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May 10, 2007

Something Is Very Rotten At CNN

I'm willing to wager with great confidence that Atlas Shrugs is right.

As Atlas Shrugs suggests, not only are the odds highly likely that CNN used Arab and/or Muslim "translators" to challenge the MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch translation of the Hamas Mickey Mouse jihad video, and downplay the FACT that Hamas is using using a replica of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse to preach Islamic radicalism and hate to Palestinian children - if you listen to the CNN video clip carefully, CNN actually says so.

[The actual clip from MEMRI is here...]

Even worse, CNN even uses the Palestinian Information Ministers spin to insert Palestinian spin and blame Israelis for being terrorized by the Palestinian terrorists.

Yes, something is very rotten at CNN; it is pushing Palestinian propaganda and allowing Palestinian terrorists to spin and frame their hate, violence, and child abuse to suit the purposes of Hamas.

Posted by Abdul at May 10, 2007 10:22 PM

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