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October 10, 2007

Are Islamists Worse than Other Terror Groups?

It drives me absolutely nuts when leftists attempt to apply their distorted, twisted, convoluted logic to assign some type of moral,. theological, or political equivalence betweem Islamic terrorism and Christian and Jewish fundamentalism, as most recently portrayed in the leftist, anti-American, Christian Amanpour's CNN (The New York Times of TV) special, "Gods Warriors" (she frequently equated Muslim and Jewish extremism, failing to distinguish the vast difference in scale of and support for violence in the respective faiths).

And lets not forget that CNN faux documentary, "The War Within," in which Christiane Amanpour "inanely attributed Islamic supremacism in Britain to George W. Bush's war in Iraq."

CNN has the mentality that it is never the fault of Muslim extremism and terrorism but the fault of George W. Bush or the West. Most recently, in another Amanpour special, "God's Warriors," she suggested that there is equivalence between Muslim extremism and terrorism and that of Christians and Jews.
As the author at the above link points out, this is the disease of moral equivalence that is adopted by the mainstream media and another example showing that this deadly political correctness so common in Europe is also alive and well at CNN and in the U.S.
Recall that CNN admitted it agreed to cover up for Saddam Hussein when he was in power so it could continue to protect its right to report from Iraq. That alone proves how far CNN has descended into the journalistic garbage can and why it should not longer be trusted or listened to.
However, regardless of the "journalistic garbage" we are fed daily from the likes of CNN and the New York Times, Islamic terrorism in no way compares to Christian and Jewish fundamentalism. There is, after all, a fundamental difference. As noted at FSM, while Islamists certainly aren't the only representation of terrorists throughout the world, compared to them, all the others are small potatoes.

Why? Check out FSM Contributing Editor Tom Ordeman, Jr.'s exercise in compare and contrast.

And lets not forget that Islamists are tricky and have no problem lying in order to further their cause - as in Secret Service: Islamists Now Pretending to be Moderate

If only Western democracies were more knowledgeable about Islam, they would instantly recognize the age-old, Quran-sanctioned practices of taqiyya and kitman deception being used on them, as the Islamists smile, lie, and mask their true intentions. And if only our media weren't such anti-American, leftist-supporting, fools!

Posted by Richard at October 10, 2007 12:07 AM

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