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November 8, 2006

"A Day Which Will Live In Infamy!"

Yesterday was a sad day for America! A day which alongside December 7th 1941 will live in "infamy" in the annals of American history. A day which marks the beginning of the decline of our once great nation as assuredly as the Roman's effeminate, hedonistic, refusal to fight off the barbarian hordes ushered the fall of Rome! A day in which cheering Jihadist terrorists and enemies of America all over the world celebrated in triumph the victory of the Democrats in taking over the House in Congress.

It indeed presages very dark times ahead for America, as we once again have fallen in the clutches of those in Washington who hate America, and all it stands for, and will surrender to our enemies; in a deeply divided America which has been infiltrated by the radical, socialist, internationalist, secularist, extremist elements which first reared their ugly heads during the riotous 60s in our campuses, and which have worked their insidious way into, and infected, every niche of American society, even into the halls of Congress.

It bespeaks of the idiocy of perpetuating this "myth" of calling "Democracy" what amounts to nothing more than "mob-rule" by the uninformed, fickle, rabble, manipulated by a sick, negative, "ideology" and "media propaganda" such as we have witnessed during these nefarious elections; such as has been amply proven by the Democrat's victory in these elections, the election of the Hamas terrorists in the Palestinian Territories, and the election of that lunatic extremist Ahmadinejad in Iran, chosen over the more moderate candidate by the Iranian people!

It forebodes times of unprecedented turmoil in America, where anti-terrorist legislation will be rescinded, and our guard will be lowered in the face of the ever-present terrorist threat by the Democrat's "fiat," which will most likely result in another 9/11; an eminent terrorist attack which will wipe-out one of our major cities, while "Democrats" in Congress ponder on the ideological "philosophical niceties" of the " civil rights" of those who wish to destroy us.

It speaks of a reactionary time where, catastrophically, we may well see a second Civil War, or an unheard-of military uprising, looming tenuously somewhere in our possible futures as a nation; as means to which desperate, angry, Americans may recur, in order to shirk off the godless secularist yoke being imposed on them, and shoved down their collective throats by these secularist Democrats.

It is indeed a sad day for America! We may as well brace ourselves, for no good will come from this "ill wind blowing," and this suicidal political travesty in which America has embarked...as lemmings bent on jumping off the ledge of the precipice into perdition! God help us!

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Althor at November 8, 2006 7:13 AM

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