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September 18, 2008

Democrats Thwarted Iraq Oil To U.S. Companies (Updated)

All in the name of hypocrisy and the typical environmental BS we always hear from the Democrats: Why Iraq Is Doing Business With China:

The announcement last month that the government of Iraq had inked a deal with the China National Petroleum Corporation to develop oil fields in Southern Iraq sparked criticism of US policy to allow this to take place.

Democrats were quick to jump on the Bush Administration for allowing Iraq to sell their oil to China, while the United States is still engaged in helping the Iraqi government establish a democratic state.

The same Democrats who were once decrying, "NO WAR FOR OIL" are now demanding that the United States extract oil for Iraq in return for their freedom.

But, the sad fact is, the Iraqis were more than willing to sell their oil to American companies, and admit those countries into Iraq to rebuild their infrastructure -- but those efforts were thwarted by Congressional Democrats in the US.

When it was announced in June that Iraq was set to allow Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Total and Chevron no-bid contracts to rebuild and expand Iraqi oilfields and eventually drill for additional oil, Congressional Democrats stepped in.

The contracts were expected to bring in more than $3 billion to American corporations. When it became known that the US government was aiding the Iraqi government in structuring these contracts -- Democrats cried foul!

Three Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer D-NY, John Kerry D-MA and Clair McCaskell D-WA all wrote a letter to the US State Department demanding that the US hold off on allowing any Iraqi oil agreements until Iraq had passed a hydrocarbon law. They demanded that no additional infrastructure development be started until Iraq passed laws for GLOBAL WARMING!

Jaw dropping!

Memo to Democrats: Where Did All The Global Warming Go?


(Click image to enlarge - It seems if one looks at recent satellite data on the global atmospheric temperature something very interesting has occurred - the Global Warming of the last 15+ years has DISAPPEARED!)

Posted by Richard at September 18, 2008 12:30 PM

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