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May 25, 2007

'How-to' Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods

al%20qaeda%20torture.jpgAnd the Dems beat up the administration for Abu Ghraib???

My guess is that al-Qaeda victims would be ecstatic to be handed over to U.S. custody.

Via Fox News:

Al Qaeda terrorists use blow torches, electric drills and meat cleavers to torture and force information out of their victims, according to a "how-to" handbook discovered by U.S. forces in an Iraqi safe house.

[...] The book guides followers of Al Qaeda how to interrogate and torture captives.

The drawings and cartoons depict ways to use electric drills and irons, meat cleavers and other devices to force victims to talk or harm them.

Some of the drawings show how to drill hands, sever limbs, drag victims behind cars, remove eyes, put a blowtorch or iron to someone's skin, suspend a person from a ceiling and electrocute them, break limbs and restrict breath and put someone's head in a vice.

Items found at the safe house include electric drills, hammers, blow torches, meat cleavers, pliers and wire cutters, chains, screw drivers, whips and handcuffs.

Click here to view the contents of the handbook, distributed by the Department of Defense.

WARNING: This material contains graphic and disturbing images.

Hat tip - Harry Owens

Posted by Richard at May 25, 2007 12:40 AM

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