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November 15, 2006

On 'Swimming With Anvils' Amidst A Tainted ISG Report

Amidst the backdrop of concerns that a group of highly placed Iranian Regime lobbyist/agents, so called "Iranian experts", have peddled bad information into the Iraq Study Group hoping to shape the upcoming recommendations by that group, comes news that Tony Blair was to meet with the Iraq Study Group via video conference today, and shares the group's reported enthusiasm for talks with Iran and Syria.

In the light of talks on what appears now to be a tainted study, Jules Crittenden's piece entitled "Swimming with Anvil's" that discusses problems inherent to such an exercise in futility does indeed seem most appropriate. However, Crittenden finds some good news, after all:

The good news out of the guarded messages now being released is that Blair has also said the West needs to be tough on Syria and Iran, and President Bush is said to be looking askance at the idea of talks. Hopefully, this means the team of Bush, Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who have stood together and shown leadership in the face of adversity before in the war on terrorism, will not now succumb the political pressures of the Democratic win, negative poll numbers and the ISG's weighty resumes, and might be able to find a way to move positively forward.
More on "Swimming with Anvils" here ...

More on Iran's inflitration of the Iraq Study Group here... The facts are frightening, especially given that it appears our politicians are gullible enough to give credence to what the ISG has come up with in terms of rolling over to Iran and Syria. Besides, fooling Democrats is easy; who can forget Jimmy Carter and Madeline Albright with N. Korea. Pelosi, Reed, Murtha and company is going to be a piece of cake for the Iranians.

Related: Dan Riehl believes that working with Iran would be a joke.

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Posted by Richard at November 15, 2006 12:07 AM

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