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November 16, 2006

British Terrorist Dhiren Barot's Research on Radiological Weapons

Robert Wesley has an informative review up at Global Terrorism Analysis on the recently sentenced British terrorist Dhiren Barot recount of his experiences in the book The Army of Madinah in Kashmir (HT - Jihad Monitor). Importantly, he addresses the approach that Barot used in targeting selection and methods of attack for radiological weapons:

After returning from his militant adventures in Kashmir, recently sentenced British terrorist Dhiren Barot recounted his experiences in the book The Army of Madinah in Kashmir. Writing under his alias 'Esa al-Hindi, he lashed out against Western powers' interventions in Muslim lands, advising that "in the face of such an adversary, the solution may only be 'flank protection' to be carried out upon the soil of all interfering nations" [1]. Heeding his own advice, Barot subsequently endeavored to engage in feasibility studies of various types of large-scale attacks on Western targets, including the employment of radioactive materials. A detailed examination of his research activities has revealed numerous potential lessons to be learned for those charged with preventing radiological terrorism, three of which are mentioned below.
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Barot's selection of targets and the method of attack was based on the simplicity of the plan and availability of resources - something all of us in the West need to keep in mind as we go about our daily lives with "eyes and mind wide open" for our own safety and that of others in our communities.

Posted by Richard at November 16, 2006 7:59 AM

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