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May 2009

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May 28, 2009

French Turkish author Nedim Gursel facing jail time for 'insulting Islam'

Yet another example of Islamofascism's attack on free speech. Similar to the case of the Christian couple in Singapore who were convicted for casting Islam in a "negative light" for distributing booklets, Franco-Turkish writer Nedim Gursel is facing trial on charges of "inciting racial and religious hatred" in his "The Daughters of Allah", a novel about the prophet. Just as in the case of the Christian couple, how can the Franco-Turkish writer possibly "incite racial and religious hatred" in his novel - anymore than the Islamists themselves who by their acts of violence and intolerance to free speech (as exemplified... ... more

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Singapore: Christian couple convicted of sedition for 'criticizing Islam'

According to the AFP, the Christian couple were found guilty of sedition for distributing evangelical publications (to Muslims) that cast Islam in a "negative light." Go figure! How, pray tell, can any Christian cast Islam in any more "negative light" than the Islamists themselves? As Robert Spencer notes at Jihad Watch, apparently, It's a crime in Singapore to "cast Islam in a negative light," and yet once again those who commit this crime are not violent Islamic jihadists, but those who speak about the actions or motivations of those jihadists (who are in fact the ones casting Islam in a... ... more

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For Your Boutique Right-Wing Warmongery

I highly recommend you click on over to Jules Crittenden's Boutique Right-Wing Warmonger Bookshop & General Store where you can "read, laugh, cry, comment, or get bored and go elsewhere":[...] The bookshop is a labor of love ... obsession, if you like ... the result of my own and friends' combat experience spanning decades and continents. You try it and see if you don't spend the rest of your life mulling it over. But you don't have to try it to want to understand it, from the eternal misery, terrors and courage of infantrymen to the weight and whims of... ... more

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May 19, 2009

Hamas renews rocket attacks on Israel just as Obama calls for Israelis and Palestinians to live "side by side in peace and security"

So much for all of Obama's embracing the Muslim world, funding Hamas, and arming Hezbollah: Calling this a Poor timing alert is an understatement, as the attack came at the same time Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Democratic Senator John Kerry were discussing the Obama administration's push for peace with the Palestinian Authority. It takes both sides to reach a peace agreement, and the vast majority of Palestinians are not willing to live side by side with Israel - something Obama and his leftist advisors just don't understand. The obstacle to peace between the Palestinians and Israel is the Muslims,... ... more

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Obama's Jewish Problem (or is it his Muslim problem)

Jews have always been the canaries in the coal mines of civilization, serving as a warning of impending doom to those who believed, as Churchill said, that the crocodile - of tyranny - would eat them last.As Joan Swirsky suggests at The New Media Journal, with the advent of the Obama administration, Israeli canaries are chirping loudly, warning the entire world, particularly America but also Europe, that if Israel is sacrificed to Obama's far-left anti-Israel and anti-American agenda, then freedom-loving, God-fearing countries around the world will be suffocated and sacrificed to a new American caliphate - to the harsh and... ... more

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