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April 11, 2007

Iran TV Reports on Jalal Sharafi's Alleged Torture by US

Broadcast 11 April on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

Female Announcer: The Tehran representative of the International Red Cross has confirmed the torture of Jalal Ashrafi, second secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy in Baghdad, by US forces.

Peter Schtoker, Red Cross representative, and Mohammad Majid,
Iraq's ambassador in Tehran, visited Jalal Sharafi yesterday in the
hospital. Sharafi had been detained for a period of time in Baghdad
by American forces.

After carefully studying Jalali's medical report and the physical evidence of torture, the Red Cross representative confirmed the evidence of torture on his body, the holes drilled in his feet, fractures in his nose and neck, deep back wounds, bleeding in the digestive system and a perforated eardrum.

[At Jalali's bedside, unnamed medical worker explains physical injurie to Schtoker]

Female Announcer: After visiting Sharafi Schtoker confirmed that the full results of the visit will soon be announced officially. Recently American forces arrested Jalal Sharafi, the second secretary at Iran's embassy in Iraq, for no reason.


Male Announcer: A medical report has been prepared on Jalal Sharafi, second secretary to Iran's embassy in Baghdad. Today at a press conference in Tehran Sharafi discussed details of his torture at the hands of American soldiers.

Off-screen announcer: Today after many requests from domestic and foreign media, Seyyed Jalal Sharafi, second secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Baghdad Embassy, who was kidnapped for 57 days and subjected to the worst torture, was brought from the hospital to the Foreign Ministry to take part in a press conference. He discussed the way he was abducted and tortured.

Jalal Sharafi: I was in a basement for more than 40 days and again they conducted the most severe torture there. They beat me with cables and the injuries are still on my back. An Iraqi continued the torture by beating me on the sensitive areas of my head.

An American said if I did not cooperate with them they would use dogs to rip my body.

Announcer: Mr. Jalal Sharafi's physician also said in this regard:

Physician: Psychologically he has undergone severe stress and is being treated to prevent this from becoming post-traumatic stress disorder; it appears that he will need months of psychiatric treatment.

Announcer with microphone: Tens of Iranian and foreign journalists filmed and photographed the injuries visible on the body of Jalal Sharafi, the kidnapped Iranian diplomat.


US officials have denied any involvement in Sharafi's abduction.

Crossposted to Satellite News (Iran)

Posted by John at April 11, 2007 3:59 PM

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