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December 31, 2010

Re: 8 botched environmental forecasts

Fox News (via Rick Moran) has an all-star grouping of environmental forecasts that turned out to be so off base that the only question remains is why are the people who made them are still taken seriously?

And as for just how wrong are the forecasts ... Rick sums it up rather succinctly as fantastically, stupendously,egregiously, idiotically wrong.

Meanwhile, forgetting about forecasts for a moment and simply looking at reality only, in the USA record lows outpaced record highs 21 to 1 this week ... Miami Florida experienced its coldest December on record ... Sweden experienced its coldest December in 110 years ... the Eiffel Tower was shutdown by record snow this December ... etc, etc, etc.

Good thing for the warmists that they changed the name of their crisis from global warming to "climate change." After all, you know, climate does indeed change ... so it kinda makes it hard to dispute.

Even taking into account the important difference between "weather" and "climate" ... it is clear that, as I've seen aptly noted, the environmentalists dismiss the roller coaster nature of historic climate change as an excuse for redistribution of wealth to those countries that have lacked the initiative to build their own economies. They dismiss that in just the past 100 years Earth has entered four periods of warmth and cooling. And, if it hadn't been for some natural global warming we would still be living in igloos on a sheet of ice.

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Posted by Richard at December 31, 2010 2:04 PM


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