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November 24, 2007

Iranian Commentator Predicts Annapolis Failure

Broadcast 24 November on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)


[Announcer] In a joint statement the Arabic political parties have asked the leaders of Arab nations not to participatate in the American compromise conference. These political praties said America's objective holding this conference are to eliminate the Palestinian regime and secure the interests of the Zionists.

In this statement the Arab political parties announced Bush wants
to improve his own shaky position and that of Olmert's by holding this conference. The prime minister elected by the people of Palestine said no person has the right to discount the rights of the Palestinian nation, especially concerning the right of refugees to return their homeland. The Annapolis meeting will be held Tuesday this week in America. Our analysis of this report will be with Mr. Safataj. Hello! Welcome!

[Safataj] Greetings and best wishes to you and your viewers!

[Announcer] Thank you very much! Mr. Safataj, the Americans are making a lot of effort to hold this conference and also to get the Arab nations to attend. What are their aims?

[Safataj] America's objective, as the Arab political parties said in their statement, can be viewed and analyzed on three levels, inside Palestine, regionally and internationally. Inside Palestine, in view of the situation prevailing right now in the Gaza Strip, especially since the victory by the HAMAS movement in the elections, the formation of the government and settling matters in the Gaza Strip in the clashes HAMAS had with the Fatah Movement, as Mahmoud Abbas himself said, he no longer has full authority and can only function in some limited capacity, such as mayor of Ramallah. This conference is being held to reinforce Mr. Mahmoud Abbas and to create limitations for the legal and popular HAMAS government.

In the regional dimension, in view of the fact that incidents and events in the region are connected and affect each other, especially the relationships between Palestine, Lebanon or Iraq, the American government is trying to gather the Arab leaders together so that after solving the Palestine problem it will effectively be able to implement again its New Middle East Project.

In the international dimension however, which the the American dimension, in view of the poll prediction of almost certain defeat for the Republican Party, they are trying by holding this conference to get a concession, and if they can solve the Palestine problem by bringing together the problems in Palestine and Iraq, they may be able to win the next election.

{Announcer] Mr Safataj, will America be able to get itself out of the dead end it has created in the Middle East?

[Safataj] The Americans are pursuing such objectives, just as they did in Madrid Spain in 1991, but most of this conference depends on the commitments the Zionist regime has made that it must fulfill. The Arab nations want the Zionist regime to withdraw behind its 1967 borders. The Palestinians want an end to the excavations that are being done under the Dome of the Rock Mosque, and the want the removal of the fringe settlements. Most important of all, they want implementation of UN Resolution 194 concerning the return of Palestinian refugees. This would have the meaning of a blood transfusion for the Palestinian movement.

The Zionist regime is opposing all of these things. It is not even willing to withdraw an inch from the occupied Arab lands on the pretext that they have strategic value. It has not taken any steps towards fulfilling its previous agreements to release Palestinian prisoners. There are now about 11,000 Palestinians in the Zionist regime's prisons. Settlement construction still continues. The excavations continue, and the Palestinians continue to be suppressed in the same way. Therefore in view of the fact that the Zionist regime does not want to fulfill its commitments, naturally this regime will be a factor in the failure of the Annapolis Conference. It will not take the hands of any Arabs other than their leaders and consequently this conference is already facing failure. Some Arab and even Zionist political circles have already admitted that this conference is a failure, and America has failed in its objective for holding this conference.

[Announcer] Thank you very much Mr. Safataj! We will see whether or not the Annapolis Conference produces any results!

Crossposted to The Satellite News.

Posted by John at November 24, 2007 7:20 PM

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