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November 6, 2006

Cartoon Contest in Indonesia Mocked Danish Royal Family

The Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest was an abysmal failure, never inciting the embassy fire-bombings Iran hoped for so they could justify actions following the eruption over the Danish cartoons of Muhammad three full months after the initial publication. One might have guessed the strangest social experiment of our time would have ended, but they would have been wrong.

An Indonesian radio station and mosque held a cartoon contest to disparage the Danish royal family in an effort to "get even" for the cartoons of Muhammad. The contest, called "The legend of the King of Denmark and the Pig" (I'm guessing the Queen of Denmark is the pig), was held yesterday and a reported 73 children, Crayons in hand, tried to defame the Danish royal family as much as they could for a cash prize. There goes their amateur status.

I have asked it before and I'll do so again. What is it with cartoons being more offensive to the Islamic populace than suicide bombers? Doesn't a suicide bomber justifying murder in the name of Allah do more to damage the religion of Islam than 1 or 12 silly little cartoons?

Meanwhile, the Briton who held up a sign during protests in London over the Danish cartoons that read "Behead those who insult Islam" told a British court he was "almost ashamed" of his actions. Well, I am almost reassured he has learned the error of his ways.

Posted by Chad at November 6, 2006 2:43 PM

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