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November 25, 2007

While You Were Sleeping Back In May - Islamic Jihadists And Mexican Drug Cartels Were Planning An Attack On America's Largest Inteligence Training Center (Updated)

"America's enemies have chosen Latin America as a preferred target to undermine security in the Americas and weaken America politically and strategically. More to the point, America's various adversaries have chosen Mexico as their infiltration route. And American politicians are opening the doors wide to our enemies with NAFTA and The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)." - The Mexican Threat To America (Terrorists, Drug Cartels, Russia, Cuba, And Red Dawn)
If the above quote seems to you a bit far fetched, think again.

Via Robert Spencer, who frames it as "Harmonic convergence," comes an update on this story:

"U.S. intel center wary of terrorist attack," by Sara A. Carter for the Washington Times:

The nation's largest intelligence training center changed security measures in May after being warned that Islamist terrorists with the aid of Mexican drug cartels were planning an attack on the facility.

Fort Huachuca changed security measures after sources warned that possibly 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists were smuggled into the U.S. through underground tunnels with high powered weapons to attack the post, according to multiple confidential law enforcement documents obtained by The Washington Times. [...]

According to the FBI advisory, each Middle Easterner paid Mexican drug lords $20,000 "or the equivalent in weapons" for the cartel's assistance in smuggling them through tunnels along the border into the U.S. The numerous tunnels supposedly ended at warehouses in Laredo, Texas, and in Arizona.

We continue to allow our borders to be a sieve for illegal aliens and jihadists. According to the WT, a 2005 report outlines an ongoing scheme in which multiple Middle Eastern drug-trafficking and terrorist cells operating in the U.S. fund terror networks overseas, aided by established Mexican cartels with highly sophisticated trafficking routes:

These terrorist groups, or sleeper cells, include people who speak Arabic, Spanish and Hebrew and, for the most part, arouse no suspicion in their communities.

"It is very likely that any future 'September 11th' type of terrorist event in the United States may be facilitated, wittingly or unwittingly, by drug traffickers operating on both sides of the United States-Mexico border," the DEA report says.

Rep. Ed Royce of California, ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs terrorism and nonproliferation subcommittee, said the DEA document substantiates information that his committee has been given in the past year.

Clearly, America's enemies have been watching old Patrick Swayze movies, or they're by chance doing a damned good imitation of it.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Abdul at November 25, 2007 7:52 PM

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