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November 16, 2006

Mathematical Proof That Negotiating With Iran Is Stupid. Not Wrong. Stupid.

Omri Ceren at Israpundit provides a quick calculus for the liberals that are so fond of reminding conservatives that the world is complicated (or rather, they seem fond of telling each other that conservatives don't understand that the world is complicated). You know, the ones that insist that what's required is sophistication and nuance, usually as those are defined in a graduate seminar room or at Foggy Bottom - the ones that believe we can talk Iran out of developing atomic bombs to annihilate Israel and the West with:

... it's kind of confusing to see them talk about negotiating with Iran (and write about negotiating with Iran, and sing about negotiating with Iran, and so on). Because, while we haven't the latest Foreign Affairs, it seems like all analysis and methodologies converge on one point: there is no logical reason to believe that Iran will give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. And no, we don't care what James Baker says...

... Now that Rumsfeld is gone and the State Department realists are back in control of the Defense Department, there's talk of dropping piles of gold on Iran. We have a very fundamental question:

Q: Assuming that there is nothing that Iran wants more than the bomb, what can the US give them to get them to give up the bomb?
A: Nothing. There is nothing that the US can offer Iran that they will take instead of building nukes, because there is nothing they prefer more than nukes.
There. Now you have mathematical proof that negotiating with Iran is doomed to foot-dragging, nuke-developing failure. Although of course, we could be wrong about our assumptions. Maybe there's a secret code that only nuanced and sophisticated anti-Semiticish thinkers like Walt and Mearsheimer can crack, wherein Arab and Muslim states that commit themselves to successful civilizational conflict mean something else.
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Posted by Richard at November 16, 2006 6:59 AM

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