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December 31, 2010

RNC chairwoman candidate Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism

From the sound or it, RNC chairwoman Amb. Ann Wagner sees the same kind of socialist creep under the Obama administration that she saw in Europe...

The next RNC chairwoman? Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism -- and Michael Steele

When Ann Wagner, the former United States ambassador to Luxembourg, returned from abroad in 2009, she felt that she has not entirely left Europe behind.

" felt, after I left, that perhaps socialism had begun to follow me across the pond," she told The Daily Caller in a phone interview.

In an attempt to help end what she views as the government's overreach during President Barack Obama's tenure, Wagner is running for chair of the Republican National Committee.

"Wary of transatlantic creep of socialism"? I'd call it more like transatlantic socialist "leep" under Obama. It's the kind of threat that Ronald Reagan warned us about:

However, let's not put the entire blame on Obama. After all, as Rick Perry noted (via Mike Kueber) in his book Fed Up, this didn't start with Obama. Much responsibility rests with Bush-43, who said, "I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system." While Bush was reluctantly reacting to a crisis, Obama has decided to take advantage of the Great Recession, just as FDR took advantage of the Great Depression.

And take advantage of the Great Recession Obama has indeed done ... taking socialism creep to what can now aptly be called "raging socialism" ... racing us toward a European socialist model that has already proven to be a disaster.

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Posted by Richard at December 31, 2010 11:13 AM


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