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August 10, 2008

Why Did Obama Vacation To Hawaii - And Especially, Why Now? (Update: Is the mystery about to be solved?)

I share this poster's interest.

Apparently others do also. Has the messiah been hiding his Indonesian identity and citizenship? TexasDarlin believes so as she notes in her 8/10/08 10:20 AM ET Update: Barry Soetoro's Birth Certificate in Republican Hands:

For those who have not followed this story, Soetoro is the name on Obama's Birth Certificate (BC) because a new BC was issued when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, his step-father. His original BC, which we assume was issued for Barack Hussein Obama at birth, would have been sealed at that time.

We assert that Barry Soetoro acquired Indonesian citizenship in approximately 1965-1966, and may still hold it. Barack Obama possibly changed his legal name back to Barack Hussein Obama as an older child, teenager, or adult, possibly never did -- but even if he did, this procedure would not result in a change to the BC.

The Birth Certificate published by Obama on his campaign website (still there, by the way) and distributed to the media was forged because the real BC on file is in the name Soetoro, an identity he apparently wanted to hide from the American people.

I am getting reports from different sources that Obama traveled to Pakistan in '81 with an Indonesian passport.

These revelations raise several troubling issues for Obama's electability and eligibility. Foremost, there is the concerted attempt to conceal his background and dual citizenship/identity from the electorate. Secondly, there is a potential Constitutional problem with a POTUS having held dual citizenship; Article II of the constitution requires the POTUS and Commander-in-Chief to have only ONE loyalty to country, and that must be to the US.

It's beginning to look as though the mainstream media may have once again "been caught with its pants down" (chuckle, chuckle - think Edwards, chuckle, chuckle) - lying by omission and ignoring the truth to save a Democratic politician from disgrace.

Related: Release the Birth Certificate! Tracking Obama In Indonesia & Kenya.

Posted by Richard at August 10, 2008 8:23 PM

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