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November 13, 2007

Islamofascism is to Islam what the Christian Identity Movement is to Christianity (Updated)

Hopefully, a definition of Islamofascism that even the moonbats of the Left can understand:

As stated by Muslims Against Sharia,

Islam, in its present form, is not compatible with principles of freedom and democracy. Twenty-first century Muslims have two options: we can continue the barbaric policies of the seventh century perpetuated by Hassan al-Banna, Abdullah Azzam, Yassir Arafat, Ruhollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hizballah, Hamas, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, etc., leading to a global war between Dar al-Islam (Islamic World) and Dar al-Harb (non-Islamic World), or we can reform Islam to keep our rich cultural heritage and to cleanse our religion from the reviled relics of the past. We, as Muslims who desire to live in harmony with people of other religions, agnostics, and atheists choose the latter option. We can no longer allow Islamic extremists to use our religion as a weapon. We must protect future generations of Muslims from being brainwashed by the Islamic radicals. If we do not stop the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, our children will become homicidal zombies.

For those who are not familiar with the Christian Identity Movement:
Christian Identity is a label applied to a wide variety of loosely-affiliated believers and churches with a racialized theology. Most of them promote a Eurocentric version of Christianity.

Despite the use of Christian in the name, the Christian Identity movement rejects the role of Jesus Christ as a savior, but instead holds that God's favor is earned exclusively by racial identity as a White person. In this theology, Jesus Christ is honored in name but plays no actual role in the theological beliefs of the movement. Believers of the theology deny that Jesus Christ paid for the sins of mankind, or indeed anyone, through the Substitutionary atonement of Jesus' death on the cross. To Christian Identity believers, salvation comes solely on account of being White, that is a true Israelite. Members of other races can never earn God's favor or be saved because of not being an Israelite (that is White) and are doomed to hell under God's wrath.

Hat tip - Israpundit, who writes: "The above, ... is what we are talking about when we say "Islam 2.0″ (with Islamofascism being Islam 1.0).

A commenter at Israpundit, Dr. Steve Carol, Prof. of History (retired), Middle East Consultant for Salem Radio Network News, and Official Historian "Middle East Radio Forum" adds:

The term "Islamofascism" has been gaining widespread use finally after a far too long wait. However, most people don't have an idea of what that really means. In the way of an explanation let me offer:
It was introduced by French writer Maxine Rodinson to describe the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79.

It is the jihadist Islamic ideology grafted onto the totalitarian dictatorial system of fascism, where the goals of Islam are more important than the individual. It has an anti-humanist character. It seeks to re-create a mystical past (the Caliphate). It is anti-democratic, populist, expansive, aggressive,and glorifies war - jihad. Violence, intimidation, belligerent jihadist Islam, superiority over non-believers (racism), misojudaism, and anti-liberalism are all components of this ideology.

Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at November 13, 2007 9:42 PM

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