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November 8, 2006

America Rolls Over To Al-Qaeda

crescent&stripes.jpeg.jpgThe elections are over and America has fallen for the al-taqiyya and distortions of the Democratic Party, rolled over on their backs, and surrendered to al-Qaeda. Radical Islam has won a very important victory, and the West is now full on its way to defeat.

You are loosing the war on terror - the one that people like Nancy Pelosi don't think exists. Mohammad and even al-Zarqawi are laughing their asses off from their graves - they now know that America is too weak to fight their ideology and that you will surely be defeated.

Look to see great celebrations throughout the Middle East, as the radical Islamists see America's election to be capitulation to to radical Islams' agenda. Hezbollah has won a victory. Iran has won a great victory. Hamas has won a great victory. The terrorists that crashed the planes on 9/11 have won a great victory. The terrorist cells that sit quietly inside your borders waiting for their moment to bring the scenes of horror in the ME to your shopping malls and schools have won a great victory. And the insurgents in Iraq have won a great victory and have also been given a present to help them kill U.S. troops and recruit more terrorists to send to your shores - they can now say that they have destroyed America's will to fight and that the Great Satan is weak.

It was almost too easy for them, they just handed the Democrats propaganda to use in their talking points and to put out through the liberal media and influence the elections - just like they did in Spain.

Ironically, al-Qaeda has been using the talking points of the Democrats in helping them defeat the one party that stood in the way of radical Islam, and the Democrats in turn have used al-Qaeda's talking points that have supported radical Islam's agenda and snowed the American people.

But since I hate to leave you with all bad news, I'll direct you to Hugh Hewitt's post where he says that "President Bush will not flag in the pursuit of the war, and Senator Santorum is now available for a seat on the SCOTUS should one become available. GOP senators will have the chance to select leadership equal to the new world of politics which, as the past two years have demonstrated, does not reward timidity."

Small consolations America, when the White House is likely to become the Muslim House. Unfortunately for you America, you deserve what you are going to get - the fruits of your naiveness are going to be very bitter. You have failed to stand up together and are going to live long enough to learn that these words that I have written are prophetic - at least some of you are.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at November 8, 2006 7:16 AM

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