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April 11, 2007

NC Atty General: 'Duke Lacrosse Players Innocent Of All Charges'


[Image at right: False accuser Crystal Gail Mangum - a "nappy-headed ho" (no PC apologies offered here to Sharpton, and none coming).

One blogger says of her that it would be difficult to find a single male in Durham with whom she did not have sexual relations with except the three defendants David Evans, Reade Seligmann, and Collin Finnerty. She's now the poster girl for revoking rape-shield laws. Prosecuting attorney Mike Nifong knew this, yet lied about DNA evidence that would have cleared them.].

Fact: Mike Nifong, who rigged the investigation, had it all wrong, the liberal media that convicted the students before they ever came to trial had it all wrong, 100 professors at Duke University had it all wrong, the Duke University administration that behaved outrageously, had it all wrong, and many members of the community, especially the Black community, were wrong as hell!

The North Carolina attorney general's office has announced that after a 12-week investigation it was dropping all charges against David Evans, Reade Seligmann, and Collin Finnerty, including sexual assault and kidnapping.

lacrosse%20players%20innocent.jpg"The result of our review and investigation shows clearly that there is insufficient evidence to proceed on any of the charges," North Carolina Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper said in a nationally televised news conference.

"Today we are filing notices of dismissal for all charges," he said. "The result is that these cases are over, and no more criminal proceedings will occur."

"We believe that these cases were the result of a tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations," he said. "Based on the significant inconsistencies between the evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges."

Cooper was especially harsh about the role of Durham County Dist. Atty. Mike Nifong, calling him a "rogue."

"There were many points in this case where caution would have served justice better than bravado," he said.

[...] "This case shows the enormous consequences of overreaching by a prosecutor," Cooper said. "I propose a law that the North Carolina Supreme Court have the authority to remove a case from a prosecutor in limited circumstances. This would give the courts a new tool to deal with a prosecutor who needs to step away from a case where justice demands."

Asked whether an apology was owed to the three lacrosse players, Cooper said:

"I think a lot of people owe a lot of apologies to other people. I think that those people ought to consider doing that."

More here ...

Take home question: Who is going to give these guys back the 395 days they lost, and who's going to give them back their reputation? Nifong, his entire office, the City of Durham, and the State of N.C., have tarnished these guys reputation for life.

Here is a timeline of events in the Duke lacrosse investigation.

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Posted by Richard at April 11, 2007 5:10 PM

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