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December 2010

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December 31, 2010

Re: 8 botched environmental forecasts

Fox News (via Rick Moran) has an all-star grouping of environmental forecasts that turned out to be so off base that the only question remains is why are the people who made them are still taken seriously? And as for just how wrong are the forecasts ... Rick sums it up rather succinctly as fantastically, stupendously,egregiously, idiotically wrong. Meanwhile, forgetting about forecasts for a moment and simply looking at reality only, in the USA record lows outpaced record highs 21 to 1 this week ... Miami Florida experienced its coldest December on record ... Sweden experienced its coldest December in... ... more

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In America, If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims - Then ...

As Gary Bauer effectively points out in his interesting piece at Human Events, contrary to what the liberal progressives claim and wish us to believe ... it is in fact Christians, not Muslims, who increasingly encounter cultural elites who are hostile to their beliefs and values, yet Christians are not likely to ever be treated like Muslims by America's elites because Christianity can be attacked without fear of retribution. The Christian response to insult and attack -- "to turn the other cheek" -- unlike the knee-jerk call to violence of the Islamists. And compiling the problem for Christians, the left-wing... ... more

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RNC chairwoman candidate Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism

From the sound or it, RNC chairwoman Amb. Ann Wagner sees the same kind of socialist creep under the Obama administration that she saw in Europe... The next RNC chairwoman? Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism -- and Michael Steele When Ann Wagner, the former United States ambassador to Luxembourg, returned from abroad in 2009, she felt that she has not entirely left Europe behind. " felt, after I left, that perhaps socialism had begun to follow me across the pond," she told The Daily Caller in a phone interview. In an attempt to help end what... ... more

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December 30, 2010

Memo to illegals: 'Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out

Attrition through immigration enforcement at work in Utah (via Mark Krikorian): "Vickie" says she's tired of living in fear: the fear of immigration officials, Utah politicians targeting people like her and the bad economy here. So after 18 years in Utah, working without documents, she says her family will probably return to Mexico. ... Vickie talks about why her family may join the flow south. Immigration officials started deportation proceedings against her after they found she used a false Social Security number. She was held in jail for 17 days. Her husband was still in detention when she was interviewed.... ... more

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M. Zuhdi Jasser: Muslims must first look in the mirror

M. Zuhdi Jasser, on Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) plans to hold on American Muslim radicalization and the denunciations by groups like ISNA, CAIR and MPAC that try to deny and obfuscate the connection between "political Islam," or Islamism, and terror: ... [A]ttention to this issue offers an opportunity for American Muslims to confront the radicalization problem and provide solutions -- as only they can. My group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, believes these hearings will shed light on the diversity of American Muslims, giving our community a chance to step from behind the veil of Muslim victimization and address... ... more

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Re: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie And The Obama Birth Certificate Issue

In regard to Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie's claim he 'remembers seeing Obama as child...with his parents at social events': At what age would you consider a baby, a child? Remember, Abercrombie said he remembered Obama as a 'child' with his parents at 'social events'. An amazing claim as, according to records, Stanley Ann Dunham enrolled for classes at Washington State University, in Washington state, classes which began 15 days after Obama was born. Hmmm..., some things just aren't adding up. While I've tried to remain above the 'birther' fray, one does have to wonder why so many things just don't... ... more

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