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October 9, 2007

Dhimmitude 101: Islamotards Give It The Ole College Try, And A Leftist Administration Supports Them

By "Ole College Try" we mean hanging hundreds of controversial posters around the campus at George Washington University to gain sympathy for their fellow Islamofascists, albeit they claim that they did it to oppose Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, an event being held beginning Oct. 22.

Posters put up around the GW campus by Islamotard Islamofascists read, "Hate Muslims? So do we!!!"


So, how does a liberal leftist university administration deal with radical Islamists hanging fake anti-Islamotard posters in an attempt to discredit a conservative foundation that opposes Islamofascism and sharia law ?

By clamping down on The Young America's Foundation who were wrongfully maligned, of course. What else could we expect?

26.jpgA typical bimbo leftist nutcase, Bridgette Behling, assistant director of the Student Activities Center at GWU, wrote an email to one of the conservative students urging them to disavow hate speech that may originate from any future Foundation events:

"due to the inflammatory nature of today's events [falsified posters], as a good faith effort on behalf of YAF, it is important that YAF drafts a statement which states that you will not allow hate speech to be a part of any of YAF's events, literature, written or verbal communication planned for Islamofacism Week. This statement should also include your plan for preventing these things from happening as well as the consequences for these things happening. It is important that we have this document should any further incidents occur as we move forward."
Her website is here. Surely she needs to hear just how readers feel about her dhimmitude. (Try to be nice and avoid profanity, as difficult as it is to control your dismay and wrath over her leftist, Islamo-appeasing bullshit)

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Cross posted from Hyscience

Posted by Richard at October 9, 2007 11:59 PM

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