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November 13, 2007

Opinion: 'It's Radical Islam, Stupid' (Updated)

As The Stiletto says at Blogger News Network, "Abortion, gun control and gay marriage may be the three most reliable issues that get conservative and religious "values voters" to turn out in the primaries, but this election cycle, there's another issue that trumps this unholy trinity: the global spread of Islamic fundamentalism (or Islamofascism, as some prefer)." And as Vision America president Rick Scarborough puts it: "It's the ultimate life issue. If radical Islam succeeds in its ultimate goals, Christianity ceases to exist."

Stiletto and Scarborough are on target in believing that the overriding issue for conservatives in 08 is going to be the threat that Islamofascism poses against the West, and especially Christianity. Indeed, it is truly the "ultimate life" issue and the one that is going to bring conservatives together, and hopefully enough Independents and center-right Democrats to make a difference in the elections. As for the Left and most Democrats, they will never understand the threat from the Islamists until after America's defeat and our Constitution is replaced by the Quran. The fact that in 2006 the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) told a group of Muslims in California that they are in America not to assimilate but to help assert Islam's rule over the country hasn't, and won't, make a difference to those that just don't "get it."

Be sure to read Stilleto's entire piece, then click over and catch "Radical Islam' should jolt voters, evangelicals say."

BTW, let's not forget that the War on Terror and Islamofascism is not against Islam, as a religion. There are many Muslims that are against sharia, and there are also Muslims who want to to educate their fellow Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religious texts and why Islam must be reformed. For example, there's Khalim Massoud (link points to an important and interesting article at FPM), president of an Islamic reform movement called Muslims Against Sharia, and who strives to educate non-Muslims about the differences between moderate Muslims and Islamists (a.k.a. Islamic Religious Fanatics, Radical Muslims, Muslim Fundamentalists, Islamic Extremists or Islamofascists), and educate both Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Moderate Muslims are also targets of Islamic Terror.

The Threat of Moderate Islam
Radical Islam Called Largest Threat to Global Religious Freedom

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at November 13, 2007 9:25 PM

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