, 10:00 am
All the transparency you could possibly want - but not until after the Election Fairy commeth! Or, m ... discuss

Trending: Ebola commercials! - Hyscience Oct 20, 2014, 10:00 am
Personally? I don't think this subject will be funny - ever. ... discuss

I like. I don't even know Mr. Bakari but if he's got Mr. Bundy's endorsement, that's good enough fo ... discuss

Aside from the Drudge Report which we all know, Matt has a lesser known twitter account where he is ... discuss

If this had not been reported in the Washington Examiner I would have thought that Judicial Watch ha ... discuss

... discuss

Or maybe Benghazi, IRS, Veterans. Maybe the newspapers forgot to give him his daily briefing. Coul ... discuss

Law vs Anti-Law - Hyscience Oct 17, 2014, 3:00 pm
Guest post by Dr. Robert Owens America was founded upon the principles of Natural Law. The Progres ... discuss

How much more people? Bunkerville - Obama DHS Now EXPEDITING Visa Requests From Ebola-Infected Co ... discuss

Oh Mitter Bill - no, no, no....... But - there does not seem to be any other way to read this - Af ... discuss

From Henry in the comments section at Jon Rappaport's site - "A man with Ebola comes to Dallas ... discuss

I'm not fond of Ann Coulter, conservative or not. That's not to say she isn't very, very smart. Qu ... discuss

Rush Limbaugh used the word Ebolaphobe yesterday. As Americans watch the goings on surrounding this ... discuss

Ebola - What are the odds? - Hyscience Oct 15, 2014, 8:00 am
Here a story that brings to mind the word tragedy, or the words cruel fate, or maybe - strange coinc ... discuss

Judge Jeanine spent a lot of time on her show yesterday probing every which way trying to get answer ... discuss

Getting ahead of myself this morning? Maybe, but the evil surrounding this Ebola c*** brings out le ... discuss

... discuss

Now don't cheat! - Hyscience Oct 11, 2014, 8:00 pm
Which one is a photoshop? It just crossed my mind that both might be. Question is WHY? ... discuss

A compilation of articles worth the read: Jon Rappoport - "If it isn't Ebola, then what is it?"ote> ... discuss

Jewels from the mouth that is. One "jewel" I passed along this morning in e-mail conversation with ... discuss

Facts matter ... truth hurts. This spot-on new video by the Environmental Policy Alliance mocks Holl ... discuss

From the October 4, 2014 report at IBT: According to the UN, Islamic militants are selling Christi ... discuss

Jerry Markon reports at The Washington Post that an internal survey of federal workers at the Depa ... discuss

Needless to say, the 'no-boots-on-the-ground' policy of our incompetent, feckless, ideologue of a ... discuss

From an earlier post - "No one who possesses a civilized mind-state wants to believe that there are ... discuss

As more and more Americans realize that just as even Obama himself has said, his policies are on t ... discuss

As Tyler Durden made perfectly clear in his highly informative piece a few days ago, the siege of ... discuss

One of shady Harry Reid's bodyguards accosted a conservative journalist for asking a few basic quest ... discuss

And we thank you President Ebola as America shuts down in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 ..... Plane cleaners strike ... discuss

One wonders what Psakis' recently departed secretary thinks of the unemployment line. Leaving ou ... discuss

"A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses two or more persons, a group, or an ... discuss

As children Mama instilled in all of her children one very important lesson - all men, be they lawye ... discuss

Even though the handbook is so controversial Canadian cops rejected it, the ever-clueless, Islamis ... discuss

That's a lot higher than he deserves ... this man is clearly not qualified for the job and way too ... discuss

Coming to a school near you? AP reports: JOHNSTON, R.I. - Warwick's police chief says a threat to ... discuss

Truth hurts ... but facts are facts and voting for a Democrat is indeed voting for Obama's policies: ... discuss

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told MSNBC today that he knew the Benghazi attack on 9-11-2012 ... discuss

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